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The Galliford Family


Meet the Galliford Family of Westward Ho!. This photo montage appeared in the Western Express and Torrington Chronicle on 25 September 1915.


It shows five of their seven sons "engaged in His Majesty's service" according to the caption.


Top left is William Ewart Galliford No. 2226 of "A" Squadron, the Royal North Devon Hussars. Born in the March Quarter of 1885, he was 30 at this time.


Centre are the mother and father of these five young men - Ellen and Frederick Galliford, who were bakers and confectioners in Westward Ho! At one time, it looked as though William was going to join his father in the business but the war intervened. At one time,  Ellen and Fredrick also ran Codrington Villa as a lodging house for the visitors who came to the village in the summer.


Top right is Frank Hewston Galliford, aged 28. He was in the Royal Navy, a First Writer on board HMS Gloucester.


Charles Galliford (known as "Charlie") who was 24 in 1915. He too was in the Royal Navy, a stoker on board HMS Eclipse.


Centre, below his parents, is 16 year-old Albert Edward Galliford, a dockyard apprentice, living away from home and working for the war effort at HM Dockyard at Devonport.


Bottom right is Herbert George Galliford, aged 19, also in the Royal Navy. His cap badge shows that he was at this time receiving training at the Royal Navy's shore establishment at Devonport which was known then as HMS Vivid and now as HMS Drake.


The other sons of Ellen and Frederick were Alfred and Reginald Galliford. Happily, all of the young men shown above survived the First World War and the Galliford name is still to be found in the Northam area.


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