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AVETON GIFFORD parish, which includes the small hamlets of Ashford, Lixton, Waterhead, and Harraton, in Kingsbridge union, and county court district, Ermington and Plympton petty sessional division, Kingsbridge polling district of South Devon, Ermington hundred, Totnes archdeaconry, and Woodleigh rural deanery. It had 839 inhabitants (425 males, 414 females) in 1871, living in 191 houses, on 3182 acres, including 130 acres of water. The village is pleasantly situated in the picturesque valley of the river Avon, 3^ miles N.W. of Kingsbridge, and S.E. of Modbury. The river, which is crossed by a good bridge, is navigable for barges, and has a salmon fishery. The manor was anciently held by the Gilfords or Giffards, and afterwards passed to the Bynkam, Prous, Mules, Damarell, and Berry families. It now belongs to Baldwin John P. Bastard, Esq., who holds a court-leet here every two years ; but there is a small manor called Heathfield, belonging to the trustees of P. Hyne, Esq. The principal owners of the soil are John Alfred Pearce, Esq., William Froude, Esq., Archdeacon Woollcombe, Admiral George Parker, Messrs. llobert and James Parsons, Thomas Elliott, James Adams, and Samuel Wroth. A market and two fairs were granted to the lord of the manor in 1289, but they have been obsolete some centuries.


St Andrew's church before it was bombed

St Andrew's Church, Aveton Gifford before it was destroyed by bombing 26 January 1943. This is the church described below.


The Church (St. Andrew), one of the finest and oldest churches in South Devon, is a large cruciform structure in the early English Pointed style, and has a fine peal of eight bells. The church was restored in 1868-9 at a cost of . £2441 3s. Id., of which £500 was borrowed on rate, £500 derived from legacy left by Miss Fronde, and the residue from subscription. The east window is filled with beautiful stained glass, executed by Clayton and Bell, in memory of the late rector. An organ was erected in 1875 at the cost ot £435, the parishioners subscribing £50, the remainder being given by the late rector and friends and John Alfred Pearce, Esq. The living is a rectory, valued in the King's Book at £38 Is. 8d., in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. W. D. Pitman, M.A., who has 97 acres of glebe and a good house, erected in 1849 by the late rector. The tithes are commuted at £667.

The Baptists, Wesleyans, and Bible Christians have small chapels here. Here is a Reading Room, supplied with daily newspapers, periodicals, and having a library of 600 volumes ; there are about 40 members. The National School was built in 1857, at a cost of £800, raised by subscription and government grant : it has an average attendance of 172. There are 2 acres of land and several tenements and rent-charges given by Peter Bateman and others in the reign of Elizabeth, for the repairs of the church, and now producing £17 17s. Od. The poor have 3s. 4d. yearly, left by Mary Modlin. Mrs. Lucy Wilcox, in 1875, left £500 for the benefit of the poor of this parish, not being inmates of the Union Workhouse, the interest to be distributed in provisions by the churchwardens and overseers yearly on Christmas Eve. The money is invested in the Three per cent Annuities. A tablet recording this charity has been erected in the church. The poor of this parish also received for a great number of years 10s. a year from Horscombe estate, in the parish of Malborough.

Post Office at Mr. Thomas G. Holman's. Letters are received at 8 15 a.m. from Kingsbridge, and at 4.45 p.m. via Ivybridge ; and despatched at 8.10 a.m. via Ivybridge; for Kingsbridge and all parts at 4.45 p.m. on weekdays ; and at 8.30 a.m. to Ringmore ; Bigbury and Kingston at 8.30 a.m. On Sundays letters are received at 8.15 a.m., and despatched at 12 noon, via Kingsbridge, which is the nearest Money Order Office. Kingsbridge Road is the nearest Railway Station.

Aveton Gifford - the Parish Stocks

Aveton Gifford - the parish stocks

© Richard J. Brine




Adams, Jas. farmer, Higher Stadbury

Anthony, Richard, farmer, Lixton and Wakeham ;

Baker Jno. mllr. & frmr. Ashford mill

Beer, Elias, butcher

Best,Trevosso Carbis, farmer, South Efford

Brown,, John, farmer, Hellyers

Burner William, coal dealer

Chubb, Edward, tailor

Cowles, William, farmer, Grove park

Crocker, John Lavers, farmer, Titwell

Crocker, Richard. farmr, Coltons Borough,

Damarell Henry, blacksmith

Darey, Robert, baker Drew John, farmer,

agent for Hunt's manures, & tax collector, Chilliton

Edgcombe, Greorge, mason

Elliott, Thos. Lakeman, frmr. Babland

Ellis, John, miller, Marsh Mills

Farley, Henry, victualler. Commercial Inn

Friend, Charles, farmer. Heath

Fronde, Miss Emma, shopkeeper

Garland Edward, farmer, Stockadon and Lower Wizaller ;

Garland, Mr Richard Lewis, Fishleigh

Hannaford, John, mason

Harding, Geo. farmer Higher Wizaller

Harris, i3ros. (Frederick and George) wheelwrights

Harris, William, timber dealer

Hodder, John, farmer,Harraton

Holman Thomas Gill, draper, grocer, and postmaster

Horn, William, shopkeeper

Hosking, William, shoemaker

Kerswell, Wm. farmer. North Efford

Lakeman, Samuel, carpenter

Luckraf,t Joseph, builder, timber and farmer

Luscombe, John, baker

Moore, Thomas, pork butcher & carrier

Moore, William, farmer, Waterhead

Morgan ,John Hingston, draper

Morgan ,Peter, blacksmith

Pearce James, farmer, Court Barton

Pearce, Mr John Alfred, Chantry

Pengelly, Thomas, letter carrier

Phillips, Thomas, shoemaker

Pitman, Rev William Daniel, M.A., rector, The Rectory

Prows,e Mr George, Walnut cottage

Rogers ,Christopher, mason

Rogers, John, mason

Rogers, William, farmer, Idston

Roll, Wm, vict. Harraton Inn, Harraton

Ruth, Benjamin, mason and sexton

Sandover, R. J. & J., wheelwrights and smiths, Chilliton

Saunders, Roger, thatcher

Saunderson, P. H. and Mrs E. J. National school teachers

Sibley, Isaac, shopkeeper

Steer, Fredk. victualler King's Arms Hotel

Steer, John, mason

Steer, William Henry, farrier

Steere, Thos. frmr. Edwards Borough

Tarring James, farmer, Ashford

Terry, Mrs Annie, dressmaker

Tolcher, John, baker & horse clipper

Toms, Joseph, baker, grocer, & parish clerk

Toms, William, tailor

Tuckerman, Jno. victualler, Bridge Inn

Walk, Mrs Ann

Widdicombe, Samuel, miller & farmer, Town mill

Widdicombe ,William, shoemaker

Willcocks, George, jun., farmer

Willcocks, John, wheelwright & timber dealer

Wills, George, farmer, Lower Stadbury

Winzer, Edwin, butcher

Wood, William, fcirmer, Chilliton

Wroth Saml. farmer. Ley; and Stover Lake, Kingston ;

Wroth Samuel, farmer, Heathfield

Yabsley Josias, far'mer, Ashford

Yabsley Richard, farmer, Binnick

Carrier— Thomas Moore, to PIymouth, Saturday Conveyance. — All conveyances from Kingshridge to Modbury and Plymouth pass through Aveton Gifford. Mail cart daily to Ivyhridge.


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