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The Annual Fête in connection with the Awliscombe Friendly Society took place on Saturday in a field kindly lent by Mr Pring of Godford Farm, Awliscombe, The village was decorated for the occasion, the bells rang merrily and the weather was beautifully fine.


The members met in the Clubroom about ten o'clock and having paraded through the village headed by the Honiton Volunteer Band, marched to Hembury Fort, the seat of the Hon. Rev. G. J. Colbourne and back through the village to church, where an eloquent sermon was preached by the Vicar, the Rev. H. H. Jebb R.D who took his text from the 5th Chapter of Deuteronomy. After the service, the members adjourned to the Honiton Inn where a capital dinner was provided by Mr. Baker, the host.  The Chair was taken by the Vicar; there were also present Mr. George Neumann JP; C.C (of Tracey House) Mr R. Jebb (Ireland), Mr H Griffin and Mr Job Knowles (Honiton) , Mr A. A. Rartcliffe (Secretary) and Messrs F. Pring (Treasurer), Dart, Sanders, Franks, Connett (Vice president), Sanders jun. H. Dyer. Totterdale, Dart jun. Easterbrook, Blackmore, Eveleigh, Radford, Northam, Tucker, A. Bishop T. Pring etc. The Chairman's toast was "Success to the Awliscombe Friendly Society".  He was sorry to say that one of their best friends had passed away since they last met, viz. the Dowager Lady Sawle Graves-Sawle of Ashfield who always took a warm interest in the well-being of the Club.


He had advised them last year to put the Club on a different footing, that is, not to divide and pay out surplus funds every seven years as it had done in the past, then they would be able to get more young men to join. The Balance Sheet was not a very satisfactory one, as there was only £6 6s 3½d in the Treasurer's hands. He should like to see them on a firmer footing. There were only 58 members this year as against 65 last year. Mr George Neumann of Tracey House said he had just had his attention drawn to the finances of the Club, which he said was owing to young members not joining. He should like to see them keep their money till the next Quarter. The only plan he could suggest to them was to curtail their expenses as much as possible. Many complaints, such as influenza and diphtheria, were prevalent and they might get a visit from one of these diseases which would be a very great pull if they did not do what they ought to do, which was to set apart £10 instead of £5 as before; then they would always have something in hand.


The next toast was to the health of Mr George Neumann which was proposed by Mr Farrant and receive with long and hearty applause.  Mr Neumann, in reply, said he wanted to see unity amongst them all. Mr Pring was appointed Secretary, Mr E. Connett, President and Mr Farrant, Vice-President for the ensuing year. Mr Pring's toast to the health of the Rev. H. H. Jebb was heartily received and the Rev, Jebb briefly replied.  The  health of the retiring Secretary was next drunk and who, in replying, wished the Club every success and hoped to see them in a more flourishing state in years to come.


Rural sports and dancing were indulged in for the rest of the day.


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