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Devon County

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By the end of 1640, King Charles I had become very unpopular.  Parliament forced him to make changes in the Constitution which gave them a bigger say in how the country was governed. From then on, Parliament was split into two factions - Royalists (Cavaliers) who supported the King and Parliamentarians (Roundheads) who wanted political and religious reform.


On 3 May 1641, every Member of the House of Commons was ordered to make a declaration of loyalty to the crown. This was ratified next day by the House of Lords. They called it their Protestation against " an arbitrarie and tyrannical government" and another order was made that every Rector, Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poor had to appear in person before the JPs in their Hundred to make this Protestation Oath in person. It was to  be a declaration of their belief in the" Protestant religion, allegiance to the King and support for the rights and privileges of Parliament".


They then had to go back home to their own parish where any two of them were to require the same oath of allegiance from all males over the age of 18. The names of all who refused to make the oath were to be noted and assumed to be Catholics.


We have, in the Devon Protestation Returns, a set of amazing documents - something akin to a census even though no women or children are named.  A transcription is available in the West Country Studies Library in Exeter.


The Protestation Returns are arranged by parish.

Bideford belonged to the Hundred of  Shebbear

The original spelling has been preserved

Bartholomew Ackeland William Galseworthy Daniel Pearde
Humphrey Ackeland Philip Gannion  George Pearse
Nicholas Addam Robert Garland Tobias Peckarde
John Addams John Gealarde Gent John Peckarde
Ellis Adginton John Geffery Gent John Packarde
Abel Akkyn Peter George John Peckarde
James Allen Walter German Richard Peckarde
James Allen William Gibbows William Peckarde
Richard Allen George Gilberte Evans Peeke
Jenkin Alowen James Gill Walter Peeke
John Alowen John Gist Edward Penphrase
Thomas Alsehorne Edward Gist James Perdon
Henry Amery Nathaniel Gliddon Thomas Perryman
Ambrose Anderton Jonathan Glover John Perryn
Daniel Anderton John Glover Anthony Phillips
Ambrose Andrewe Abraham Glowen John Phutts
Goerge Andrewe Baldwin Glyver Matthew Pugesly
Hunphrey Andrewe Richard Gofe John Pyckarde
Thomas Andrewe Michael Goodman Richard Pyncombe
Nicholas Arnoll John Gorringe John Pyne
Thomas Arnoll John Gourdye John Randell
William Arnoll Richard Greade Henry Raven
John Arscott Esq. William Greening William Rayner
Peter Atkyns Jasper Greeninge William Reade
Edward Atwill Richard Greenith Richard Reate
Philip Ayshe Simon Gregory Abraham Recorde
Richard Babbacombe John Griffith Mark Reede
William Bagglehole Philip Grify William Reive
Christopher Baker John Grudgeworthy Hugh Rendle
Walter Baker William Gylberte Richard Resether
John Bale William Halliford Walter Rewe
John Bale John Halse Robert Reymer
Stephen Bellemy William Halse David Rice
John Ballenn Thomas Hammett Jenkin Rice
Abel Banberry Andrew Haniver William Rice
William Banberry William Hankeridge John Rich
Thomas Barnard Martin Hannaforde William Rich
Thomas Barnefilde George Harris David Richards
Robert Barrett Jenkin Harris John Richards
Edward Bartlett Robert Harris John Richards
James Bartlett Robert Harris William Richards
Brate Bawdon George Harry Nicholas Ridler
John Bawdon John Harvey James Risdon, Gent
John Bawdon Emmanuel Harvy John Risdon
Philip Bawdon John Harvy Anthony Roadle
Richard Bawdon Lewis Harvy John Robbinson
John Beaforde William Harteforde John Robbyns
Emmanuel Beale Hugh Hawkeridge Michael Robbyns
John Beale Simon Hawkeridge Nicholas Rooke
Philip Beale Thomas Hawkes David Rowe
Thomas Beale Abraham Hayman David Rowe
Andrew Beare Edward Hayman John Rowe
Humphrey Beare John Haynes Luke Rowe
Roger Beare John Hearde - Alderman William Rowe
John Beate Nicholas Hearde Thomas Rowse
John Benson David Heath John Rudd
Anthony Berill John Heath John Salterne
Henry Berry sen Nicholas Heath John Salterne
Henry Berry jun. Hugh Heddon William Salterne
Richard Berry Nicholas Heddon William Sam
Edward Berryman Nicholas Heddon John Sawnders
George Berryman Thomas Heddon John Sawnders
William Beth Bartholomew Helliar John Sawnders sen.
Ethelred Binnard Rosamer Bennole John Sawnders Jun.
John Bishoppe Robert Hill Richard Sawnders
Nicholas Bishoppe Walter Hockaday William Scam
Thomas Bishoppe John Hocking John Scott
Thomas Bishoppe Thomas Hockinge Richard Scott
John Blackemore Martin Holeman Anthony Seller
William Blackewell Richard Holeman Thomas Shebber
Edward Blake Thomas Holland Richard Sheere
Philip Blake William Hollider Michael Shepherde
Edward Blewe Edward Hooper Robert Sherbrooke
Robert Boole Matthew Hooper John Sherman - Alderman
Diggory Bowden Richard Hooper Richard Sherman
Robert Bowden William Hooper George Shorte -, Gent
John Braforde William Hooper John Shorte
John Bragge Robert Hopeland Philip Shorte
Richard Bragge Walter Hopkin Silvester Shorte
Edward Brasey William Horwoode Daniel Shurte
Diggory Braunton David Howarde Nicholas Siwaders
Diggory Braunton William Howarde Daniel Slade
Joseph Bright Nicholas Howe Esakeus Slooman
John Browne John Howell Anthony Smale
William Browne Nicholas Howell John Smale
John Browninge William Huckmore John Smale jun.
George Burden Thomas Humbles William Smith
James Burden Robert Humphry Henry Snealecocke
Laurence Burges Abraham Huoleman Roger Socwarde
John Burgis Ruchard Hutchens John Southcott
John Burgis John Hutton David Southward
Richard Burgis Peter Isacke John Sparman
Simon Burrage Philip Isacke Andrew Squier
John Butler John Jackeman Ferdinand Squier
Robert Byshoppe John James Peter Squier
Bartholomew Cadd William Jeckery Thomas Stacey
Henry Cadde Charles Jefery John Stainer
John Caddy James Jeffery Robert Stranbery
Peter Cadwill David Jenkyn William Stanton
Robert Cadwill Edward Jenkyn Bartholomew Stapledon
William Cadwill Evans Jenkyn John Stapledon
Thomas Capper Thomas Jewell Jenkin Steephen
George Cawsey William Jewell Jenkin Stephens
John Chappell Abraham Johns Andrew Stevens
John Chester John Johns Richard Stevens
John Ching William Johns Robert Stevens
.Johnson Choape Matthew Jones George Strange
Philip Choape Matthew Jones George Strange
Robert Choape Thomas Jones John Strange - Alderman
Philip Christopher William Jones Philip Strange
George Clarke William Jones William Striblin
Hugh Clarke William Jones Henry Striblinge
Joseph Clarke John Jose John Striblinge
John Cleake John Keaner Richard Striblinge
John Clement Hugh Kedwill Christopher Striblyn
John Clifforde Nicholas Kedwill John Striblyn
John Cliffordon Thomas Kedwill Richard Striblyne
Silvester Cockewill Tristram Keene John Sweete
Anthony Coleman Bartholomew King John Sweete
Thomas Coleman Richard Kinge Thomas Sweete
William Coleman James Kingsland John  Syddenham
William Collacott Robert Kingsland Simon Syddenham Gent
Alexander Colle Stephen Kingsland Christopher Symons
Henry Colle Henry Kneath George Symons
Henry Colle John Knoleman John Symons
Henry Colle Theophilus Knoleman Simon Symons
John Colle Peter Kymber Walter Symons
Nighton Cornish Gabriel Lake William Symons
Willliam Cornish Giles Lake John Tallamy sen
John Cosen John Lake John Tallamy jun.
William   Courteise sen. Richard Lake Henry Tanner
George Courtis Robert Lake Daniel Tarell
Leonard Courtis Anthony Lamberte Humphrey Tarell
Nighten Courtis Bartholomew Lamberte John Tayler Gent
William Courtis John Lamberte Nathaniel Tayler
Nicholas Courtney Philip Lamerton Thomas Tayler
Thomas Cowle Nicholas Land William Tayler
James Cradgeworthy Andrew Lang Gabriel Teckerly
John Crelicke John Lang Richard Terry
Thomas Crocker George Langdon David Thomas
John Crollicke Humphrey Lange David Thomas
Hugh Crooke Isan Lange John Thomas - Alderman
Alsoppe Croase Richard Lange Thomas Thomas
John Cudricke Thomas Lange Henry Tracy
James Curtis Richard Lawrence John Tracy
Thomas Curtis Henry Legge Christopher Trasey
William Curtis Gabriel Lendon Daniel Tricke
Christopher Dalling Philip Lewes Hugh Tricke
Edward Dalling Gregory Lewis Michael Tricke
George Dalling Richard Ley Philip Tricke
John Dallyn Richard ley Stephen Trott
Owen Daniell John Lupkon Trigen Trouble
George Darracott George Lupton Edward Tucker
Anthony Davy John Lupton John Tucker
Anthony Davy Martin Luscombe Nicholas Tucker
James Davy John Lyne Richard Tucker
John Davy John Madge Peter Tumbles
John Davy John Maine John Ugly
Nicholas Davy John Markes Jasper Valance
Philip Davy David Marsh Roger Vallance
Rice Davy Robert Marsh Richard Vigars
Robert Davy Stephen Marsh Samuel Vindis
William Davy Edward Marshall Jacob Vygert
George Davye William Marshall Faithful Vyne
John Davye Abraham Martyne Daniel Wadland
John Deake John Martyne John Wadland - Alderman
William Deane Richard Martyne Philip Wadland
Anthony Dennis, Gent John Mason John Walter
Nathaniel Dennis William Mason Thomas Ware
Philipi Dennis Arthur May Thomas Washingden
Thomas Dennis Thomas May Guy Waters
Richard Deynient John Mayne Gent Barnabas Webbe
Philip Doute Christopher Medlake John Webbe
Anthony Drewe John Meenway William Webbe
Thomas Drewe Alexander Michell Thomas Webber
Daniel Duderton Daniel Michell John Weekes
Christopher Dunne William Michell William Wellinge
Hugh Dunne sen. Anthony Middleton John Wemouth
Hugh Dunne George Middleton John Westcott
John Dunne George Middleton  James Whitefeild
John Dyer Hugh Middleton Thomas Whitfeild
Emmanuel Eare Richard Middleton Thomas Whitfeild
Emmanuel Eare sen. William Middleton John Whitfill
Emmanuel Eare jun Richard Misdon William Whitson
Robert eare James Molton Johnson Wilkey
William Earnley, Gent Richard Molton John Willett
Thomas Eastway Henry Momforde Anthony Willis
David Edwards Andrew Moore John Willis
Henry Edwards Gilbert Moore Anthony Willis
William edwards David Morcombe John Willis
William Ellacott Evans Morgan Peter Wills
Robert Ellis Griffith Morgan Philip Wills
Nicholas Eran Hopkin Morgan Richard Wilmington
Henry Evans Mark Morgan Osias Winslade
Moysey Evans Owen Morrish Thomas Wise
William Evans Peter Moysey Edward Willyams
George Facy John Mungey George Willyams
Arthur Farde John Murfill John Willyams
John Farder John Mynslade Maurice Willyams
William Ferrett Richard Neale Robert Willyams
David Floyde Richard Neale Thomas Willyams
Rice Floyde Thomas Neale Andrew Willyams
John Fourde John Northcott Thomas Wollacott
Robert Fraine James Osbourne Leonard Wonnacott
Henry Frankes John Osbourne Thomas Worthen
Robert Frayne John Paky John Wotton
Henry Frankes Abraham Paliner Thomas Wren
Robert Frayne John Palmer Edward Wyse
Thomas Freeman George Parson Hugh Yeo
John Frost Peter Parson John Yeo
Theophilus Frost Richard Parson William Yeo
Barnard Galeseworthy Emmanuel Parsons William Yeo
Christopher Galesworthy John Parsons John Younge

Signed by 

John Darracott - Mayor

William Bartlett - Lecturer

Philip Isacke - Rector

Thomas Coplestone, Gent, Overseer

Hugh Tooker - churchwarden


* For many centuries, Devon was divided into 32 administrative districts or Hundreds for land tax purpose.

Taken from the transcription by A. J. Howard published in 1973 which is available in the West Country Studies Library, Exeter.                                                                                                              Courtesy: Devon County Council


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