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The Braunton 1939 - 1945 War memorial

The Braunton 1939 - 1945 War Memorial

© Richard J. Brine



Sergt.. Allan Armstrong of Sunnyside, Braunton. Husband of Minnie Armstrong.  Born in Tynemouth in the March Quarter of 1905. Died in Falmouth 15 May 1943. Buried in Braunton Cemetery.

Sergt. Armstrong, a former coal miner, was hit by a bomb casing (from an antitank grenade) while on a training course at Falmouth.  The coroner's court inquest decided that no one was to blame for the tragedy.

D/KX 144896 Stoker 1st Class Walter Tremain Bidder of the Royal Navy, HMS Abdiel. Son of Heber and Daisy Bidder.  Born in Braunton in the June Quarter of 1923. Died 10 September 1943 aged 20.
100610 Pilot Officer Leonard Richard Blackwell of the RAF VR, 76 Squadron. Son of Richard and Hilda Blackwell of Braunton. Born in Braunton  23 March 1915. Died 21 July 1941 aged 26. Buried in the Methodist Churchyard at Middleton St. George, Durham.
1172833 War Substantive Flying Officer/ Air Gunner Derek Charles Bracher of the 908 Balloon/Wireless Squadron. Son of  E. Bracher and the late C. L. Bracher. Born in Braunton in 1920 Died 31 October 1940 aged 20. Buried in Braunton Cemetery.
7684037 Lance Corporal Thomas Cann of the British Army Corps of Military Police. Son of Henry and Violet Cann of Braunton. Born in Durham in 1916. Died 7 October 1942 aged 26.
LT/JX 205237 Frederick William Gould of the Royal Navy Patrol Service, Lady Shirley. Son of William and Florence Gould. Born in Braunton 25th May 1910. Died 11 December 1941 aged 31.
RAF Sergeant/ Observer Christopher John Irwin. Son of Mrs and the late Mr B. I of Station Road, Braunton. Born in Barnstaple  in the December Quarter of 1920. Died 9 February 1942 aged 21.
5t442045 Corporal Thomas Hugh Jenkins of the 9th Battalion, the Durham Light Infantry. Husband of Daisy Jenkins of Braunton. Born in Glamorgan in 1915. Died 16 September 1944 aged 29.
D/JX 288644 Able Seaman Leonard Murrin King of the Royal Navy, HM Motor Torpedo Boat 316. Son of Alfred and Frances King of Braunton.  Born in 1923 in Braunton. Died 17 July 1942 aged 20.
D28799 Chief Petty Officer Albert Edwin Ley of the Royal Nay, HMS Britannia. Husband of May Ley of Braunton. Born in 1897. Died 6 September 1940 aged 43. Buried in Braunton Cemetery.
D/JX 149723 Petty Officer Aubrey J. Paddison of the Royal Navy, HMS Barham. Son of Richard and Henrietta Paddison of Braunton. Born in Barnstaple in the December Quarter of 1920. Died 25 November 1941 aged 21.
5620348 Private Jack Pile of the 8th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Philip and Bessie Pile of Ashford. Born in 1917. Died in the UK 9 October 1940 aged 23.
60814 60814 Flight/Lt./Pilot Michael Ernest of the RAF VR, 110 Squadron.  Son of Octavius and Winifred Potier of Braunton. Born in 1921. Died 9 July 1941 aged 20.
Lieutenant Thomas Alan Richardson of the 8th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment; attached to the Durham Light Infantry. Son of Arthur and Beatrice Richardson. Born in Devon in 1918 but lived in Somerset. Died between 20 and 21 March 1943 aged 25.
233927 Lieutenant Thomas Kendall Sanders of 306 Field Regiment, the Royal Artillery.  Son of William and Muriel Sanders. Born in 1921. Died 19 October 1943 aged 22.
1337773 Warrant Officer Dennis Charles Staddon of the RAF VR. Son of Charles and Hettie Staddon of Braunton.  Born in Barnstaple in the June Quarter of 1923. Died 10 May 1945 aged 22. Buried in Braunton Cemetery.
LT/MX 94358 Frank Muller Stevens. Died 27 February 1943. Buried in Braunton Cemetery.
D/MX 53524 Petty Officer Writer John Stuckey Tooze of the Royal Navy, HMS Furious. Son of William and Emily Tooze of Braunton. Born in 1916. Died 25 October 1940 aged 24.
996603 Bombardier William George Trute of 71 Anti-Tank Regiment, the Royal Artillery. Son of Francis and Edith Trute; husband of Beatrice of Vellator, Devon. Born in Barnstaple in 1913. Died 13 July 1944 aged 31.
D/KX 99499 Stoker 1st Class E. John Tucker of the Royal Navy, HMS Repulse. Born in Barnstaple in 1921. Died 10 December 1941 aged 20.
D/JX 137254 Able Seaman Nicholas J. Tucker of the Royal Navy, HMS Hunter. Son of Mr and Mrs C. W. Tucker of Braunton.  Born in 1917. Died 10 April 1940 aged 23.
1943415 Sapper Albert Ware of 571 Field Coy, the Royal Engineers. Husband of Alice Mary Ware. Born in Exeter in 1913. Died 17 May 1943 aged 30.


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