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Chevithorne is a parish formed in 1889 out of Tiverton. It is 2½ miles from Tiverton;  in the Tiverton Division of Devon, the Tiverton Union and County Court District. The Church is dedicated to St Thomas and was built about 40 years ago and endowed with the interest on £2000 consols by the Rev. W. Rayer, then Rector of the Tidcombe portion of the parish of Tiverton. The building was enlarged and restored by Sir John H. Heathcote Amory in 1893. The vicarage, gross yearly value about £250 is in the gift of Lord Harrowby and has been held since 1889 by the Rev. Edward Davis.


POOR LAW GUARDIANS: Henry Haydon and John Luxton

CHURCHWARDENS: Sir J. H. Amory and Mr. John Luxton.



Amory, Sir John H. Heathcote, Baronet, Knightshayes Court

Bidgood, William, shoemaker, East Mere

Chambers, T. Bonner, schoolmaster

Cook, Nathaniel, yeoman, Barton

Coles, William, dairyman, Shepherd's Barn

Coulson, Mr. Henry J. W. Lythecourt, Bolham

Davis, Rev. Edward, The Vicarage

Fowler. Robert, farmer, Higher Pit

Gale, William, farmer

Gale, Edward Rogers, farmer, East Mere

Haydon, Henry, yeoman, Chettiscombe

James, Sir John Kingston, Bart, Chettiscombe

James, William, dairyman, Peadhill

Jones, John, smith

Lock William, dairyman, East Mere

Luxton, John, farmer, Pileywell

Melhuish, John, dairyman, Lower Fordlands

Norrish, Richard Stone, farmer and dairy factor, Fordland Butter Factory

Perry, James, dairyman, Rollifants

Perry, John, dairyman, Crazelowman

Redwood, William, wheelwright & smith

Sanders, John, Allers

Shopland James, carpenter & wheelwright

Symons, Wiulliam, dairyman, Allers

Thornton, Samuel, grocer & dairyman

Unwin, Mr. William C. Ludovic, JP, Hayne House, Bolham.



Case, Richard, labourer, Barton Hill

Cheffey, John , labourer, Chettiscombe

Chubb, Henry, labourer, East Mere

Davis, John, labourer, Lower Pitt

Disney, Walter, woodman, Allers

Elworthy, Frank, labourer, Chettiscombe

Fouracre, William, labourer, Chettiscombe

Gardiner, James, labourer, West Mere

Govier Robert, carter, Chevithorne Barton

Greenslade Thomas, carpenter, Chettiscombe

Hill, James, labourer, Chevithorne Barton

Hookway, Henry, labourer, Chevithorne

Hole, Robert, gardener, Chettiscombe

James, Henry, dairy factory worker, Chevithorne

Jones, John, labourer West Mere

Land, George, carter, Berry Farm

Land, Robert, labourer, Chettiscombe

Land, Peter, labourer, Chettiscombe

Mansell, Robert, shepherd, Chevithorne Barton

Marley, Mrs. E. dressmaker, Chettiscombe

Marley, Miss C, dressmaker, Chettiscombe

Marley, William, Chettiscombe

Maunder, Thomas, labourer, PIleywell

Member, William, labourer & sexton

Mororish, George, labourer

Packer, William, labourer, Pileywell Cottage

Parkhousem John, labourer, Fordlands

Petherbridge, George, carpenter, Leverlake

Pincombe, Henry, carter, Chevithorne Barton

Pring, Thomas, gardener

Pring, Thomas, woodman, Chettiscombe

Redwood, Robert, carter, East Mere

Searle, William, police constable

Southwood, Joseph, carter, Lower Pitt

Stone, Thomas shepherd, Chettiscombe

Tancock, James shepherd, West Mere

Tidboald, Henry, carter, Chevithorne Barton

Webber, Richard, gardener, Chevithorne Barton.


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