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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials

continued from the previous page :

             James Mr. George Alfred, Easton house                

Jeffreys Henry, oil and candle merchant, 2 Queen street

Jewell Charles, blacksmith and wheelwright, Weech

Jewell Mrs Fanny, lodgings, 4 Queen street

Johns Edward, plumber, gasfitter, tinner, ironmonger, &c. 11 Queen street  


Kays Albert, farmer, Holcombe

King Miss Henrietta Mary, 12 Strand

King Mr John Gould, Overcliff

Kirle John, railway inspector and lodgings, 13 Queen st

Knapman William, linen draper, 14 Strand

Knight Mrs Jane, lodgings, 4 Brunswick place

Knott William, tailor. Old Town street

Knowles Noah, blacksmith and wheelwright,

    Lacey Mr James, 1 Church house

Lake Christopher, tailor, 9 Manor row

Lake Mrs Elizabeth Ann, vict. Manor Inn, Manor row

Lake John Henry, saddler, 19 Strand

Lamacraft John Henry Grills, builder, 2 Balaclava road

Lamacraft Mrs Mary Ann, butcher & farmer, 1 Piermont place

Lane Richard, market gardener, Cofton

Lane Walter, draper & sailors' outfitter, 16 King street

Lavis George, beerhouse. Old Town street

Lavis Walter, plasterer, mason and victualler, Country House, Holcombe

Leaman Miss Mary, shoe dealer, 6 Regent street

Lear Benj. & Son (Wm.), butchei's and farmers, 23 Strand

Lear John, working jeweller & madrepore, &c. worker, 27 Brunswick place

Lee Mr Thomas, Seagrove

Lee Wm. railway booking clerk, Alexandra cottage

Lethbridge Thomas, beerhouse. Old Town street

Lewis John, victualler, Brunswick Arms, Brunswick place

Lewis Mrs Mary, lodgings, 3 Marine parade

Libby William, lodgings, 22 Brunswick place

Litton John (Exors. of), tobacconist, 16, Strand

Loram Saml. rate collector & assistant overseer, 1 Park place

Loram Thomas, lodgings, 10 West cliff

Loveys Mrs Elizabeth, Manor cottage

Loveys Samuel, cab owner and sausage maker, Albert st

Lowton Geo. carrier and marine store dealer, Albert street

Luxton Geo. Hy. draper and outfitter, 14-15 Queen street

Lyne De Castro F., Esq. J.P. 5 West cliff

      McDiarmid Mr William, Coombe brook, Dawlish water

Manley Rev Orlando, B.A. vicar, The Vicarage

Manning Jno. nurseryman, seedsman & florist, 10 King st

Mardon Mrs Jane, poulterer, High st

Marsden Mrs Henrietta, lodgings, 3 Barton terrace

Marshall Miss Isabella, 29 Strand

Martin Edward, shopkeeper, Old Town street

Martin John, dairyman and gardener, 3 High street

Matthews Frederick, butcher and farmer, High street

Matthews Joseph Hedgeland, lodgings, Brunswick place

Messenger Mrs Emma, greengrocer, 15 Park street

Meynell Mrs Caroline Strong, 2 Sidmouth. house. High st

Miller Mrs Ellen, 5 Queen street

Millman Mrs Caroline Lydia, La Quinta, East cliff

Moore David, shoemaker, 10 Piermont place

Moore Miss Hannah, lodgings, Piermont place

Moore John, marble mason, and malachite and madrepore worker, 10 Queen street Morgan Mrs Elizabeth, 4 King street

Moss Mr Henry, Bellevue, East cliff

Mumford Samuel, saddler, 18 Queen street  

Naramore William, blacksmith, Old Town street

Newberry Geo. Richard. cab owner, goods remover & vietualler,

Teignmouth Inn, West cliff

NichoUs Mrs Mary, lodgings, 12 King street

Norquet Mrs Ann, shopkeeper. Manor row

Northcott Miss Susannah, draper. Old Town street

Nuthali Mrs Mira, 4 Haldon terrace  

Oliver Geo. Thos. draper, hatter & hosier, 7 Piermont place

Oliver Mrs Harriet, shopkeeper. Old Town street

Palairet Hy. Hamilton, farmer, Meadowleigh, Holcombe
Palmer Mrs Susan, 8 Haldon terrace
Parrott Misses Susan & Mary, day and boarding school, 8 West cliff
Parsons Arthur Daniell, surgeon and physician, 10 Brunswick place
Payne John, goods remover, 4 Park street
Payne Mr Thomas, 8 Barton terrace
Pearse Mrs Ellen, Brookland house
Pearse Wm. earthenware and shoe dealer. Old Town st
Pearse William, cab owner, 4 Regent street
Pearson & Whidborne, solicitors, and agents for Sun Fire Office, High street
Peek Mrs Hannah, 1 Balaclava road
Pennell Mr Edwin, 8 Barton villas
Pennell Mr Henry, 9 West cliff
Pennell Mr Richard, The Retreat, Holcombe
Perring Miss Sarah, 3 Lawn terrace
Pessell Mrs Emily, fancy stationer and postmistress, 1 Park street
Peters Charles John Philip, grocer and wine agent, 2 Piermont place
Peters William, lodgings, Piermont place
Petherick Thomas, baker, Old Town street
Phelan David, chief boatman, Coastguard station. East Cliff
Phillips Francis, grocer, 8 Piermont place
Pickham Chas. Sanders, painter & plumber, 13 Brunswick place
Pidsley Miss Caroline, milliner & fancy draper, 24 Strand
Pike Mr William Jupp, Elm Grove house, East cliff
Pine Mr Henry, 6 Park street
Pitts William, farmer, Shatterton, Cofton
Pratt Mr William, 2 Regent street
Price Mrs Caroline, lodgings, 15 Marine parade
Public Baths, Marine parade ; F. P. Davies, proprietor

Quick Henry, house steward, Cosens Institution
Quinlan Captain William, R.N. 6 Barton terrace
Quinn James, umbrella repairer & workng. cutler. Old Town st

 Radford William, shoemaker. Old Town street

Reed Edwin, boat owner and lodgings, West cliff

Richards Francis, shoemaker, 17 Queen street .

Robertson Miss Mary, Belmont villa, East cliff

Robins Hermon, grocer. Manor row

Rodgers Mrs Annie, dyer's agent, 12 Manor row

Russell Mrs Martha (Exors. of), 4 Albert place

Sanders Francis, victualler, South Devon Inn, Park street
Savile Lieutenant-Colonel, J.P,, Langdon house
Scott James, farmer, Dawlish water
Shapter Thomas, painter, plumber & lodgings, 4 Lawn ter
Sharp Rev G. W. (Congregational)
Shiston Augusta, lodgings, 2 West cliff
Short Mrs Eliza, Broxmore
Short John Stroud (S. & Son) ; Broxmore
Short & Son, wine and spirit merchants and ale and porter
dealers, 18 Strand; and at Teignmouth
Slade Thomas, gas manager, Brook side
Slocombe John, plasterer and lodgings, 6 West cliff
Smith George, corn miller and factor, Strand mills; 19 Brunswick place
Smith Miss Sarah, 5 Haldon terrace
Smith Thomas, lodgings, 5 Regent street
Snelling Lewis, bank manager, 3 Strand
Somerset Mrs Plantagenet, 15 Barton villas
Soloman Mr Elon, 7 West cliff
Soper Mr Joseph, 7 Haldon terrace
Soper Mrs Sarah Jane, shoe, toy and fancy dealer and
dyer's agent, 20 Brunswick place
Southwood Richard, wine and spirit merchant and vict.
London Hotel (family, commercial and posting), 1 Strand
Southwood Wm. milliner, draper and dressmaker. 4 Strand
Spears Mrs Betsy Francos, lodgings, 10 Marine parade
Spencer Charles William, printer and lodgings, 7 Queen st
Spencer John, builder. Old Town street
Squires Francis, blacksmith and shopkeeper, 3 Park street
Steer Thomas, victualler. Castle Inn, Holcombe
Stephens Mr Isaac, 2 Oak Park villas
Stokes Fredk. coal dealer and vict. Swan Inn, Old Town st
Stokes John, cowkeeper and dairyman, Old Town street
Stokes Samuel, victualler. Anchor, Cofton
Stone George, shopkeeper. Old Town street
Strangways Capt. Edmund Ludlow, K.N. 5 Oak Park villas
Strickland Mrs, Rose cottage, Dawlish water
Sutcliff John, baker, 1 High street

Tapper Miss Annie Knighton, 25 Brunswick place
Tapper Warwick Charles (W. & Sons), and lodgings, 6 Piermont place
Tapper William, lodgings, 13 Marine parade
Tapper AV. & Sous, cabinet makers, upholsterers, house
agents and furnishers, auctioneers, & agents for West of
England Insurance Co. 6 Piermont place & Teign mouth
Tarr John, market gardener, Cofton
Tetley Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 10 Brunswick place
Thomson Miss Fanny Eliz., Parochial schoolmistress. Holcombe
Thorn Miss Mary, draper (Cann & T.) ; 5 Albert place
Toogood Henry, baker and grocer, 16 Queen street
Too^cod Mrs Sarah, lodgings, 1 Lanscope place
Toose Mrs Jane, greengrocer and poulterer, 12 Park st
Towell Miss Eliza, lodgings, 4 Piermont place
Towill Cliarlcs, dairyman and cowkeeper, Badlake hill
Townsend John, farmer, Wiseborough,
Tozer George & Son, chimney-sweepers, 2 High street
Tripe John Jarvis, baker and confectioner, Strand
Tripe Richard, coal, ale and porter merchant, and bathing
machine and boat owner, Commercial road
Tripe William Pinkham, ironmonger, tinplate worker and
earthenware dealer, 2 Strand
Trower Mrs Maria, 6 Haldon terrace
Truman George, tailor and draper, 11 Strand
Truman Miss Mary Jane, lodgings, 28 Strand
Truman Thomas, lodgings, 10 Strand
Tuck Mr Richard Minard, 17 King street
Turner Charles Henry, Esq. J.P. High Cliff house
Tyrrell John, tailor. High street

Underbill Mrs Jane, lodgings, 11 Marine parade  

Vile Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 1 Brookdale terrace

Vinnicombe Miss Caroline, day and boarding school, 2 Sidmouth house

Voysey John, basket maker and cooper, 1 Regent street

Voysey Rev — , curate, Lansdown place

Wade Charles Joseph, Esq. J.P. Knowle house

Walker Mr Edward William, Clevelands

Ware Mrs Caroline Sarah, Oak Park villas

Watts,Whidborne & Co. bankers (Dawlish Bank), Strand; L. Snelling, manager

Way Francis, greengrocer, 11 Park street

Webb Mrs Lucy, 13 Barton villas

Welch Mr Thomas, 2 Haldon terrace

Wescott John, builder and lodgings, 7 King street

West Edward Robert, chemist and agent for Caledonian Insurance Company, 17 Strand West Mrs Elizabeth, matron, Cottage hospital

West Mrs Nancy, lodgings, Bay View cottage

West Robert Edward, organist, professor of music, and pianoforte, &c. dealer,

17 Strand

Westcott Mrs Lucy Mary, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, circulating library, and printer and publisher of Westcotts Local Press, 8 Strand

Westlake & Co. grocers, 15 King street ; and Exeter

Wheller Charles, lodgings, 11 West Cliff

Whidborne John Sumner, solicitor. (Pearson & W.), and clerk to magistrates and to the Local Board, 1 Cleveland place

White Mrs Jane, lodgings, 30 Strand

White Mrs Mary, 12 Barton villas

Widdicombe Richard, farmer, Dawlish water

Wilcox Miss Clara Mai-y, lodgings, 4 Brookdale terrace

Wilkings Mrs Sarah, lodgings, 14 West cliff

Williams Richard, coal dealer and farmer. Old Town st

Williams Thomas Edward, shoemaker. Manor row

Willmet Robert, shoemaker, Town Tree hill

Winter Colonel ThomasWilliam, Matham Wood

Wood, Mr. William, Dawlish water

Wreford Robert, greengrocer. Old Town street

Wyatt A. farmer, Holcombe  

Youatt James, victualler, Exeter Inn, Beach street

Carriers — To Exeter, William Davey, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ; and George Lowton, daily





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