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The Bude Canal at its start

The Bude Canal was meant to bring prosperity to this corner of England. It was to go all the way down to Launceston, carrying guano (the fertiliser of choice at this time) to enrich soil in an area which definitely needed enrichment. It was built to what was a brilliant design by an excellent engineer but the investors eventually lost interest in the project as the years went by and they failed to get their money back. All of the project that was completed gradually fell into disrepair and so Werrington never got the prosperous heyday it needed.

The Bude Canal Society took over and has created wonderful walks and printed material explaining everything you need to know about the history of the canal.


Werrington was formerly in the county of Devon. Boundary changes were made in 1966 which sent all of its parish records into the County of Cornwall so if you are researching in this place then you must visit the Cornish Record Office in Truro to see those records. On a modern map, you will find the boundary marked 1 mile to the west of the River Tamar which has, historically, always been the boundary between Devon and Cornwall


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