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Names were omitted from war memorials for a number of reasons. There seems to have been a view that there was a difference if death occurred outside the years of the war i.e. 1914 - 1919. Many who died slow, lingering deaths from wounds, poison gas or mental trauma were often not commemorated anywhere, not even in official records.


If your family had left the area or died out, so that no one remained who had information about you, you were very likely to be overlooked.

We came across two naval telegraphists who had been working in a tiny cabin between decks when it was directly struck by a shell and both men were vapourised. But naval regulations required an eye witness account of their deaths in order that they could be "discharged dead"  so what do you do?


In many battle zones, acres of mud formed and bodies sank and disappeared very quickly. Men could not remain in dangerous areas to search for casualties so they became "missing".


Devon's Virtual War memorial


The rare image above commemorates an incident on Hill 60 on the Western Front in a battle which began on 17 April 1915. It marks the moment when 2nd Lieutenant Kestell-Cornish of the Dorsets, rallied the last 4 remaining men of his platoon, grabbed a rifle and began a barriage of fire towards the front line of the enemy, who retreated when they thought themselves outnumbered as men ran from gun to gun, firing all along the ridge - the cloud which can be seen coming towards the men  is a poisonous gas and the Devons, who were fighting alongside the Dorsets were badly affected by it. Both regiments were awarded Hill 60 as a Battle Honour.


Our thanks go to all those visitors to our site who have told us about the men and women remembered here. We hope their names will now be heard alongside those of their comrades. They were heroes all - but sadly, our work is not yet done - there are many more names to be added before the anniversary comes round next year.



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