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Street in Appledore

Street in Appledore

©Richard J. Brine


Appledore is a small sea port town in the hundred of Shebbear, situated on the side of a hill, about 3 miles below Bideford, in Barnstaple Bay; and on two of the finest rivers in the West of England, the Taw and the Torridge.


This place is celebrated in the annals of warfare, as being the place where Hubba the Dane, after having laid waste South Wales, landed in the reign of Alfred, with thirty three sail of ships, and nearly starved into surrender, five hundred British troops who had posted themselves on Windmill Hill. The besieged, however, sallied forth and drove the invaders to their vessels; took prisoner their chieftain Hubba and beheaded him on a hill, which, to this time, bears his name. This memorable spot adjourns the grounds of Thomas Hogg Esq., in the corridor of whose mansion, this patriotic gentleman has placed a tablet, recording in elegant and nervous language the important victory.


Appledore has long been the resort of the neighbouring gentry when they wished to inhale its breezes and bathe in its pellucid waters. Of late years, it has also attracted great numbers of genteel individuals from distant parts, who were desirous of enjoying that ease and quietness which the overflowing circles of large watering places denied to them. The increase in numbers of visitors annually has begot in proportion the usual accommodations of lodging houses, bathing machines &c to which, has been added a good Inn. It is well supplied with fish and all other articles, by its own market and those of Bideford and Barnstaple.


On the seashore, near Appledore, is found in great plenty that marine production, laver, not only esteemed by the epicure but celebrated for its antiscorbutic properties. The beach of san here, three miles in length, called the "Burrows", cannot be excelled at any other watering place in the kingdom. The sea views are remarkably fine and the walks and rides in the vicinity of the town, partake of all that romantic scenery for which the northern coast of Devon has ever been so much admired.


POST OFFICE: Ann Hill, Post Mistress.

Letters from all parts arrive on foot-post from Bideford every morning between ten and eleven, and are despatched to that town every afternoon at three.



Blith, Mrs. Elizabeth, Appledore

Brooks. Mrs. Cathering, Appledore

Butt, Mrs. Harriet, Appledore

Chalmers, Sir Charles, bart., Appledore

Dennis, John, gent.,(surgeon), Appledore

Harding, Miss, Appledore

Hogg, Major Thomas, Odun Hall

Hooper, John, gent. (surgeon), Appledore

Husband, Mrs. John Blake,Northam

Lloyd, Rev. Richard, Northam

Miles, Mrs. Elizabeth, Appledore

Mill, Rev., Thomas, Northam

Ogilvie, Capt. Alexander John, Appledore

Reynolds, James Jones, gent., Appledore

Strange, the Misses, Appledore

Tetherly, Samuel, gent., Appledore

Williams. Captain, Royal Navy, Appledore

Wills, Mrs. Elizabeth, Appledore

Wren, Josias, gent.,Appledore

Wren, William, gent.,Appledore




Chappel, Elizabeth, Appledore

Herman, Benjamin, Appledore

Lewis, Thomas, Appledore

Varcoe, Ann, Appledore




Champion of Wales, Robert Day, Appledore

Coach & Horses, William Burnicle, Appledore

Full Moon, Elizabeth Evans, Appledore

Globe Inn, Philip Lang, Appledore

king's Head, Samuel Sanders, Northam

Red Lion, Mary Fishwick, Appledore

Royal Hotel, Richard Barwick, Appledore

Shipwright's Arms, John Jenkins, Appledore

Swan, Philip Gay, Appledore

Swan, Ann Tuplin, Northam

Tavern William Cocks, Appledore

Unicorn, Thomas Hall, Appledore




Bassett, John, shoemaker, Northam

Bassett, Joseph, tailor, Appledore

Beara, John, tailor & draper, Appledore

Bowden, Theodosia, grocer & draper, Appledore

Brooks, Jane, milliner & dressmaker, Appledore

Brooks, Mary, draper, Appledore

Chappel, William, rope maker, Appledore

Clibbett, William, ship builder, Appledore

Clibbet, William, jun., ship builder, Appledore

Cock, James, joiner, Appledore

Cook, Thomas, wheelwright, Northam

Cook, Thomas, block maker, Appledore

Dart, Richard, brazier, plumber & ironmonger, Appledore

Endell, Thomas, confectioner, Appledore

Evans, Mary, shopkeeper, Appledore

Green, Thomas, ship builder, Appledore

Hartnol, Charles, shoemaker, Appledore

Haynes, William, block maker, Appledore

Hillman, Susannah, shopkeeper

Hortop, Thomas, shoemaker, Northam

Hutchings, John, cooper, Appledore

Lang, Peter, grocer & leather cutter, Appledore

Lewis, Simon, coal merchant, Appledore

Mugford, John, shoemaker, Northam

Parrett, Humphrey, block maker, Appledore

Penny, John, maltster, Appledore

Penny, William, grocer, Appledore

Pode, Thomas, shoemaker, Appledore

Popham, Thomas, sail maker, Appledore

Rice, Ann, shopkeeper, Appledore

Rook, William, blacksmith, Northam

Sanders, Edward, boat builder, Appledore

Sanders, John, blacksmith, Northam

Saxon, Petternell (Petronella), shopkeeper, Appledore

Sergeant, Robert, painter & glazier, Appledore

Stapleton, William, tailor, Appledore

Swindel, Phillis, draper, Appledore

Vernon, Elizabeth, draper & tea dealer, Appledore

Vernon, Richard, lime burner, Appledore

Vernon, Samuel, maltster, Appledore

Williams, Henry, tallow chandler, Appledore

Williams. John. boat builder, Appledore

Williams, John, wheelwright, Northam

Williams, John Grove, shopkeeper, Appledore

Williams, George, sailmaker, Appledore

Williams, William, sailmaker, Appledore

Wood, John, blacksmith.


James Rival's boat, with  goods & passengers, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



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