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St. Mary the Virgin Church, Appledore

Appledore - the Church of St. Mary the Virgin

(Originally, Northam was a much larger parish which included Appledore and what is now called Westward Ho! Appledore's Parish Registers date from 1844 - prior to that, events were recorded in Northam Parish Registers).

©Richard J. Brine


APPLEDORE is about a mile and a half from Northam, which place, says Westcote, who wrote in the time of Charles I., within the memory of persons then living contained only two poor houses, although it then equalled many market towns in the number of houses and inhabitants; its state at the present time affords a striking contrast to the above. At East Appledore is a splendid dry dock (built by Wm. Yeo, Esq., of Richmond House), which is capable of receiving vessels of very large dimensions. The chief trade is in coasting and fishing, in which a considerable business is done. It is the first harbour within the bar of the estuary of the rivers Taw and Torridge, and is subordinate to the port of Bideford.

The District Church, dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin, is between East and West Appledore: it is a very neat erection, and chaste in design, erected in 1836. Rev. Edward Reynolds, B.A., Incumbent Mr. James Hooper, Clerk. There is a small Congregational Chapel in the centre of the village; Rev. J. Whiting, Minister; and a Methodist Chapel; no stated Minister. In East Appledore is a Congregational Chapel; Rev.E. Hipwood, Minister. The Wesleyan Chapel is a short distance from the top of the village leading to Northam; no stated Minister. There is a Bethel Chapel in Market Street, and the Plymouth Brethren meet in a room; no stated ministers. In West Appledore is a small Baptist Chapel; Rev. Ebenezer Hands, Minister. At Northam Bridge is a Methodist Chapel; no regular minister.

The National Schools are at the entrance into the village from Bideford, and are supported by contributions and the payments of the children. Number of scholars, 150. Mr G. Moore, Master; Mrs S. Moore, Mistress. The Infant Schools, erected by Mrs Thorold, of Cleveland, are supported by that lady. Number of children, about 50. Mrs. Ann Pengelly, Mistress.





Bligh Mrs., Marine Parade
Chappie Mrs., Marine Parade
Dart Mr. Richard, Market Street
Davie Mr. Thomas, Quay
Dunsford Mr. John, Quay
Eccles Rev. W., Bude Street
England Mrs. E. Myrtle Row
Hipwood Rev. E., Congregational Minister, Bude Street
Hooper Mr. John D., Bude Street
Keys Mr. Richard, Bude Street
Limbrey Mrs., Bude Street
Peace Lieut., Richard, Marine Parade
Penny Mrs., Bude Street
Reynolds Rev., Edward, B.A. Incumbent of the District Church, Staddon
Reynolds Mrs., Odun Hall
Rodd The Misses, Bude Street
Shaxson Mrs., Bude Street
Strange Miss, Meeting Street
Turner Mr. James, Myrtle Row
Wills Mrs. Elizabeth, Marine Parade
Wills Mrs., Bude Street


Baker, George, grocer, tea dealer, schoolmaster, surveyor, and agent to the Phoenix Life Office, BudeStreet 
Bassett, John, sail maker, Meeting Street
Beara and Cook, rope and sail makers
Beara, John and Son, tailors and outfitters, Bude Street
Beara, John, jun., ship chandler, Quay
Beer, John, baker, Bude Street
Bolt, William, victualler, Royal Hotel, Market Place
Bowden, Hannah, victualler, Ship, road to New Quay
Bowden, Philip, master mariner, One-end Street
Bridgman, John, carpenter, Market Street
Burnacle, William, ship chandler, Quay
Bynon, Captain, master mariner, Meeting Street
Cann, Elizabeth, victualler, Champion of Wales, Meeting Street
Carter, John, victualler, The Unicorn, Pitt
Cawsey, George, master mariner, Bude Street
Clibbett, William, ship builder, road to New Quay
Cocks, William, victualler, Tavern, Meeting Street
Cole, William E., boot and shoe maker, Meeting Street
Collins, William, master mariner, Bude Street
Cook, Thomas, block maker, Marine Parade
Cook, Thomas Peter, ship builder, Marine Parade
Cox, James, ship builder, Quay
Darracott, John, ship owner, Bude Street
Darracott, William H., ship owner, Meeting Street
Dart, Richard, master mariner, Quay
Day, Esther, bread and flour dealer, Market  Place
Dennis, Thomas, victualler, Bell, Road to New Quay
Ellis, Joseph, master mariner, Myrtle Row
England, James, boot and shoe maker, Bude Street
Evans, Elizabeth, victualler, Full Moon, One-end Street
Evans, William, victualler and master mariner, The Globe, Market Place
Facey, William, master mariner, Pitt Court House
Farleigh Brothers, grocers and tea dealers, Market Street;
Fisher, John, victualler and block maker, The Red Lion, Market Street
Fishwick, J., sail maker and ship chandler, Market Street
Fishwick, John, master mariner, Bude Street
Fishwick, William, master mariner, Market Street
Fursey, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Market Street
Goman, John, carpenter, One-end Street
Grigg, Mary, draper and baker, Market Place
Hamlyn, Thos., shopkeeper and shipwright, Market Street
Hartnoll, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Meeting Street
Harvey, Thomas, victualler and master mariner, The Swan,Market Street
Harwood, Ann, milliner, Market Street
Hayne, W. C. block maker and boat builder, Bude Street
Heard, James, tailor and draper, Market Place
Hillman, Philip, master mariner, Meeting Street
Hillman, William, master mariner, Quay

Hooper, Sarah, shopkeeper, Market Street
Hortop, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Bude Street
How, Charles, master mariner, Meeting Street
Hurdon, James, chemist and druggist, Branch Stamp Office, Bude Street
Johns, John, master mariner, Gordon's Quay
Lang, Philip, block and pump maker, Market Street
Lawday, Elizabeth, shopkeeper,
Lawton, Philip, master mariner, Myrtle Row
Lemon, James, cooper, Market Street
Lemon, Robert, blacksmith, Meeting Street
Lemon, Thomas, Mason, Market Street
Manley, John, clerk, Myrtle Row
Mara, Isabella, shopkeeper and toy dealer, Market Street
Marshall, John, master mariner, Bude Street
Martin, Henry, master mariner, Quay
Mayne, Agnes, linen draper, Market Street 
Mayne, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Meeting Street
Mayne, William, boot and shoe maker, and shop keeper, Market Street 
Mead, Captain, master mariner, Bude Street
Mead, Samuel, master mariner, Marine Parade
Owen, George, carpenter, Meeting Street
Penney, Thomas D., grocer and tea dealer
Pennington, John, beer retailer, Shipwright's Arms, Myrtle Row
Popham, John, sail maker, Marine Parade
Popham, John, master mariner, Bude Street
Popham, Richard, master mariner, Market Street 
Pratt, Charles E., M.D., Marine Parade
Richards, John, master mariner and shopkeeper, Market Street
Rodd, William, master mariner, Odun Terrace
Russell, Matthew, master mariner, Quay
Scott, James, master mariner, Bude Street
Sergeant, Elizabeth, linen draper, Market Street
Sergeant, James, painter and glazier, Meeting Street
Sergeant, Robert, painter and glazier, Market Street
Shadwick, Henry, master mariner, Myrtle Row
Short, James, victualler, Coach and Horses, Market Place
Squire, John, master mariner, Quay
Stapleton, Miss, schoolmistress, Bude Street
Stapleton, Miss Mary, schoolmistress
Swindale, John, master mariner, Marine Parade
Swindale, Phillis, linen draper, Market Street
Tatem, James, master mariner, Odun Terrace
Tucker, Thomas, master mariner, Quay Cottage
Turner, Samuel, master mariner, Odun Terrace
Varcoe, The Misses, school, Bude Street
Vernon, Elizabeth, draper and tea dealer, Market Street
Varrell, Richard, master mariner, Odun Terrace
Vinson, James, draper and tea dealer, Market Street
West James, master mariner, Odun Terrace
Williams, Jane, dress maker, Pitt
Williams, John, master mariner, Myrtle Row
Williams, Mary Ann, Milliner and straw bonnet maker, Pitt




Hands Rev. Ebenezer, Baptist Minister
Morgan Mrs.
Williams Mrs.
Bale Richard, master mariner
Blackmore Elizabeth, shopkeeper
Burgess John, master mariner
Burt William C., Tide Surveyor, Custom House
Darracott George, master mariner
England John, master mariner
Evans Richard, carpenter
Goram Edward, master mariner
Gorvin Edward, master mariner
Halls John, master mariner
Hinks Henry, boat and block maker
Hooper James, boat builder and beer retailer, Crown and Sceptre
Huxtable Mary Ann P., shopkeeper
Kelly John, beer retailer, King's Head
Kelly Richard, master mariner
Kelly William, boot and shoe maker
Kelly William, victualler and boot and shoe maker, Royal George
McCullum Mary, victualler, Beaver Inn
Nicholls Elizabeth, victualler, Prince of Wales
Richards John, master mariner
Sellick William, shopkeeper and marine store dealer
Skinner Elizabeth, shopkeeper
Slater William, boot and shoe maker
Thomas John, master mariner
Wilkins Robert, master mariner
Williams George, boat builder
Williams Matthew, master mariner
Williams Joshua, rope maker and ship owner
Williams Thomas, boat builder


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