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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials



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Bastard, Herbert Rowse, Fair Park

Berkeley-Wily, Mrs. Winsor House

Cording, Rev. John George (Congregational)

Emerson, Major William, Godfrey House

Jolly, George, Reeves

Lock, Francis Kitson, Grattons

Phayre, Col. Robert Bernard, MC; Collatons

Pickard, Mrs. East Halse

Rhys-James, Rev. Arthur MA (rector) The Rectory



Bastard, Herbert Rowse, MRCS Eng.,LRCP Lond. Physician, Surgeon and Medical Officer

Bater, Thomas, farmer, Easterbrooke

Bentham, William, poultry farmer, Dartmoor View

Berry, Frederick George, farmer, New Cottage

Berwick, Thomas Frank, stationer and post office

Brealey, William Henry, joiner

Cockram, Miss Elizabeth, draper, board residence, teas etc. Preston House

Cordwent, Francis William, farmer, West Hillerton

Daniels, Percy, farmer and landowner, Hill Park Farm

Dart, William John, farmer, Glebe Farm

Earland, John, mason

Flay, Ernest William, farmer, Brownsland

Folley, Herbert Samuel, boot repairer

Goss, Robert, farmer

Harris, Charles & Co, auctioneers, Railway Inn

Hill, Mrs. Fanny L, farmer and landowner, Hampson Barton

Hockey, Samuel Edwin, farmer, East Hillerton

Hodge, John Charles, baker

Honeychurch, Frederick Thomas, farmer, Coxmore Farm

Hubbard, Edward George, florist

Ireland, Enoch, farmer, Natson Mills

Jarman, Bertram S, builder & decorator & funeral director

Jewell, Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, Bank House

Jewell, William Henry, motor engineer

Jones, David Morgan, CSMMG; BPASA; chartered masseur, The King's Arms

Kelly, William Arthur, farmer, Nymet Wood

King's Arms Public House (David Morgan Jones, licensee)

Lake, George H, baker

Lloyd's Bank Ltd, Station branch open 2nd Monday each month

Maynard, Edward John, farmer, Treedown

Medland, William Baker, farmer, Spestos Farm

Milton, Richard and Miss Elizabeth, farmers, Higher Treedown

National Provincial Bank, Station branch open 2nd Monday each month

Nicks, Allan Moore, farmer, Coxmore

Palmer, William Charles, farmer, West Halse

Pickard, John, farmer, Halse Farm

Pickard, Percival William. farmer, Nymet Barton

Pike, William mason

Railway Inn (Fernley Bert Northcote, licensee)

Red Triangle Club (George Jolly, sec.)

Reddaway, Henry, dairyman

Rice, Thomas & Sons, builders

Riddaway Stores, grocers

Rowden, Frank, coal dealer

Sanders, Thomas Elson, cattle doctor, Pentreve

Saunders, Percy Samuel John, butcher

Steer, Harry, sexton

Steer, Percy William, carrier

Trout, Henry Alec, farrier

Webber, Frank, farmer, Little Spestos

Webber, Lewin, farmer, Blue Violet

White Hart Hotel (Frederick William Dyer, licensee)

Wood, Miss Hilda Velma, district nurse, Myrtle House

Wright, George Edward, motor engineer



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