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Postal delivery to the more remote parts of Dartmoor could be very difficult to maintain in the weather conditions which prevailed and because of the distances  between many of the houses and farms. Some rural postmen had a pony to use but most went round on foot, covering miles and miles of rural tracks on rounds which could take 12 to 14 hours to complete. These men (and the occasional woman) were much appreciated in the lonely farms and cottages and more often than not, were sure to find warmth by a fire or a pasty just out of the oven.


No one person could have delivered the post in the remote areas around Brentor so the task was shared by the Rural Postmen of Lewdown and Bridestowe. Letters had to be marked accordingly as shown in the list below.


* Letters should be addressed to Lewdown

§ Letters should be addressed to Bridestowe


Post Office: Money Office and Telegraph Office. Mrs. E. Minhinnick, sub-postmistress. letters arrive from Tavistock at 7.30 am and 4 pm; desptached at 12.50 and 7.35 pm. No Sunday delivery.


Apps, Rev. A R O, The Vicarage

Adams, Mrs, Fair View

Allen, Mrs, St Barbara

§ Ball, F, Belladonna

Batten, W C, farmer, Brinsabatch

*Batten, Mrs J, Wood Park

*Batten, D, Wood Park

Batten, W H, surveyor to Tavistock RDC, Brinsabatch

Bevan, J, mason, Village

*Bickle, S, farmer, Westcott

Brimacombe & Wilton, bakers, Village

Cooke, D, bootmaker, Village

Coleridge, F R C, Langstone

§ Clark, Newman, Moorcroft

Cousins, G, Bonaford House

§ Daw, Miss, Watervale House

* Dodd, E, farmer, Bowden Hill

§ Doidge, T, Edgemoor

Eastcott, W, Woodman's Well

Eggins, G, farmer, South Brentor

§ Fairclough, Mrs, Homeleigh

Gerry, J, farmer, South Brentor

Gerry, R, farmer, Rowden

Gilbert, L, Herring Arms Hotel

Gilchrist, G, The Retreat

*Glyn, Miss, farmer, Longlands

Gregory, Miss, The Poplars

Honey, F, farmer, Cloberry

Jackman, J N , Rowden

Jeffery, J, farmer, Liddaton

Jenkins, John, station master

§ Lewarne, J, Rosmoyne

§ Luxton, W, Luxalyan

§ Matthews, Mrs, Manor Hotel

* Maunder, G, farmer, Liddaton

Medland, H, Woodman's Well

§ Medland, W E, farmer, The Hall

§ Nicholls, F J W, Torside

*Osborne, F, farmer, Lipscliffe

Postlethwaite, Dr. F, Nutshell

§ Pengelly, R, farmer, Forda

Parken, W, farmer, Park House

§ Paul, R, farmer, Watervale

* Pearce, J, farmer, Burcombe

Pinhey, J, farmer, Glenside

Powell, Miss, St Barbara

§ Radford, H M, Ingobrake

Rae, Miss, schoolmistress

Rice, R & S, Burn Lane

Rice, E J, butcher, Village

Rice, T H, farmer, Village

Rice, Mrs T, Lowertown

* Rundle, G, mason, Liddaton

Squire, Mrs A, Park Cottage

Squire, Mrs T, Glenfield Villa

Squire, J, shopkeeper & farmer

§ Stanbury, T, farmer, Prescombe

§ Stephens, W, farmer, Watervale

Stutely, E, assistant overseer, &c. Fair View

* Symons, J, farmer, Whitsun

* Symons, W, farmer, Liddaton

Tancock, T, farmer, South Brentor

Vallance, D, farmer, South Brentor

Ward, Frank, Burnville

Ward & Chowen, auctioneers &c.,Burnville

*Westlake, T, jun, Liddaton

§ Willcocks, Mrs W, Wastor

Yelland, E B, farmer, Tor Park


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