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The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce & Manufacture was issued in separate volumes over a period of 7 to 8 years between 1791 and 1798. As the different volumes were published, updates and alterations were made so that no listing can  be specific to a single year but rather, to the final years of the 18th century.

No street locations were given for the traders. The original spelling has been retained.


"Brixham is a large village, situated on the Western side of Torbay; it employs above one hundred sloops, and a great number of small boats, in its fishery. The fish is mostly sent to London, Bath, Bristol and Exeter. Government has lately built a wharf, and conveyed the water to it, for the purpose of watering the men of war and merchant vessels.


At this place, the Prince of Orange, and the Dutch that attended him, landed on the 5th of November 1688.

Here is a well, called Ley well, a natural curiosity, as it ebbs and flows several times in the space of an hour, for eight hours together, about an inch and an eighth, though sometimes it intermits.

Torbay is a fine bay, situated about five miles to the Eastward of Dartmouth, formed by two capes; that to the East, by the name of Bob's Nose, and that to the Westward is called the Berry Head. This bay is so capacious that it would contain all the Navy of Great Britain.

There is a cart that comes to Brixham from Exeter on Tuesdays and Fridays, and returns thither on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


The following are the names of the principal inhabitants:"



Shepherd Rev. Francis



Baddeley, William, Surgeon & Apothecary

Lyde, Philip, Surgeon & Apothecary



Adams, John, Butcher

Archer, Nicholas, Carpenter

Austin, James, Tailor

Arthur, Henry, Shoemaker

Adams, Christopher & Co, Fishmonger

Ash, William, Woolcomber

Browse, George, Carpenter

Bully, William, Blacksmith

Bird, John, Brewer

Bird, John, Sailmaker

Bird, William, Baker

Bartlett, Christopher, Maltster

Burt, Thomas, Tide Waiter*

Baker, John, Exciseman

Blatchford, William, Basket maker

Bickford, Thomas, Grocer and Linen Draper

Crowte, William, Shoemaker

Clarke, Henry, Carpenter

Churchward, Thomas, Blacksmith

Coyde, William, Shoemaker

Clarke, Henry, Tide Waiter*

Cally, Samuel, Maltster

Clark, William, Baker

Clarke, William, Cooper

Cruise, Richard, Woolcomber

Collier, William, Schoolmaster

Davis, Samuel, Shoemaker

Davis, Elizabeth, Innkeeper - The Bell

Elliot, James, Tailor

Efford, Jonathan, Tailor

Efford, Jonathan, Innkeeper - Ring of Bells

Eames, William, Tide Waiter*

Eames, William, Baker

Frogwell, Richard, Blacksmith

Furneaux, Robert, Shoemaker

Furneaux, John, Shoemaker

Fox, Samuel, Sailmaker

Farrant, William, Woolcomber

Gibbs, William, Shipwright

Guy, William, Sailmaker

Gilliard, John, Tinman and Brazier

Hyne, John, Carpenter

Hammick, Honniwell, Blacksmith

Heath, John, Tailor

Hamlyn, William, Baker

Hamling, William, Mason

Hunt, Christopher, Grocer & Linen Draper

Hill, John, Linen Draper

Hoare, Henry, Butcher

Humphrey, Bartlett & Co., Fishmongers

Jordan, Christopher, Carpenter

Kerswell, Richard, Tailor

Kendrick, Samuel, Shoemaker

King, William, Schoolmaster

Lillycrap, John, Tailor

Lambswood, John, Shoemaker

Lakeman, Elizabeth, Milliner

Moses, Samuel, Hellier**

Matthews, Samuel, Shipwright

Matthews, Henry, Shipwright

Maddick, Nicholas, Tailor

May, Elizabeth, Baker

Monk, William, Baker

Motherell, Richard, Butcher

Martin, John, Mason

Nichols, John, Tailor

Neck, Edward, Tailor

Nowel, Joseph, Baker

Oxenham, William, Ironmonger

Pomeroy, James, Chandler

Pridham, Ann, Linen Draper

Pugh, Thomas, Basket Maker

Peters, George, Cooper

Pomeroy, Roger, Tide Waiter*

Petheridge,  ? , Tide Waiter*

Paddon, Richard, Sail Maker

Pridham, William, Innkeeper - Jolly Sailor

Parsons, John, Tailor

Philip, John, Hellier**

Randle, Mary, Grocer & Linen Draper

Reed, Thomas, Innkeeper - The Star

Reeve, Constance, Innkeeper - The Anchor

Rawlin, Thomas, Shoemaker

Richards, William, Shipwright

Rowe, Thomas, Tailor

Roper, John, Carpenter

Rennalls, George, Shipwright

Randle, John, Hellier**

Sanders, George, Butcher

Stokes, Ann, Linen Draper

Smart, John, Hatter

Sharland, John, Mason

Spark, Richard, Cooper

Small, Thomas, Glazier & Painter

Sims, Philip, Innkeeper - Rising Sun

Skerdon, William, Carpenter

Scoble, John sen, Carpenter

Scoble, John, jun.,Carpenter

Scoble, William, Blockmaker

Sparke, Robert, Carpenter

Turpin, Alice, Baker

Underhay, John & Co. Fishmonger

Underhay, John, Innkeeper - King's Arms

Wood, William, Taylor

Wheaton, William, Shipwright

Webber, John, Tide Waiter*

Way, Henry, Innkeeper - Waterman's Arms

Winsor, Samuel, Basket maker

Wotton, George, Mason

Yandall, Faithful, Glazier & Painter


* Tide waiter was the old name for a Customs inspector. He waited on the tide to collect duty on goods brought in.

** A Hellier or Hillier was a roofing tiler.


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