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See also an article about the Girls' School Prize Distribution which took place on the same day


From The Totnes Times 16 March 1901 :

With the exception of the infants' Departments of the schools under the Board, the children and prize winners in all departments assembled in the market Hall on Wednesday afternoon, on the occasion of the annual distribution of prizes for regular attendance. The whole of the children, numbering about 130, who had not been absent from school once during the school year, were seated on the platform, and the remainder who had not been absent more than seven times, were accommodated in front of the platform. The body of the hall was reserved for the parents, a very considerable number of whom availed themselves of the invitation, and were present.


The medals and prizes were distributed by the following members of the Board:

Rev. S. Sim

Mr. R. W. Edwards

Mr. W. Wills

Mr. W. Cann

Mr. M. Davis

Mr. J. W. Hill

and the scholars were heartily applauded, especially those who received their second medal.

In the unavoidable absence of the Chairman, (Dr. G. C. Searle) Mr. W. Wills presided, and in the course of his opening remarks, said he was very glad indeed to see so many present, but regretted the Chairman was u nable to take the chair, through other duties.  This was the second year the Board decided to give prizes, and he was glad to say this year was better than last. 130 medals were to be given away, which meant that 130 children had not been away once during the 12 months (to which remark there was applause). One family had to receive three medals that afternoon. That spoke well for the health of the children, and parents could not be too thankful for it. Some cases had been brought under the notice of the Board, where parents thought their children ought to receive medals on account of their being home for half a day on account of sickness, but the medals had "Never Absent" on them, therefore they could not give them.



Mr. W. J. Bradden JP, head teacher

Medals and prizes:

Victor Holman; William Mead; Edward Dalley; Alfred Brimicombe; Arthur Banfield; Arthur Elliott; Samuel Crews; Donald Martin; William Bridge; A. Sydenham; John Johnson; John Cooksley; Essex Mardon; H. King; Samuel Loye; Laurence Lake; Jeffery Bedford; Harry Morey; William Silley; Clarke Mead; Alfred Lovis; G. Williams; L. Janes; Frank Williams; William Burman; H. Brinicombe; William Pillar; George Tribble; William Parnell; Thomas Williams; Frank Crispin; Leonard Lake; Henry Edwards; Albert Stamp; Robert Putt; John Woodman; George Cooksley; Wilfred Perrett; Sidney Dolton; Giles Allery; Samuel Pearce; Herbert Silley; Jasper Parnell; John Glanville; N. Steel; Charlie Edwards; Sanders Lear; Ralph Giffard; William Perrett; B. Smale; James Small; H. Downton and Frederick Greet.

Prizes for boys absent once only:

James Putt; Frederick Holland; W. Hannaford; Charlie Dart; George James; F. Glanville; Ernest Tribble and Reginald Higdon.

Absent twice:

Frederick Allery; G. Bubeer; Ralph Stamp and James Pillar

Absent three times:

Harry Smith; Harvey Lovell; C. Salsbury; James Blackmore; Tom Dolton; D. Brinicombe; Stephen Hoare; G. Knight and E. Lee.

Absent four times:

W.illiam Blake; Richard Holland; Leonard Furze; B. Bartlett and Herbert Salsbury

Absent five times:

Albert Snell; George Pine; Andrew Seaward; Albert Babb; German Gregory and Albert Scott

Absent six times:

Langmead Pillar; John Knight and William Furze

Absent seven times:

J. Putt; William George; Richard Friend; William Mugridge and W. Hamblin


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