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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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War Memorials


1. Private residents


Budleigh Salterton in the 1930s

Budleigh Salterton c. late 1930s

Our version of this post card is in sepia but it seems to

have been available in colour (with the same number) after the war.

From our postcard collection


Ackland, Mrs, Seafield, Coast Guard Rd.

Alison, Lady Georgina, Possil House, Marine Parade

Allenby, Ernest Waldegrave, Broadpark, Moor Lane

Allin, Lt.Col. Chester, OBE, Eirene, East Terrace

Anderson, Miss, Knockomie, Westfield Road

Aplin, Lt. Col. Stephen Lushington CSI, Woodlands, West Hill

Attenborough, Mrs. Clonmeen, Exmouth Rd.

Backhouse, Arthur Henry, Felsted, Exmouth Rd

Bailey, Victor, CIE; CBE; 7 Cliff Terrace

Baker, Mrs, 6 The Lawn

Baker, Mrs. Goldney, Eryl Mor, Victoria Place

Bannister, Alfred John Charles, Broomleas, Victoria Place

Barchard, Mrs, The Firs, West Hill

Barton, Col. Maurice Charles, RE, DSO; Serai, Sherbrook Hill

Bastin, Edward William ,Cliston, Coast Guard Rd.

Bateman-Champain, Mrs. Wood End, West Hill Lane

Beanish, Lt.Col. 2 Dial House, Cricket Field Rd

Beattie, Ebenezar, Chirbury, Fountain Hill

Beaver, Mrs. Pantile, Fountain Hill

Beddy, Brigadier Percy Langdon, CB; CMG; DSO; West Hill Lodge, West Hill

Bennett, Major Francis Larkworthy, Ting Tong

Bennett, Herbert Charles, Ben Aros, Lansdowne Rd

Bennett, Herbert John MC; Thorpelands, Boucher Rd

Bennett, Mrs. Stephen Ashlock, Warreleigh, Lansdowne Rd

Bennion, Charles Fawcett, Bushy House, Knowle Hill

Bergne, Harvey A' Court, 2 Marine Parade

Berrington, Trevor Davies, Sherbrook Lodge, Sherbrook Hill

Black, Mrs. Fountain  Hill

Blencowe, Mrs. Upper Westcott, North View Rd

Bone, Charles Belfield, Innerdown Close, Links Rd

Boxall, Arthur Henry, Sunlea, East Budleigh Rd

Brackenbury. Miss A. B. F., Copplestone, Bedlands Lane

Bradburn, Mrs E. M., The Hazard, North View Rd

Brant, Mrs.,St. Martin's, The Lawn

Brocklehurst, Mrs., Knapton, Fountain Hill

Browning, Mrs., Stoneborough House, East Budleigh Rd

Bryan, Mrs. Guy, Lyonesse, Fore Street Hill

Cann, Mrs.,Dishcombe, Links Rd

Carleton, Mrs, Holylee Cottage, Boucher Rd

Cass, Albert Robert H., MBE; Byways, Knowle Rd.

Catty, Miss, 3 Marine Parade.

Chamberlain, Miss, Lawnside, Westfield Rd.

Chambers, Mrs. Corner House, Boucher Rd.

Chandley, Mrs Wilson, East Terrace

Chattock, Miss, Hedges, Sherbrook Hill

Childs, Hugh, El Tani, Exmouth Rd.

Christopherson, Miss, Briary, Lansdowne Rd

Clarke, Mrs, Redlap, Boucher Rd

Connett, Wallace John, Hele Cottage, Bedlands Lane

Constantine, Frank, Woodbeare, Victoria Place

Cooper, Mrs. Maud, Heath Close, Lansdowne Rd

Cooper, Mrs, Wenlock, Westfield Rd

Cruttenden, Rev. George William Henry, Southleigh, Fore Street

Cundall, Walter, 5 The Lawn

Curis, Frank Percy, Winwood

Daniel, Mrs. Greenways, Knowle Rd

Daniel, W. W. Moorhouse, Moor Lane

Davenport, Frederick Richard, Cintra, Coast Guard Rd

Davenport, Miss, Castle Cottage. West Hill

Davidson, Mrs. Newholme, Barns Rd

Davis, Charlie Hugh, Maskee, Links Rd

Davis, Richard Creak, Pathways, Swains Rd

Deane, Albert George, Fountain Hill Close, Fountain Hill

Deas, Miss, Caledon, Westbourne Terrace

Dennys, Mrs.,Lion House, East Budleigh Rd

Dobbin, Lt.Col. R. A., Soldanella, Westbourne Terrace

Donisthorpe, Miss, Dormouse Lodge, East Budleigh Rd

Drake, Rev, Algernon Francis, BA, Ashe Hayes, Knowle Rd

Drake-Brockman, Elliott George, Newington, Upper Stoneborough Lane

Dunca, Mrs., Amisfield, Boucher Rd

Edmonds, Rev. Thomas Acland, MA (Vicar), The Vicarage, West Hill

Ellenor, Miss, Ardtona, Links Rd

Ellery, Lt. Colo. Eernest Edward, Down Along, Granary Lane

Elliott, Mrs., Heather Cottage, Exmouth Rd

Eustace, Col. Frederick Robert Harrington, Min-y-dan, Westbourne Terrace

Evans, Thomas Charles Cann, DSO; MB, Little Hill

Farley, Major James Jay Bleecker, Furzemoor, Exmouth Rd

Farmer, John, Braeside, Exmouth Rd

Fea, Robert Bell Cobbald, Claestron, Coast Guard Rd

Finch, Lt. Col. Richard Anson, DSO, Sunnyhayes, Baras Rd

Fisher, Sir Stanley, Lydney, East Terrace

Fisher, Edward, MA Camb; Braywick, East Budleigh Rd

Fisher, Mrs, 5 Cliff Terrace

Forbes, Thomas Chirnside, Heather Cliff, East Budleigh Rd

Foss, Mrs, Frensham, Marine Parade

Friend, Mrs. J, Treegarth, West Hill

Fulton, Mrs, 1 Dial House, Upper West Terrace

Furber, Mrs, Uplands, Upper West Terrace

Furnass. John Edwin, The Garth, Granary Lane

Galsworthy, Miss, Two Ways, Exmouth Rd

Gardner, Harry, Apple Hayes, Knowle Rd

Garner-Parrot Mrs, Hayes, Knowle Rd

Gaskell, Leonard Sadgrove, MB, Furzedown, West Hill Lane

Gavin, William Richardson MA Cantab: 1 The Lawn

Gay, Major L. H, Lee Ford

Gibbs, Misses, Clyst Hayes House, Exmouth Rd

Gillham, Arthur R, Moorside, Sherbrook Hill

Goodhue, Frederick, Tahuna, Exmouth Rd

Goodwyn, Lt-Col. W. M., Newhaven, Boucher Rd

Graves, Captain Benjamin, Manors, East Budleigh Rd

Guest, Alex, St Ceceilia, North View

Gunter, Col. Clarence Preston, CIE; OBE; Rose Hill West Hill

Haggard, Mrs., Alton Cottage, Coast Guard Rd

Haines, Col. Gregory, Grey Gables, Moorland Rd

Hamer, William Forrest, Marden, Exmouth Rd

Hamilton, Major Stuart, Pagets, Westfield Rd

Hammond, Mrs. Hillcrest, Sherbrook Hill

Hannam, Rev. William James (Methodist), Haddingly, Boucher Rd

Harrison, Cuthbert, Woodville, Green Gables

Hartree, John JP, Westways

Haslett, Robert Woods, FRCSI, Brookmeadow, Exmouth Rd

Hatchard-Smith, William H, Watch Hill

Hawkes, Ewart Stanley, MB; ChB Edin,, Abele Tree

Hay, Lt-Col. E Stuart, High Knowle

Hayter, Frank, Sunset, Westfield Rd

Heal, John Harris, Round Hill, Knowles Rd

Henty, Mrs. Shandford, Station Rd

Hickling, Miss E. M. June Garden, Boucher Rd

Hocking, William Geoffrey, West Down Corner, Exmouth Rd

Hogg, Miss I. C. Coppledown, Bedlands Lane

Hollins, Miss, Pinewood, Westbourne Terracce

Holroyd, Lt-Col Gilbert, Howewath, Moorlands Rd

Honeyman, Stuart, Edradynate, East Terrace

Howard, Miss Newman, The Wainholm, Knowle Rd

Hudson, E. Hamilton, Rajpore, Links Rd

Hunt, Stuart, Hadley Cottage, Copphill Lane

Hutchings, Mrs. Orchard Close

James, Mrs. South Cliff, North View Rd

Jennings, Miss, The Sheiling, Boucher Rd

Jones, Edgar Vuaghan, MB; ChB, Stapleton, West Hill Lane

Josling, Miss, The Chance, Coast Guard Rd

Kindersley, Misses, Ladyecott, Bedlands Lane

King, Miss, 4 Marine Parde

Kitchin, Major C, DSO, The Cottage, West Hill

Knatchbull, Mrs, 1 Cliff Terrace

Lane, Miss, Kenmure, Cophill Lane

Lazenby, Mrs., Greyroof, Castle Lane

Leahy, Engineer Rear Admiral James Palmer, CB; OBE; Glenholme, West Hill

Leaver, Mrs, Ridge End, Upper Stoneborough Lane

Ledward, Misses, Cringle Lodge, Lansdowne Rd

Lee, Robert Kelsall, Cliff House, Cliff Terrace

Leventon, Mrs.,Sherwood, Westfield Rd

Linscott. Edwin Thomas, Three Hedges, Greenway Lane

Lipscomb, Misses, Hillcote, Victoria Place

Little, Captain Francis Hamilton, Mussey Slatt, Raleigh Rd.

Little, Mrs, 3 West Terrace

Livesey, Frank, BA, Heatherland, Links Rd

Logan, Brig.-Gen. Francis Douglas, CB; CMG; DSO; The White House, Exmouth Rd

Love, Herbert, MB; BS; Ravensdale, Links Rd

Loveband, Mrs., Tordown, North View Rd

Luke, Mrs.,4 The Lawn

Luson, Mrs.,Seaforth, Victoria Place

McCabe, Mrs., Hollybank, West Hill

McCarthy, C. D'Arcy, Sherbrook, Sherbrook Hill

Macauley, John, Bagatelle, North View Rd.

McDougall, John Henry Gordon, Golden Gorse, Moorlands Rd

MacFarlan, Lt-Col. John Buchanan, DSO; Invermay, Knowle Hill

McGill, Mrs. Elm Cottage, Fore Street

McIntosh, Henry James, Caughley, Upper Stoneborough Lane

McMardie, Mrs, East Cliff, Marine Parade

McRae, Col, H. St. G. M, Kenwardston, Exmouth Rd

Maddock, William Brunderette, Kerries, Exmouth Rd

Mallinson, Albert Edward, Elmcote, Station Rd

Manisty, George Edldon, Nattore, West Hill

Manners-Smith, Frank St. George, Yewdale, Links Rd

Marsden, Fred M.SC; Ph.D; Hebbal, North View Rd

Marten, F. C. Little Home, Coast Guard Rd

Martin, Miss, 5 Marine Parade

Martyn, Brig.-Gen. Arundel, CB; CMG; Hart's Delyte, Castle Lane

Meadows, Arthur Hamilton, Witnesham, Exmouth Rd

Melhuish, Rev. Preb. George Douglas, MA; Halfacre, Capphill Lane

Miles, Misses, Lawn House, West Terrace

Miller, Major, George C. Muirhead, Dunheved, Westbourne Terrace

Mitford, Major, Bertram V, West House, Coast Guard Rd

Monteith, Douglas, Leylands, Westbourne Terrace

Morrison, Miss, Swaythling, Barus Rd

Mulleneux, Captain Hugh Bowring, CBE; RN(ret), Beachcroft

Mullis, Frank, The Gables, Moor Lane

Newbery, Miss, High Croft, Upper Stoneborough Lane

Newman, Mrs, Ravensthorpe, Victoria Place

Nicholls, Frank, Westfield, Westfield Rd

Nightingale, Major-Gen. Manners Ralph Willmot, CB; CMG; CEI; DSO;

Reed Thatch, Stoneborough Hill

Nightingale, Ernest O, The Chase, Boucher Rd

Noble, Ernest William, Heath End, North View Rd

Norrish, Mrs. Firhill, Lansdowne Rd

Nuthall, Major Horace, Cragfell, Upper Stoneborough Lane

Oliver, Lt.-Col. George Lindsay, Vayne, Upper Stoneborough Lane

Osborne, Surg-Capt Richard Sidney RN (ret), The Haven, North View Rd

Owen, Lt-Col Ivon Trevor, Wepre, Knowle Rd

Owen, Miss Violet, Grasslands, Knowle Rd

Owens, Misses, Ottercombe, Coast Guard Rd

Palmer, John William, The Lawn, West Terrace

Parker, George Adamson, Endcliffe, Exmouth Rd

Parkes-Davis, William Griffin, Halse Hill, Halse Hill Lane

Parsons, Rev.Arthur Trevor (Roman Cath.)The Presbytery, Clinton Terrace

Pidock, Paymaster-Commander Frederick C. RN (ret), Otter Holt Granary Lane

Porter, Miss, Good Lea, Granary Lane

Powell, Miss, Dunnock, North View Rd

Price, Mrs.  Edgehill, West Hill

Ragg, Mrs.,The Whins, Lansdowne Rd

Rashley, Miss, Dolphin Cottage, Boucher Rd

Redford, Theodore Reginald, Lulford, Castle Lane

Richardson, Mrs.,Fernie Knowe, Coast Guard Rd

Rigg, Ernest Addison, Lindenwood, West Hill Lane

Riggall, Rev, Henry Allen (Methodist), The Manse, Fore Street

Roberts, Arthur Copleston Gay, Lavenderhayes, Moorland Rd

Roberts, Horace George, Went House, Coast Guard Rd

Roberts, Mrs.,A. A. Highways, Exmouth Rd

Roe, Norman Percival, Stepaside, North View Rd

Rogers, Miss, The White Lodge, Coast Guard Rd

Roome, Alfred Martin, Woodside, Exmouth Rd

Ross, Major Tyre;; C., Moorpark, Upper Stoneborough Lane

Rowlandson, Col. Michael George Dobbie, DSO; JP; Wildflowers, East Budleigh Rd

Ryves, Miss, Mayfield, West Hill Lane

Sanders, Rev. Arthur A., BA; Frays Cottage, East Budleigh Rd

Shuckburgh, Mrs.,Little Orchard, North View Rd

Silwood, Francis William, Southgate, Granary Lane

Simner, Mrs.,5 West Terrace

Simner, Mrs Lewis, Tremichael, Upper West Terrace

Simpson, Mrs., Highfield, Sherbrook Hill

Sinclair, Charles Stanley Blanchard, Langbrae, Moorlands Rd

Skirrow, Major Arthur George DSO, Prospect House, Upper West Terrace.

Slack, Frederick, Journey's End, Fore Street

Slaughter, Mrs. Northdown, Upper Stoneborough Lane

Smith, Captain Noel MA Oxon, Idouna, Swains Rd

Smith, Charles Vincent LSA London, Willoughby, Boucher Rd

Smith, Miss H. Gregory, CBE; RRC; Yondercott. East Budleigh Rd

Smith, Miss Howard, Conygar, Westbourne Terrace

Smith, Mrs. Vincent, Willingham, Boucher Rd

Spence, Miss, Grey Friars, Westfield Rd

Staddon, Thomas Charles, Ascania, West Hill

Stapleton, Mrs, Malaya, Knowle Rd

Stevenson, Edwin John, Gorse Cottage, North View Rd

Stokes, Lt-Col. Thomas George Newbitt, Silhari, Moorland Rd

Sutherland, Miss, Nairn, Copphill Lane

Sutton, Mrs, Heatherlea, Boucher Rd

Swtenham, Edmund Arthur, Alderbrook, Knowle Rd

Sykes, Henry Osborne, Woodthorpe, Barns Rd

Temple, Norman, Sunhurst, Moorland Rd

Thorburn, John M., Cramalt Lodge

Thurstan, Edward William Paget CMG, Lansdowne, Lansdowne Rd

Thurston, Lt-Col Edward Owen MB; BS London, Rydak, Clinton Terrace

Tisdall, Mrs. A. L. Athgaine, Marine Parade

Train, Harry, Royston, East Budleigh Rd

Tringham, Mrs. Sea Edge, Fore Street

Turner, Charles Steward, Kelbuie, Westbourne Terrace

Turner, Godfrey, Avening House, West Terrace

Wainwright, Henry Wilson, Harborough, East Budleigh Rd

Walker, Frederick Septimus, Little Bridge, Knowle Rd

Walker, Miss, Dawn, North View Rd

Walters, A C. Aylston, Westbourne Terrace

Waring, Mrs. L., Bathdown, Exmouth Rd

Warren, George Bodley, Heathgate, Lansdowne Rd

Watson, Miss, Ting Tong

Wayman, Frederick E., Orchard Dene, Upper Stoneborough Lane

Weedon, Rev. Edward St. Clair MA, 9 Clinton Terrace

Wernicke, Mrs, Bridge House, Greenway Lane

White, Miss. Sampson, St. Winifred's, Fountain Hill

Whyte, Horatio Beresford, Elmsleigh, East Terrace

Wilkinson, Mrs.,6 West Terrace

Wilson, Henry Elcock, Elvestone, East Budleigh Rd

Wilson, Miss, The Bays, West Hill

Wilson Summers, Ingleby, Westbourne Terrace

Wright, Edward Campbell, Sharpenhurst, Granary Lane


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