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2. Commercial Residents


Gush and Son in the late 19th century

Gush and Son - founded in 1842

From our photograph collection


In 1839, Marianne Smith, a local dressmaker, married Job Gush and three years later they opened a little draper's shop in Budleigh's Fore Street. They had a daughter and two sons - Eliza, John and Robert, who died when he was 3. In 1848, just as the business was growing, Job died leaving her with 2 surviving children to provide for. Marianne turned out to be an excellent business woman. She brought in her widowed sister as a partner, trained her daughter Eliza as a shop assistant and, as soon as he was old enough, sent her son John off to Exeter to serve an apprenticeship in a major drapery business in that town. John returned, married a local girl and gradually took up the reigns. By the time this photo was taken in the late 1890s, his  mother and aunt had retired and gone to live in London, and he had acquired number 7 Fore Street and combined it with number 8 to form quite large business premises in which he offered the residents of Budleigh Salterton general drapery, soft furnishings, upholstery, undertaking and a house agency in addition to the existing drapery business. His growing workforce were housed in the additional accommodation above the new shop and by the early years of the 20th century, the family were able to sell the business as a going concern to the Tucker family of Exmouth who already had a sizeable store in that town. Although the Tuckers used their own name in very small print in their adverts, they continued for some time to trade in Budleigh under the name made so respected by Marianne and John over the years - Gush and Son.


Archbrook Boarding House, the Misses Lake

Ball, Tom Picture frame maker, art dealer and house decorator, 19 High Street.

Barclays Bank Ltd, Thomas L. Delves, Manager

Beer, Thomas, general ironmonger, 21 Fore Street

Bennett, Alice (Miss) boarding house, Hillcroft, Fore Street

Bennett, George Osbourne, china dealer, 12 High Street

Bennett, Geraldine Mary (Miss), antiques, 14 High Street

Bennett, William Richard, tobacconist, 25a, High Street

Best, Thomas Frederick, chimney sweep, 10 Perriams Place

Bickley and Sons, butchers, 17 High Street

Blackwell, Walter Glynn, MRCVS, veterinary surgeon, 34 High Street

Blueberry Downs Hotel (The Misses Wilson and Sanford) Coast Guard Road

Botting, Henry Ewart, manager Lloyds Bank Ltd, 45 Fore Street

Bowles, John Raymond, gardener, Elm Cottage, Knowle Hill

Boxall, Arthur H, coal merchant, Station Road

British Legion Band (Joseph Marker Hon. Sec)

Bromilow, William MB, CM, physician and surgeon, Kennilworth, Greenway Lane

Bucknell, Robert, haulage contractor, 6 Clinton Terrace

Budleigh Salterton Club, Hon Sec Lt.Col, R. J. Milne, The Parade

Budleigh Salterton Co-op Ltd (F. W. Harris, managing sec.) 32 Fore Street

Budleigh Salterton Games Club,(Tennis and Bowls) Hon, Sec.W. H. Redford.

Budleigh Salterton Gas Co. Ltd, manager G. E. Carpenter, Granary Lane

Budleigh Salterton Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, President Lord Clinton

Budleigh Salterton Public Hall Co. Ltd (W. J. Salter, sec.) Station Road

Budleigh Salterton Rifle Club, Knowle Road

Budleigh Salterton Steam Laundry, proprietress Mrs. E. M. Daniel, East Budleigh Road

Carlton Cinema, Station Road

Carter, Harry, ironmonger, 50 High Street

Carter, Harry, tobacconist, 46 High Street

Church Institute (W. W. Daniel sec.) Station Road

Clapp, Daniel George, hairdresser, 49 High Street

Clark Bros. dairymen, 44 High Street

Clarke, George D. stationer, 37 High Street

Clarke, Jennie (Mrs|) fruiterer, 24 High Street

Connett, Wallace jun., 9 High Street

Coombes, George Thomas, watch repairs, 5 Chapel Street

Copplestone House Preparatory School for Girls, Bedlands Lane

Cottage Hospital, Miss S. P. Hooper, matron

County Steam Laundry, 18 Fore Street

Cowd, S & Sons, grocers, 51 High Street

Cowd, Arthur John, chimney sweeper, 8 Queen Street

Coxe Knightley Holled, solicitors, 2 West Terrace

Creedy and Sons, Boot and Shoe dealers, 33 High Street

Curtis, George 7 Son, fruiterers, 40 High Street

Daniel, William Wentworth, draper, 3 High Street

Daniell & Way, estate agents, 11 High Street

Davie, John Henry, confectioner, 31 Chapel Street

Delves, Thomas L, manager Barclays Bank Ltd, 48 High Street

Denford, John, fishmonger, 39 High Street

Devon & Exeter Savings Bank, Station Road

East Devon Electricity Co. Ltd, showrooms, 53 High Street

East Devon Golf Club, president Lord Clinton, Links Road

Eastmans Ltd, butchers, 56 High Street

Easton, Robert William, butcher, 30 High Street

Elizabeth's ladies hairdresser ( Mrs. H. Godbeer) 38a High Street

Esilman, Alex LDS Edin.,dental surgeon, 2 The Lawn

Evans, Thomas Charles Cann, DSO; MB; BS London, physician

Farr, Reginald, gardener to H. C. Bennett Esq, Lansdowne Road

Feathers Hotel, (W. Pearce, proprietor) 35 High Street.

Fire brigade (John Badgery Holden, Captain), The Fire Station, Station Road

Freeman, Lilian R (Mrs.) ladies' outfitter, 15 Fore Street

Freemason's Lodge, (Harmony 372) (Alex Shand, hon.sec) West Hill

Frisby, Joseph Lts, Boot and Shoe dealers, 1b High Street

Gavin, William Richardson, MA Cantab; MRCS; LRCP, physician, 1 The Lawn

Gigg, Sidney Frank, fruiterer, 19 Fore Street

Gush, William Percy, The Dairy, 34 High Street

Harrison, Percy Samuel, LDS Eng. dental surgeon, 49 High Street

Hart's Bus Service, (prop. Mrs W. A. Hart) 3 Clinton Terrace

Hart, Stanley, jun, insurance agent, Blaymire, Upper Station Road

Hatchard-Smith, J & Son, architects, 30 Fore Street

Hawkes, Ewart Stanley MB; Ch.B Edin. surgeon, Abele Tree House

Heath, Harry Northcott, tobacconist, 35 Fore Street

Herbert, A. jun., dentist, 51 High Street

Hext, William Harris, confectioner, 26 High Street

Hill & Coxe, solicitors, 2 West Terrace

Hill, Frederick George, solicitor, 2 West Terrace

Hitt, Elizabeth J (Mrs.) Dairy, Granary Lane

Hitt, Gertrude S (Miss) corsetièr, 3 Victoria Place

Holden, John Badgery, surveyor and sanitary inspector, 45 High Street

Hooker & Son, fishmongers, 14 High Street

Hookway, Richard J. & Sons, turf commission agents, 39 High Street

Hooper Stores, (Mrs. M. Hooper), grocers, 13 High Street.

Hooper, Vincent, fried fish restaurant, Chapel Street

Horton, L. M. (Miss) photographer, 23 High Street

Hoskins, Jessie (Miss), ARRC nurse, Kelsey, Barns Road

Information Bureau (F. Keslake, sec.) Station Road

Inwood, Arthur David, boot reparier, 41 Fore Street

Jewell, Francis Simeon, insurance agent, 1 Victoria Place

Johns, Alfred William, shopkeeper, 5 Boyne Road

Keslake & Son, coal merchants, 4 High Street

Keslake, Frank Henry, baker, 32 High Street

King William IV Public House (Licensee Leslie F. Stock) 7 High Street

Leaman, Violet M (Miss)ladies' outfitter, 46a High Street

Leamon, Edward cecil, grocer amd Post office, Greenway Lane

lloyds Bank Ltd (Manager Henry Edward Botting) 45 Fore Street

Lockyer, William John, shopkeeper, 2 Jocelyn Road

Madge, William Pomeroy, jobbing gardener, Windais, Mansfield Terrace

Manchester Oddfellows (W. J. Salter, sec,) 45 high Street

Mannell, Charles Joseph, saddler, 39 High Street

Marcelle (Mrs. M. J. Hutchings) ladies'hairdresser, 18 High Street

Marion( Mrs M. Pratt) ladies' hairdresser, 18 High Street

Marks Cafe Ltd, confectioners, 43 High Street

Marks, Frank, dairyman, 34 Fore Street

Martin and Staddon, motor garage, 10 High Street

Masonic Hall, West Hill

Mears, Harry, fisherman, Perriam Place

Mears, Herbert Charles, ironmonger, 31 High Street

Mears, Walter Thomas, fisherman, 13 Queen Street

Mendham, Ferdinand George, grocer, 1 & 2 Fore Street

Midland bank Ltd (Clarence J. Syvret, manager) 41 High Street

Milne Robert, chemist, 1 High Street

Montpellier Hotel (props Mrs E, Lyall & Miss A., Clark) Victoria Place

National Provincial Bank Ltd (Leonard Wm. Weaver, manager) 60 High Street

Nicholls and Nicholls, solicitors, 30 Fore Street

Olive(Mrs O. M. Strickland) gown specialists, 30 Fore Street

Otterbourne Private Hotel (E. Leslie Bacon, prop.) Coast Guard Road

Park House Guest House (Misses Jones and Tate), Knowle Road

Palmer, Evelyn (Mrs) MCChA; chiropodist, 2 Cliff Terrace

Palmer. John, Eilliam, electrical contractor, Station Road

Palmer. John William, House & Estate Agent, 47 High Street

Parker, Thomas Frankes, baker, Fore Street

Pearcey, Leonard Henry, builder, 6 Fore Street

Perriam Stores, (Mrs M.Perriam, Prop) 47 Fore Street

Peteresen, Niels Hansen, jeweller, 22 High Street

Pike, Stanley Oswald, MNICh; chiropodist, The Nook, Fore Street

Pilke, Hilda and Dorothy (Misses), greengrocers, 28 High Street

Police Station (Sgt. Edward John Barnicott i/c) Fore Street

Pope, S A and P E, booksellers and stationers, 55 High Street

Powlesland, Harry, builder, Stoneborough Lane

Pratt, Robert & Son, tailors, 18 High Street

Pratt, Harry, painter, Sonning, Redhills

Preddice, Walter, haulage contractor, 11 Clinton Terrace

Prescott, Walter Hatherley, draper, 17 Fore Street

Prior, S M & Son, soft furnishers, 14 Fore Street

Radcliffe, Winifred Constance, Dog food and dog breeder, 15a High Street

Ringmer Drapery Store (Edith Dorothy Campbell) Greenway Lane

Rogers, Harry, fisherman, 13 Perriam Lane, Chapel Street

Rolle Hotel (Prop.E Hartley Smith) Fore Street

Rosemullion Hotel, Cliff Road

Sage, Courtney William, farmer, Kersbrook, East Budleigh Road

St John Ambulance Ass.  (F. G. Hill Sec.) 2 West Terrace

Salter, William James, Tax Collector, Council offices, 45 High Street

Salterton Arms Public House (John Charles Williams) Chapel Street

Sanders, Ernest George, upholsterer, 3 Chapel Street

Sanders, Frank, decorator, 11a High Street

Sedgemore, Thomas, plumber, 3 Poplar Row

Selick, A & Son, chemists and druggists, 58 High Street

Sheppard & Blackburne, Central Garage, High Street

Smith, Evans & Gavin, physicians & surgeons, 1 The Lawn

Smith, Cecil Arthur, boot repairs, 18 Fore Street

Smith, St Aubyn (Mrs) SRN, nurse, St. Aubyn, Station Road

Southlands Hotel (P. Pike, prop.) Marine Parade

Southon, S J G & Co, accountants, 17a High Street

Stapleton, Harold, wireless dealer, 43 Fore Street

Steiner, Walter A, BDS London, Dental surgeon, 2 The Lawn

Stickley, Frederick, pro and club maker, East Devon Golf Club, Links Road

Symes, John and King Robinson (Arthur), solicitors, Station Road

Syvret, Clarence John, manager Midland Bank Ltd, High Street

Trayhurn, William, chimney sweep, 11 Victoria Place

Trickey, Celia Elizabeth (Miss), dressmaker, 21 Fore Street

Troulans, opticians, 23 High Street

Vale View Hotel (John Creak Davis) East Budliegh Road

Warren, K R, E M and E G, (Misses) Stationers, High Street

Watts, Frank, carrier, Leas Road

Weaver, Leonard William, manager, National provincial Bank Ltd, 60 High Street

Webber, Arthur Herbert & Son, butchers, 5 High Street

Webber, Leonard, butcher, Greenway Lane

White, F J & Sons, nurserymen, West Hill

Williams, Frank Leon, tailor, 4 Clinton Terrace

Wilson's Stores Ltd, grocers, 57 High Street

Wormald, Lonsdale, Boarding House, Mountway, Leas Road


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