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Fossend Bridge on the Great Western Canal at Burlescombe

Fossend Bridge on the Grand Western Canal, Burlescombe

©Richard J. Brine


Burlescombe is a parish and village on the Great Western Railway main line, nine miles from Tiverton and five from Wellington. It is in the Tiverton Division of Devon and Wellington Union and County Court District.


The Church is dedicated to St Mary. The Vicarage has a yearly value of £330 with glebe and residence in the gift of W. A. Sanford Esq.  and held since 1866 by Rev. T. C. Tanner. There is a Chapel of ease at Ayshford and a Nonconformist Chapel at Westleigh.


Markets (with cattle sales) held on the last Monday in each month. Acreage 3,584; rateable value £8,312;  population 719. Appledore 1½ miles south; Ayshford, 3 miles south west; Westleigh 1 mile west (important quarry works here connected with the railway by a tramway and with Tiverton by a canal).


CHURCHWARDENS:  Mr. Walter Hewett and Mr. Andrew Badcock.

POOR LAW GUARDIANS:  Messrs James Rockett and John Gush

OVERSEERS: Messrs J. Thorne and Thomas Haydon

SURVEYORS OF PARISH HIGHWAYS: Messrs E. Lucas and William White



Badcock, Mrs. S, farmer, Pound Farm

Braddick, William Robert, farmer, Redball

Bowerman, T, dairyman, Houndaller

Bray, Samuel, farmer, Eastbrook

Burston, T, carpenter &c, Westleigh

Burt, Ed, Horse & Jockey, Westleigh

Butt, John, Tulips, Appledore

Coles, William, carpenter, Post Office

Cox, Samuel, miller, Pugham

Davis, Miss J. J.,Eastbrook

Egelstaff, E. H.,oil and coal merchant, Westleigh

Frost, John, farmer, Bedbrook

Frost, William, builder, Bedbrook

German, William, schoolmaster, assistant overseer and assessor

Gollop, Thomas, dairyman, Oak

Gooding, Charles, dairyman, Holbrook

Grant, Thomas, general dealer, Post Office, Westleigh

Gush, John, farmer, Rocknell

Haydon, Thomas, farmer, Sowden

Hewett, Walter, farmer, Town Farm

Hitchcock, S, cordwainer, Appledore

Holcombe, Henry, carpenter &c, Waterloo Inn

Jones, Richard, carpenter, Waterloo

Lucas, Ed, farmer, Houndaller

Lee, Edward, farmer, Paradise, Lyner Moor

Morgan, Robert, stationmaster, Park Bridge

Paul, John, dairyman, Ayshford

Podbery, John, farmer, Pugham

Podbery, Frederick, dairyman, Crosses

Rockett, James, farmer, Ayshford

Russell, Mrs. H., Farmer's Hotel

Scherzinger, Franz, watchmaker & newsagent, Westleigh

Scott, William, farmer, Westleigh

Seaman, Mrs., M., farmer, Town Dairy

Smith, George, dairyman, Canonsleigh

Snow, Francis, farmer, Ebear, Westleigh

Sprague, Thomas, farmer, Westleigh

Talbott, Stanley Hugh, baker & corn dealer, Westleigh

Talbott, Benjamin, provision dealer, Royal Oak

Tanner, Mr. William John, Ayshford

Tanner, Rev. Thomas C., The Vicarage

Taylor, Mrs.,Jane, Ayshford Arms

Taylor, Mrs.,F. farmer, Park Bridge

Thorne, James, farmer, Appledore

Tolley, William, carpenter, Moorhayes, Lyner Moor

Toose, John, Smith, The Lamb

Tristram, John, farmer, Houndaller

Vickery, Robert, smith, Westleigh

Vickery, S.,carrier &c, Westleigh

Vickery, Thomas, farmer, Fosshayne

Vickery, Thomas, smith, Trumps

Vickery, Thomas, jun., machinist, Westleigh

Warren, John, chairmaker, Nomansland

Webber, James, Higher Elms

White, Charles, farmer, Westcott

White, William, farmer, Higher Eastbrook

Yates, James, Manager of quarries &c, Canonsleigh House

Young, John, carpenter, Trumps


Agland, Francis, quarryman, Canonsleigh

Agland, H, labourer, Fenacre

Agland, William, quarryman, Westleigh

Alford, William, labourer, Lyner Moor

Andrews, Mrs. S., seamstress, Westleigh

Authers, John, labourer, Lyner Moor

Bailey, James, carpenter, Westleigh

Baker, George, labourer, Sowden

Bass, John, carpenter, Lyner Moor

Berry, W. T. shepherd, Fenacre

Bidgood, William, liveried servant, Spirrings

Biss, Robert, thatcher, Maiden Down

Bradbeer, Fred, labourer, Lyner Moor

Bradley, William, stonecutter, Westleigh

Brewer, john, platelayer, Park Bridge

Candy, G. quarryman, Westleigh

Chambers, William, labourer, Appledore

Chard, John, quarryman, Heale, Westleigh

Clapp, Henry, labourer, Shrubbery

Cockram, James, labourer, Westcott

Condick, J, quarryman, Westleigh

Condick, John, labourer, Westleigh

Coppin, H, quarryman, Westleigh

Cork, H. J., quarryman, Westleigh

Cottrell, James, quarryman, Westleigh

Dart, John, labourer, Ayshford

Date, William, labourer, Lower Eastbrook

Denner, William, platelayer, Lyner Moor

Dibble, James, quarryman, Lamb

Dibble, John, quarryman, Westleigh

Dibble, T., quarryman, Westleigh

Dinham, John, labourer, South Down

Dunn, John, labourer, Sowden

Fear, H. G., signalman, Spirrings

Fouracre, Aaron, quarryman, Westleigh

Fouracre, Mrs. E., charwoman, Canal Bridge

Godd, James, labourer, Nomansland

Goffin, Thomas, butcher, Westleigh

Gollop, James, labourer

Gollop, William, labourer, Maiden Down

Granger, M., labourer, Appledore

Granger, O., quarryman, Westleigh

Grant, Thomas, quarryman, Westleigh

Harper, C., quarryman, Westleigh

Harper, James, quarryman, Westleigh

Harper, John, quarryman, Westleigh

Harper, M., quarryman Westleigh

Harper, S., quarryman, Westleigh

Hatswell, S., labourer, Appledore

Hawkins, S., labourer, Fenacre

Haywood, Thomas, labourer, Ayshford

Hellyer, Nicholas, labourer, Little Jersey

Hembhra, William, labourer, Meers Cottage

Holley, Henry, quarryman, Westleigh

Holley, David, quarryman, Westleigh

Holley, James, quarryman, Westleigh

Holley, John, quarryman, Westleigh

Holley, Noah, labourer, Appledore

Holley, Philip, quarryman, Westleigh

Holley, Mrs. Susan, laundress, Hill Cottage

Holway, Joseph, keeper, Maidenhead

Holway, William, pensioner, Maidenhead

Homer, J, canal keeper, Ebear Bridge

Hooper, Thomas, quarryman, Westleigh

Lendon, James, labourer, Lower Elms

Lovell, James, labourer, Lyner Moor

Marshall, Mrs. H., charwoman, Westleigh

Middleton, George, labourer, Appledore

Morrell, William, labourer, Pound

Morrish, Robert, platelayer, Park Buildings

Newberry, William, labourer, Crosses

Pillar, John, labourer, Ayshford

Plummer, William, signalman, Pugham Crossing

Podbury, Mrs. Margaret, poulterer, Lyner Moor

Ponsford, Richard, labourer, Lyner Moor

Pring, John, quarryman, Ayshford

Radford, Robert, gardener, Ayshford

Ridgeway, John, labourer, Westleigh

Sampson, Bryan, police constable, 2 Park Cottages

Scott, Alfred, labourer, Westleigh

Scott, H. J., quarryman, Canal Bridge

Sparkes, John, labourer, Westleigh

Sprague, Thomas, labourer, Gadds

Staddon, William, labourer, Lamb

Tame, Charles, mason, Spirrings

Tamlyn, William, labourer, Westleigh

Toose, Miss, Lamb

Troake, Henry, dairyman, Ebear

Troake, Henry, dairyman, Ayshford

Trebble, Job, shepherd, 1 Park Cottages

Trevelyn, J, quarryman, Westleigh

Trevelyn, John, quarryman, Westleigh

Trevelyn, R, quarryman, Westleigh

Vickery, Ann, seamstress, Westleigh

Webber, F., quarryman, Westleigh

Webber, J., engine driver, Fosshayne

Webber Mrs. B, charwoman, Hill Cottage

Western, Robert, foreman porter, Ebear Cottage, Westleigh

Wright, William, labourer, Westleigh

Wright, William, labourer, Spirrings

Yandell, Sydney, railway porter, Spirrings

Yandle, John, labourer, Velhay

Yates, Percy, clerk, Canonsleigh

Young, John, labourer, Westleigh



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