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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials


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Babbage, Lawrence Henry, East Street

Bleathman, Rev. William John (Methodist) Locarno, South Molton Rd.

Bush, William Henry JP, Rocklands

Cazalet, Lt.Commdr. Lionel Austin JP; RN (ret) Cheldon House

Exley-Wood, Arthur, Strelna

Fryer, Miss, Strelna

Hannaford, Miss, The HIll

Jennings, H. G, Sylvania

Lethbridge, John Edward B, MFH; Colleton Cottage

Martin, Mrs. Colleton Manor

Moore, Miss A.M. Cotleigh

Murray, Rev. Maurice William, hon. CF (rector and surrogate), The Rectory

Partridge, Edwin J, Hill View

Sanders, Miss, Dunn's House, East Street

Southcombe, Charles, Windyridge

Symonds, James, Park Villa

Thurston, Avalene Owens, MFH; Leigh House

Tripe John, Elstone House

Wingfield, John Martin, Field House


Ayre, Clarence Ray, farmer, Hillhead

Ayre, Frederick, farmer, Beara

Babbage, L & Son ,millers etc, East Street

Barnstaple Inn (Clement, W. H. Hiller) South Molton Street

Bassett, W & M . J, ladies' outfitters, Fore Street

Bassett's Stores, grocers, Fore Street

Beer, Harry, farmer, Parsonage

Bird James, farmer, Bonds

Boundy, Sidney James, farmer, Dartridge

British Legion (Charles Rowe, sec & treas.) Town Hall

Bush and Wingfield, physicians and surgeons

Bush, William Henry, LMSSA Lond. JP surgeon, Rocklands

Butt, Stanley, gamekeeper to Maj. Fanshawe, South Molton Street

Carter, Robert George, farmer, North Parks

Chulmleigh Cricket Club (A. H. Abraham, sec.) South Molton Street

Chulmleigh Lit. & Scientific Inst. (Carles Rowe, hon. sec and treas.) The Square

Chulmleigh Fire Brigade (Arthur J. Paddon Capt.) Engine House, New Street

Clarke, George, farmer, West Molland

Cockram, Reginald Arthur, confectioner etc, Fore Street

Cole, J & Sons, coal merchant etc, Fore Street

Comyn, Gordon, dentist (attends Thursdays) South Molton Street

Courtenay, William Edward, Clerk to the Council, East Street

Crocombe, Reginald John, farmer, Hole

Crosse, Wyatt, Vellacott and Willey, solicitors (attend Fridays) Fore Street

Cullis, Samuel, baker, Fore Street

Cumes, Alfred, gardener to Miss Moore, Elstone Cottage

Down, William John and William jnr., farmers, Ford Farm

Down, William Thomas, farmer, Spittle

Drew, Frederick, boot maker, Little Church Street

Ellicott, Albert Samuel, Elstone

Elliott, Joseph, wireless dealer, Fore Street

Ellis, James, blacksmith, Leigh Rd

Ford, J & Sons, builders, Leigh Rd

Ford, S & W. M, grocers, Fore Street

Ford, Alfred, smallholder, Glenville

Ford, Clifton, farmer, Huntacott

Ford, Jesse, stonemason, Leigh Rd

Fortesque Arms Hotel (Lewis J. Powell, prop) South Molton Rd

Gay, Levi & Sons, farmers, Colleton Mill

Globe Puiblic House (Frank Rounsley) The Square

Govier, Edward Thomas, farmer, Cadbury Barton

Govier, William Arthur Cooke, farmer, Newham Barton

Hannaford, Ward & Southcombe, auctioneers, New Street

Hannaford, Reginald, carrier, Fore Street

Harris, Walter, Sylvanus, farmer, Westholme

Harrison, Amy McNair, farmer, The Lodge

Headon, Frank William, farmer, Stone Moor

Heaman, Aubrey John, farmer, Little Cutland

Hedden, Ernest jnr., farmer, Kempland

Hill, Samuel Frederick, builder and contractor, East Street

Hurford, Benjamin, farmer, Wixon

Huxtable, Frederick Harold, thatcher, Rockade, East Street

Isaac, Ada Parkin, farmer, Leigh Cottage

Joce, William Cary, farmer, Bycott

Jury, John, coal dealer, East Street

Jury, Ronald, florist, Leigh Rd.

Kerslake, Mary (Mrs.) & Spn, farmers, Benley

Kingdon, Albert, farmer, Pynamead

King's Arms (Mrs. Caroline Brady) Fore Street

Lake, Edwin John, hairdresser, South Molton Street

Lake, Mark Ronald, butcher, South Molton Street

Lake, William, Little Beara

Letheren, Grederick George jnr, machinist, New Street

Littlejohns, J & C, motor engineers and garage etc., South Molton Street

Lloyds Bank Ltd, Fore Street

Lucas, William C, farmer, Lakehead

Mair George, heating engineer, South Molton Street

Mair, John, outfitter, Fore Street

Mair John Holcombe, electrical engineer, New Street

Mair, William, house furnisher, newsagent etc. Fore Street

Market Hall (John Samuel Warren, lessee)

Maynard, Albert Noel, tailor, South Molton Street

Maynard, James, sexton and farmer, Beacon Cottage

Mayne, James, Plumber, South Molton Street

Millman, John, farmer, Leigh Cross

Mills, John, farmer, South Week Farm

Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange (Sydney Harman Agent) South Molton Street

Mock, Herbert Henry, farmer, Lower Sheepsbyre

Mortimer, George, butcher, New Street

National Provincial Bank (A. S. Marsh, manager) Fore Street

Nethercott, Frederick William, baker, South Molton Street

Newton, Hyla, wheelwright, South Molton Street

Paddon, M & Son, plumber

Parish & Son, tailors, outfitters and stationers, South Molton Street

Parson, William & Son, marble and stone masons

Parsons, John, stonemason, 2 Leigh Villas

Partridge, Edwin J, Clerk to Trustees etc, Hill View

Partridge, George, farmer, East Molland

Penney, Arthur H. Chemist, Fore Street

Pennington, Percy, poulterer, Fore Street

Pennington, Thomas, farmer, Beech Leigh

Pickard, John, farmer, Stone Barton

Pincombe, Henry, farmer, Higher Sheepsbyre

Player, Richard John, farmer, Little Bycott

Rational Ass. Friendly Soc. (F. E. Lovell local sec.) South Molton Street

Red Lion Hotel (Hector Ashweek), East Street

Reddie, Commdr. Samuel George RNR, wine and spirit merchant, Fore Street

Reed, A. John, motor engineer, Leigh Road

Reed, William James, grocer, Fore Street

Rice, Emily F (Mrs.) farmer, Challacombe

Rice, William George, farmer, West Week

Richards, Frank, farmer, Farriers

Ridd, William Jnr., farmer, Bunson

Routcliffe, Kaye (Miss) milliner, Bank House, Fore Street

Routcliffe, William Henry, baker, East Street

Rowcliffe, Archibald George, farmer, Bealey Court

Rowe, Clement Alfred, farmer, Cheldon Cross

Sanders J. Furse & Frith, solicitors, Fore Street

Sanders John & Sons, corn merchant and electricity works, East Street

Seldon, Joseph, farmer, Sydham

Shapland, Christopher, farmer, Thurle

Short, Walter, farmer,Holland

Simmons, Edward James, carpenter, South Molton Street

Slade, Albert, farmer, Colleton Mill

Slade, George, farmer, Colleton Barton

Smith, Edward, farmer, Dobbs Moor

South Molton Rural District Council, Fore Street

Steer,William Charles, farmer, West Garland

Stevens, James, farmer, Brookland

Stocker, A. J & Son, ironmongers, Fore Street

Tanton, James, farmer, Leytown

Trawin, Frederick James, watch maker, Fore Street

Tucker, Charles Henry, farmer, Waterloo

Tucker, John, farmer, Molland Cross

Turner, Albert & Co, haulage contractors, taxis etc. Bowling Green Garage

Wadge A. S & M. E grocers, South Molton Street

Webber, Richard, saddler, Fore Street

Western, Charlie Edmund, boot maker, New Street

Willey, Charles N. B. solicitor

Williams, Frederick John, farmer, East Garland

Williams, John, china dealer, South Molton Street

Wingfield, John Martin,MRCS.Eng;LRCP London, physician and surgeon, Field House

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