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The White Hart, Cullompton

The White Hart, Cullompton

©Richard J. Brine

Cullompton (or Collumpton) is a market town and parish on the Great Western main line between Bristol and Exeter; 5½ miles from Tiverton, 12 from Exeter. in the Tiverton division of Devonshire, Tiverton Union and County Court District. the church is dedicated to St. Andrew. The Vicarage has an annual value of £418 with residence and glebe, in the gift of Mr. F. Sellwood and held since 1893 by the Rev. George Forrester, BA; curate Rev. H. R. Krüger. There are also places of worship for the Baptists, Wesleyans, Unitarians and brethren. Petty Sessions are held here each alternate Monday. There are two tanneries, with paper and flour mills. Monthly cattle markets, the first Wednesday in each month. Fairs are  held on the first Wednesday in May and November. the acreage is 7,928; rateable value £22,233; population 3,179.


Hamlets: Langford, 3 miles south-east, is the property of Corpus Christi College, Oxford: Mutterton, 2 miles south-east: Ponsford, 1½ miles north-west.

Magistrates for Cullompton Petty Sessional Division - see the Tiverton Miscellaneous Directory.

Third Volunteer Brigade of the Devonshire Regiment - "A" Company, Cullompton.

Churchwardens: Messrs F. Sellwood and J.H. Lloyd.

Poor Law Guardians: Messrs Thomas Mitchell, Charles John Upcott and Frederick Manfield.

Overseers: Messrs J. Pidgeon, J. Manfield, E. Langworthy and P. Walters.

Assistant Overseer: Mr. J. Reynolds



Aldridge, Harriet, millhand, Higher Street

Aldridge, John, labourer, Higher Mill Lane

Allen, E, charwoman, New Street

Allen, John, labourer, Pound Square

Arberry, Robert, labourer, Backland

Ayres, James, labourer, High Street

Baker, T, wheelwright, Higher Street

Baker, Thomas, mill hand, Exeter Road

Baker, Charles, labourer, Growen

Baker, Charles, carpenter, Higher Street

Baker, William, labourer, London Inn Court

Baker, William, labourer, Lower Street

Bale, J, mail messenger, Cockpitt Hill

Bass, George, labourer, London Inn Court

Bass, James, miller, Middle Mill Lane

Bastin, John, labourer

Batston, - , labourer, Wood Mill

Batstone, N, labourer, Pound Square

Batten, T, platelayer, Colebrook Lane

Batten, William, labourer, Exeter Road

Bazeley, Charles, pensioner, High Street

Bazeley, Henry, mason, The Green

Beacon, George, labourer, Duck Street

Bearne, William, labourer, Church Street

Bell, Henry, labourer, Week

Bending, James, labourer, Church Street

Bennett, Giles, labourer, New Cut

Bennet, Samuel, labourer, Rood's Court

Blacjmore, Philip, sweep, Reed's Court

Blackmore, Mrs., Langford Green

Board, Edward, labourer, Langford

Bowles, Mrs. E, charwoman, Jarman's Court

Bradbeer, Francis, Labourer, Westcott

Bragg, W, GWR carter, Higher Street

Bray, Thomas, labourer, Langford

Brooklyn, John, labourer, Langford

Brooklyn, Richard, labourer, Duck Street

Brooks, Charles, mason, Station Street

Brooks, F, shoemaker, New Street

Brooks, George, labourer, Crow Green

Brooks, Albert, labourer, Exeter Road

Brooks, Jane, sempstress, Victoria Terrace

Brooks, Joseph, labourer, Exeter Road

Brooks, Philip, labourer, Exeter Road

Brooks, Thomas, mechanic, New Street

Brooks, Thomas, dairyman, Exeter Road

Brooks, William, labourer, Duck Street

Broom, John, labourer, Rowe's Court

Broom, John, labourer, East Butterleigh

Broom, Charles, labourer, New Street

Broom, Frank, mason, New Street

Broom, James, labourer, East Butterleigh

Broom, William, labourer, Birchenoak

Broom, William, labourer, New Street

Broom, Mrs., sempstress, Fore Street

Budd, H. C, cabinet maker, High Street

Budd, Mrs. S, shopkeeper, Station Street

Budd, J S, carpenter, High Street

Burgess, William, labourer, New Street

Burrow, P, labourer, Higher Street

Burrows, John, labourer, Higher Street

Burrows, James, labourer, Higher Street

Burrows, James, labourer, Lower Street

Bunny, Dan, labourer, Rowe's Court

Butt, Elizabeth, charwoman, Reed's Court

Caine, George, labourer, Station Road

Canniford, John, gardener, High Street

Chard, James, labourer, Crow Green

Chard, John, labourer, Higher Mill Lane

Chard, Elizabeth, charwoman, Higher Mill Lane

Chard, Robert, labourer, Rull Cottage

Chick, Alfred, mechanic, Higher Mill Lane

Chilcott, Thomas, Waterloo Cottage

Clarke, C, charwoman, Rowe's Cottage

Clarke, Susan, charwoman, New Street

Clarke, George, labourer, New Street

Clarke, Henry, labourer, Victoria terrace

Cleal, F, groom, Tiverton Lane

Colman, Henry, labourer, North Growen

Conybeer, Samuel, labourer, Little Toms

Cook, John, papermaker, Matthews Court

Cook, J, labourer, St. George's Well

Coombe, James, labourer, Padbrook Hill

Coombes, Thomas, labourer, Langford

Copp, Henry, labourer, Pound Square

Copp, William, labourer, Crow Bridge

Copp, Thomas, labourer, Langford

Copp, William J. labourer, Coombeland

Crispin, William, labourer, Bolcaller

Cross, Henry, labourer, Langford

Cross, Thomas, labourer, Growen

Cross, William, labourer, Higher Street

Curwood, Abel, labourer, Stoneyford

Daniels, George, labourer, Exeter road

Davey, Freeman, cabdriver, Church Street

Davey, Charles, labourer, Jarman's Court

Davey, G, labourer, Woodcock's Well

Davey, William, labourer, Duck Street

Davey, Ellen, charwoman, Matthew's Court

Denner, Edward, blacksmith, Tiverton Lane

Denner, Henry, labourer, Exeter Road

Denner, John, labourer, Crow Green

Denner, William, labourer, Exeter Road

Denner, William jnr, labourer, Exeter Road

Discombe, Henry, labourer, Church Street

Discombe, James, labourer, Higher Street

Doble, William, labourer, Langford

Drew, Eli, shoemaker, Higher Street

Drewe, Levi, cabinet maker, Clampitts

Drewe, William, tailor, Crow Green

Drew, Mrs., nurse, Crow Green

Duckham, John, labourer, Knowle

Dummett, Alfred, labourer, Exeter Road

Dummett, William, sawyer, Crow Bridge

Dummett, W, jnr.,labourer, Crow Bridge

Dunn, Thomas, labourer, Mill Lane

Dunn, James. blacksmith, Exeter Hill

Dyer, Eli, mason, London Inn Court

Dyer, Frank, mason, Station Street

Dyer, James, mason, Church Street

Dyer, Thomas, mason, Higher Street

Dyer, Mrs. E, sempstress, The Green

East, Aaron, labourer, Langford

Edwards, Frank, labourer, Whiteheathfield

Edwards, Robert, labourer, Whiteheathfield

Edwards, William, labourer, Station Street

Elford, William, umbrella maker, Exeter Rd

Ellicott, Mrs. A., aundress, Station Street

Farley, William, labourer, Growen

Field, Charles, letter carrier, Duck Street

Flay, James, labourer, Duck Street

Ford, Richard, painter New Street

Ford, William, labourer, Langford

Forse, Edwin, labourer, Hayman's House

Forse, Ephraim, labourer, Exeter Rd.

Forse, George, labourer, Colebrook Lane

Forse, Mrs., charwoman, Exeter Rd

Forse, Robert, painter, Clampitts

Fouracre, Thomas, labourer, Growen

French, James, labourer, Crowbridge

Fry, David, painter, Victoria Terrace

Gale, Maria, nurse, Matthew's Cottage

Galpin, Henry, mechanic, Way's Lane

Galpin, Spencer, cabinet maker, Pound Square

Galpin, William, labourer, New Street

Galpin, William, jun.,labourer, New Street

Gardner,Thomas, ropemaker, Higher Street

Gardner, J, mechanic, Belle Vue Terrace

Gatheridge, William, labourer, Crow Bridge

Gibbs,? , labourer, London Inn Court

Gillard, William, mechanic, Exeter Rd

Gillard, Thomas, labourer, Exeter Rd,

Glass, Frances, Paisley's Court

Godfrey, William, labourer, Hayne

Gosland, Mrs., charwoman, Reed's Court

Goss, John, baker, New Cut

Gray, Frederick, paper maker, Belle Vue Ter,

Gray, Israel, wire worker, Exeter Rd.

Greenslade, James, labourer, Tiverton Lane

Gribble, John, labourer, Langford

Gunn, Robert B. smith, High Street

Gunn, William, carpenter, Higher Street

Gunn, Mrs. E., laundress, High Street

Hake, Henry, labourer, Higher Street

Hales, George, labourer, Tiverton Lane

Hancock, Joseph, labourer, Growen

Harding, g, cabinet maker, Victoria terrace

Harding, John, labourer, Crow Green

Harris, James, tinman, Pound Square

Harris, G, labourer, Rowe's Court

Harris, Henry, letter carrier, Exeter Hill

Harris, Henry, painter, New Street

Hawkins, Frederick, bootmaker, Crow Green

Hawkins, Thomas, labourer, New Street

Hawkins, Mrs. M, millhand, New Street

Hellier, Henry, foreman, High Street

Hellier, William, carpenter, New Cut

Hill, Sarah, New Street

Hodge, John, labourer, New Street

Hodge, James, Labourer, Reed's Court

Holcombe, Robert, labourer, Crow Green

Hook, J, gardener, Exeter Rd.

Hookway, Mrs. E, nurse, New Street

Hooper, James, labourer, Padbrook Hill

Horne, William, gardener, Hillersdon

Howe, Matthew, labourer, Crow Bridge

Huggins, Mrs. E, laundress, Mill Lane

Huggins, John, drover, Back Lane

Ingersent, Frank, labourer, Pound Square

Ingersent, F jnr.,mechanic, Duck Street

Ingersent, Isaac, labourer, Station St.

Ingersent, Isaac jnr.,labourer, Crow Green

Ingersent, John, labourer, New Street

Ingersent, William, labourer, Back Lane

James, John, platelayer, Exeter Rd.

James, George, labourer, the College

James, John, platelayer, Exeter Road

James. John. labourer, Exeter Road

James, John, mechanic, Tiverton Lane

James, William, mechanic, New Street

Jeffery, Henry, thatcher, Station Road

Jenkins, Silas, labourer, Jarman's Court

Justham, Albert, tailor, Church Street

Keen, Abraham, labourer, Exeter Road

Keen, Alf, mechanic, Exeter Road

Keen, William, mason, New Street

Kerslake, A, letter-carrier, New Street

King. Mrs. Jane, sempstress, New Street

Kingdon, J, platelayer, New Street

Labdon, Mrs. M, Rowe's Court

Lambert, John, labourer, George's Well

Lane, Charles, labourer, Trump's Barn

Lane, Henry, labourer, Exeter Road

Lane, James. labourer, New Street

Langsford, Frank, carpenter, Pound Square

Lennard, Richard, labourer, New Street

Ley, William, labourer, Middle Mill Lane

Ley, William, jnr., labourer, Exeter Road

Leyman, Isaac, labourer, New Street

Leyman, Thomas, labourer, Crow Green

Lowman, John, labourer, Colebrook Lane

Manley, John, mason, New Street

Manley, William, sweep, Church Street

Marks, Alfred, labourer, Higher Street

Martin, John, labourer, Higher Street

Martin, John, labourer, Tye Cottage

Martin, Philip, labourer, Langford

Martin, Thomas, labourer, Langford

Membrey, William, labourer, Crow green

Merson, John, labourer, Heath Allers

Middleton, Ben, cooper, New Street

Milford, Sidney, thatcher, The College

Millford, James, letter carrier, New Cut

Mills, Mary, millhand (paper mill), New Street

Milton, Luke, labourer, Higher Street

Mitchell, Edward, labourer, Exeter Road

Mitchell, John, tailor, New Street

Moore, Mrs. E., charwoman, Exeter Road

Morman, Thomas, miller, Rowe's Court

Morrish, Thomas, labourer, Pound Square

Murphy, Charlotte, charwoman, New Street

Needs, Mrs. S., charwoamn, Exeter Road

Nex, James, letter carrier, Fore Street

Nex, John, labourer, Crow Green

Nex, John jnr., labourer, New Street

Nex, Thomas, bootmaker, Higher Street

Nex, William, labourer, New Street

Osment, Thomas, gardener, Higher Street

Osmond, James, labourer, Moorhayes

Osmond, William, labourer, Hayne

Osmond, Jane, charwoman, Langford

Owens, Richard, labourer, Hayne

Owens, Robert, labourer, Clampitts

Owens, William, labourer, Crow Green

Parker, John, labourer, Coombe

Paddon, William, labourer, Moorhayes

Palfrey, John, labourer, Coombe

Palfrey, Mrs. ,sempstress, Duck Street

Palk, John, labourer, New Street

Palmer, William, labourer, Cockpit Hill

Palmer, John, labourer, Tiverton Lane

Parsons, Richard, labourer, London Inn Court

Parsons, William, labourer, New Street

Pearse, Miss, dressmaker, High Street

Pearse, Mrs Elizabeth, Station Road

Pearcey, Richard, mason, Cockpit Hill

Pearcey, William, mason, New Street

Perkins, M, dressmaker, Cockpit Hill

Perry, G, labourer, Exeter Road

Perry, Mrs. C, millhand (paper mill), Duck Street

Pine, Albert, porter, GWR, Station Street

Pook, Henry, signalman, Station Street

Potter, John, labourer, Pound Square

Potter, William, Knowle

Prigg, Frank, labourer, Exeter Road

Prigg, Richard, labourer, Exeter Road

Prigg, Richard, jnr., labourer, New Street

Pring, James, shoemaker, Station Road

Pring, John, labourer, New Street

Pring, Thomas, labourer, Station Street

Pring, William, mechanic, Crow Green

Pring, William, insurance agent, Exeter Hill

Guick, Charles, porter, Shortlands Cottage

Quick, Lydia, sempstress, High Street

Radford, Albert, labourer, Church Street

Radford, Henry, labourer, New Street

Read, William, carpenter, New Street

Reynolds, Henry J. letter carrier, Paisley's Court

Reynolds, William J. labourer, New Street

Rowe, Henry, labourer, Exeter Road

Rowe, Samuel, miller, Stonyford

Rowland, William gardener, Vicarage Cottage

Rugg, Frank S. labourer, Crow Green

Rutley, Aaron, mechanic, Station Street

Rutley, Ben, labourer, Exeter Road

Rutley, Robert, letter carrier, Read's Court

Salter, Albert, labourer, Weaver's Cottage

Salter, James, labourer, Old Bridge

Salter, John, labourer, Church Street

Salway, Charles, cabinet maker, New Street

Salway, John, cabinet maker, Church Street

Sampson, James, labourer, Exeter Road

Sanders, Mark, labourer, Colebrook Lane

Sanders, Emanuel, labourer, Moorhayes

Sanders, Sophia, charwoman, Colebrook Lane

Savery, Walter, signalman, Sumpters

Sellick, Ann, sempstress, Tiverton Road

Sellick, William, labourer. New Street

Shepherd, Walter, basket maker,Belle Vue Terrace

Shore, Richard, labourer, Station Road

Smith, Philip, labourer, Wood Mill

Smith, William, labourer, Victoria terrace

Snell, Robert, labourer, Duck Street

Snell, William, mason, Waterloo Cottage

Snow, James, labourer, Fore Street

Soper, Sophia, charwoman, Rowe's Court

Staddon, William, labourer, New Street

Stone, Henry, labourer, Exeter Hill

Stone, John, railway employee, Cockpit Hill

Stone, John Henry, stoker, the Gas Works

Stone, William, carpenter, Victoria Terrace

Stradling, Mrs. Emma, lodging house keeper, London Inn Court

Styling, Thomas, labourer, Stonyford

Sweet, Frank, carpenter, Tiverton Lane

Sweet, James, labourer, Exeter Road

Sweet, John, gardener, New street

Sweet, John , labourer, Crow Green

Tabbs, Edward, paper maker, King's Mill Cottage

Tarr, John, labourer, Higher Street

Tatchell, George, labourer, Higher street

Taylor, Charles, mason, Crow Green

Taylor, Fred, basket maker, Duck Street

Taylor, Henry, labourer, Exeter Hill

Taylor, John S., market gardener, Station Street

Taylor, Mrs. S, sempstress, Way's Lane

Taylor, Samuel, labourer, Crow green

Taylor, Thomas, labourer, Colebrook Lane

Taylor, William, mason, Crow Green

Taylor, William, tailor, Duck Street

Taylor, William James, grocer (retired), New Street

Tidball, John, labourer, Langford

Toogood, John, labourer, Mutterton

Trickey, John, labourer, Duck Street

Trickey, Mark, labourer, Week

Tucker, Edward, labourer, Crow Green

Tucker, Edwin, labourer, Higher Street

Tucker, Joseph, labourer, Birchen Oak

Veals, John, labourer, Mutterton

Vickery, John, labourer, Knowle

Vinnicombe, William, labourer, Crow Green

Voisey, Alf, labourer, Exeter Road

Voisey, George, labourer Exeter Road

Voisey, Samuel, Sexton & gardener, Church Street

Voysey, George F, paper maker, King's Mill

Voysey, John, labourer, Lower Mill

Walpole, Charles G, painter, Higher Street

Ward, John, carpenter, Pound Square

Ware, George, labourer, Langford

Warren, William T, coach smith, Station Road

Way, Henry, labourer, Higher Street

Wellington, James, labourer, Higher Street

Wellington, John, pensioner, High Street

Wellington, Joseph, labourer, Higher Street

West, Herbert, mechanic, Fore Street


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