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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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{The following Directory includes Cofton, Dawlish Water, Holcombe, etc.)

Adams Miss Elizabeth Julia, 1 Haldon Terrace

Aggett John, lodgings and coffee room proprietor. 7 Park st

Allen Silvanus & Josiah, day and boarding school, Plantation house

Andrews Henry, vict. Lansdowne Inn, Lansdowne place

Andrews William Henry, shoemaker, Brook street

Avant Mrs Annie, lodgings. Strand

Avant Geo, cabinet maker and lodgings, 7 Brunswick place

Avant John & Son, cabinet makers and lodgings, auctioneers&insurance agents

26 Strand

Ayton William, lodgings, 9 Queen street

Bagshaw Mrs Isabella-de-Clare. 4 Oak Park villas

Baker Albert, M.D. (B. & Son); 31 High street

Baker Albert-dc-Winter, L.R.C.P., M.E.C.S.,

surgeon and medical officer 2 Lawn terrace

Baker Mrs Jane, 1 Plantation terrace

Baker Henry Thomas, builder and lodgings, 3 King st

Baker Jolm, blacksmith, Cofton

Baker & Son, surgeons. High street

Baker Thomas, wheelwright, Cofton

Ball Wm. baker, confectnr. & refreshmnt. rooms, 16 Strand

Barrett Pauline, lodgings, 14 Marine parade

Barrett William, market gardener, Badlake hill

Bathurst Col. Henry, Northcotts, Holcombe

Bayley Mrs Frances, Town Tree hill

Bazley Henry, victualler. Railway Inn, Beach street

Beament George, lodgings, 31 Strand

Beard John, builder, &c. 26 Brunswick place

Bigwood Mrs Susan, shopkeeper, King street

Bircham Henry, Board schoolmaster, Cofton

Blacking John, cooper, 16 Regent street

Blackmore George, butcher. Old Town street

Blackmore Mrs Susannah, victualler. Prince of Wales, Old Town street

Blackmore William, shopkeeper, Old Town street

Blackmore William, sen. farmer, Old Town street

Blanchard John, poulterer and lodgings, 12 Queen street

Blatchford Mrs Emily, shopkeeper, Old Town street

Bolt William, watchmaker, jeweller, madrepore and malachite worker, and optician,

13 Strand

Bond Mrs Elizabeth, coffee room proprietor, 2 Park street

Bond Mr John, Old Town street

Bond Mr John Gregory, Manor house

Border Richard, ironmonger and shoe dealer, Lansdown Place

Borter Mrs Rose Aylmer, Villa Maggiore, Holcombe

Boucher James, hairdresser, Beach street

Boultbee Miss Charlotte Elizabeth, 14 Barton villas

Bragg Mrs Elizabeth, day school, 16 Brunswick place

Bray Mr George Edmund, Priory terrace

Brett Capt. Samuel Spencer, R N. 3 Plantation terrace

Brock John, farmer, Dawlish water

Brown Mrs Magendie, Oak Park house

Brown Mr Mathias Gilbertson, Stanmore house. East Cliff

Brown William, shoemaker, Old Town street

Brunt Miss Elizabeth, draper, 6 King street

Burge Mrs Caroline, lodgings, lona house, West Cliff

Burrowes Mr Henry Edward, The Cliffs, Holcombe

Bussell Mrs Hannah Maria, lodgings, and eating house keeper. Brook street  

Cann Francis Mark, surgeon, 6 Plantation terrace

Cann (Mrs) & Thorn, drapers, dressmakers, and milliners, 5 Albert place

Cann William Moore, surgeon, 4 West Cliff

Carew Rev John Warrington, LL.B., Silverstone house. East Cliff

Carpenter Miss Fanny, Park Hill house

Carpenter James, farmer, Dawlish water

Carpenter John, farmer and owner. Gate house

Carpenter Mrs Mary, Park Hill cottage

Carroll James, manager, Beach street

Carter Mrs Matilda, 9 Brunswick place

Chapman Win. Jas. photographer & fancy stationer 9 Regent st

Chinnock J, C. & Mrs J. I. Board school teachers. Old Town st

Church Mrs Emma, 5 Barton terrace

Coastguard Station, East Cliff; Davd. Phelan, chief boatman

Cole Edwin, linendraper, 21 Strand

Cole Misses Elizabeth & Sarah, Sidmouth cottage, High street

Cole George, farmer, Stonelands farm

Cole John, clerk to surveyor and lodgings, 3 Queen street

Cole Mr Samuel, 2 Albert place

Cole William & Son (William Henry), painters, glaziers, &c. 8 Brunswick place

Collis Mrs Emily Jane, 7 Barton terrace

Comer Mrs Mary, lodgings, Medled cottage

Cook Mrs Margaret, 1 West Cliff

Coombe Charles, victualler. Ship Inn, Cofton

Coon John Bennett, cowkeeper & market grdnr. 12 High st

Corin Mr William, 9 Barton terrace

Cornelius, Charles, lodgings, Richmond house, Beach street

Cornelius Edward, shoemaker, Teignmouth hill

Cornelius William, watchmaker, High street

Cornelius William Marcus, printer, proprietor of Dawlish Times stationer, newsagent, circulating library, and shoe dealer, 15 Strand

Cosens Institution, Prospect place ;

James Dean, secretary; Henry Quick, house steward

Cotton Albert, shoemaker. Brook street Cox George, farmer, Stonelands farm

Cox John, dairyman, 1 Queen street

Cox Thomas Joseph Gale, carpenter, 5 Park street

Crick Mrs Sarah Ann, victualler, White Hart, 6 Queen st

Cridge John, greengrocer and market gardener, 32 Strand

Crowther Mrs Ann G. newsagent, stationer, and Berlin wool and fancy dealer, 6 Strand

Cruse Robert, blacksmith, Cofton

Curtis Miss Emma, lodgings, 1 Albert place

Curtis Mrs Emma, Honiton lace maker, 19 Queen street

Curtis George, baker and confectioner, Albert street

Curtis John, tailor and lodgings, 3 Brookdale terrace Cutcliffe George, pharmaceutical chemist, and agent for Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co. 7 Strand

Dance Mrs Sarah, lodgings, 7 Marine parade

Dare Mrs Sarah, baker and shopkeeper. Old Town street

Davey Miss Mary Ann, lodgings, 3 West Cliff Davey William, carrier, 8 Manor row

Davies Frederick Peter, artist and photographer, proprietor of public baths, and sec. to Gas Co. 21 Brunswick place

Dawlish Cottage Hospital, Regent street ;

Isaac Stephens, hon. sec. ; Mrs Elizabeth West, matron

Dawlish Bisipensary, Queen street ; Miss Heard, matron

Dawlish Gas Co. ; F. P. Davies, sec; Thos. Slade. manager

Dawlish Times, 15 Strand; William M. Cornelius, proprietor

Dean Henry, lodgings, 13 West Cliff

Dean Richard, basket maker, Beach street

Delbridge Joseph Shapley, architect, surveyor, and house agent, 6 Brunswick place

Dick Miss Elizabeth Mary, New Bridge house

Dicks Mrs Emma, lodgings, 5 Brunswick place

Discombe Thomas, pork butcher. Park place

Discombe Wm. Hy. printer's manager & lodgings, 9 Strand

Dodge Mrs Elizabeth, market gardener, Cofton

Dodge Mrs Grace, beerhouse. Old Town street

Dolling John, shoemaker. Beach street

Dolman Mr Frederick, 6 Barton villas

Douglas Lady Martha, Burlsden house, East Cliff

Drew Miss Jane, lodgings, 4 Lansdown place

Dufty Mr Samuel, Warstone villa. East Cliff

Dunsford Henry & Robert, farmers, Eastdon farm

Dunster John, station master

 Eales Mr Charles, Eastdon house
Easterbrook Henry, watchmaker, Albert street
Edmonds John, cab, &c. owner. Brook street
Ellery Mr Edward Boot, 4 Barton crescent
Ellery Mrs Ellen Augusta, Barton crescent
Ellis Colonel Richard Rich Wilford, 3 Barton villas
Empson Mrs Charlotte, The Cottage
Ermen Mr Peter Albert, Ermenville, East Cliff

Facer Miss Sarah, lodgings, 7 Marine parade

Farleigh Henry, shopkeeper, 17 Brunswick place

Farleigh John, lodgings, 9 Piermont place

Farleigh John Henry, shopkeeper, 12 Manor row

Fenton Mrs Sarah, 1 Barton crescent

Ferris Richard Brock (R, & Son), High street

Ferris Richard & Son, brewers, maltsters, farmers, and coal merchants.

High street andVine cottage

Ferris William, grocer, 25 Strand Fiske Mr Thomas, 10 Barton villas

Ford Frederick, hairdresser, 3 Regent street

Francis John, miller and farmer,

Friend Miss Annie, lodgings, Piermont place

Friend Miss Mary, lodgings, 9 Marine parade

Friend Richard Thomas, carver, gilder, painter, and paperhanger. Strand

Friend Mrs S. builder, contractor, joiner, undertaker, plasterer, and sanitary pipe, tile, &c. dealer. High street

Friend William & Frederick(Mrs S.) ; 28 High street

Furneaux Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 5 Marine parade

Gamlen Miss Elizabeth, 6 Marine parade

Gardiner Mrs Ann, Park house

Gardiner Miss Elizabeth Charlotte, lady principal of Infants' Nursery (Creche),

Regent street

Garratt Miss Mary Ann, 9 Haldon terrace

Gay George, sexton, 2 Church house

Germon Colonel Richard Charles, J.P., Gortlee, East Cliff

Gething Mr Edward Lyttleton, 1 Oak Park villas

Gibson Alexander, miller, Weston mills, Dawlish water

Gilliland Mrs Lucy Sarah, 2 Plantation terrace

Gordon James, merchant, 2 Barton villas

Grace Mrs Mary Ann, 3 Oak Park villas

Graves Mr Charles, Beach cottage

Gray Mr William, 1 Barton villas

Grylls Mrs Caroline, 2 Barton terrace

Hance Miss Caroline, day & boarding school, 4 Barton vllas
Hancock Miss Mary, Barton cottage
Hannaford Henry, grocer and wine agent, Strand; and Newton Abbot
Harris John, agent for Prudential Assurance Company,
parish clerk and organist, Cofton
Harris John, sen. shoemaker and shopkeeper, Cofton
Harris John & James, tailors, 3 Piermont place
Harris Mrs M. A., Board schoolmistress, Cofton
Harrison Miss Irine, 5 Strand
Hatcher Harry Pratt, victualler. Hatcher's Royal Albert
Hotel, opposite Railway Station

Hatcher Wm. victualler, Royal Hotel, Piermont place
Hawking Wm. Chamberlain, ironmonger & whitesmith, 20 Strand
Hawkings Mrs Agnes, lodgings, Brunswick place
Hawkins James, builder and contractor, 4 Brook street
Hayward Mr John, Brook street
Head Mrs Susan, lodgings, 5 West Cliff
Heard Miss, matron, Dispensary
Hearn John & Sons, tailors and drapers, 5 Piermont place
Helyar Mrs, Bridge house
Hill George, lodgings, 27 Strand
Hill Mrs Harriet, lodgings. Old Town street
Hill James, greengrocer, 23 Brunswick place
Hill William, farmer, Cofton
Hine Mrs Elizabeth Mary, beerhouse, 7 Regent street
Hislop Mrs Mary, 11 Barton villas
Hoare Petcr Merrick, Esq. J.P., Luscombe
Hobbs James, butcher. Old Town street
Hockaday Geo, grocer and market gardener, Old Town st
Hocker Mrs Agnes, 3 Barton crescent
Holman Mr Wiiliam Henry, Dawlish water
Holme Rev — , Priory cottage, High street
Holt Mr R. H. 8 Plantation terrace
Honeywill Wm. David, lodgings, 2 Brookdale terrace
Hooper Mrs Julia Eveline, Daphne house, 2 Marine parade
Hope Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 4 Marine parade
Hore William Thomas & Co. grocers, 5 King street
Hosgood Alfred, shopkeeper, I1 Manor row
Hughes Colonel John Henry, Redcliff
Hutchings Mr Eobert, Rose cottage

Infants Nursery, Regent street ; Miss E. C. Gardiner, principal

Ireland Miss E., Board schoolmistress, Old Town street



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