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The Military Medal* was introduced by Royal Warrant on 25th March 1916. It was awarded to non-commissioned officers and other ranks for "acts of gallantry and devotion to duty in the field." A bar was issued for subsequent awards; on occasions when medals were to be worn, bar-holders wore the ribbon with one or more silver rosettes. 

On 21 July 1916, there was an amendment to this Warrant and women were added to the list of recipients.

Awards were announced in the London Gazette (i.e. they were "gazetted") but sadly, the citations were not published and the original documentation explaining the deed for which the award was given has not survived. However, local newspapers were often quick off the mark to interview the relatives of recipients so we can get some understanding of the circumstances under which this award was given.

The men in our list all received medals with King George V's image in Field Marshall's uniform on the obverse and on the reverse, the royal cipher over the words "FOR BRAVERY IN THE FIELD". The number, rank and name of each recipient together with details of the unit are engraved on the side of the medal to be read when it is placed on a flat surface.



There was normally a delay of several months between the action taking place and the announcement of the award for it in the London Gazette. In this interval, many recipients were killed in other actions and never lived to receive their award in person or even to know that they had won it.

Please note also that although an armistice was called in Europe in November 1918, fighting went on in other parts of the world and with that fighting came more acts of bravery - these actions are recorded using the name of the place e.g Salonica.

* Officers and Warrant Officers received the Military Cross.


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King George V Military Medal

The Military Medal

(King George V)

Recipients should always be addressed with the letters "MM" following their names.

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