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27th (Devonshire) Company, the 7th Battalion, the Imperial Yeomanry 

Part 2 - The first volunteers

From the North Devon Journal - January 1900:






Much interest has been shown in North Devon in volunteering for the Imperial Yeomanry about to proceed to South Africa, and in connection with which there was an important parade of men and horses in  Barnstaple last Thursday.


Colonel Lord Ebrington of the Royal North Devon Hussars superintended the proceedings, which occupied the whole of the day. Other officers present were Captain E.A. Sanders and Lieutenant Arundel Clarke, Veterinary Surgeon W. Penhale and Surgeon Lieutenant J. R. Harper, Sergeant Majors Johnstone (Barnstaple) Lloyd (Torrington) Wells and Tuffrey ( Barnstaple)


The medical examination and attestation in connection with those volunteering took place at the headquarter of the 4th V.R.D.R lent by the Volunteer authorities for that purpose.


The men were first tested in riding, then medically examined by Surgeon Lieutenant Harper and afterwards sworn in before a Justice of the Peace. The Magistrates present were the Mayor (Mr. J. G. Hamling), and Messrs J. J. Tremeer, W. O. Smith and W. Allen). A goodly number of men  volunteered for service, and of these, over forty, who underwent a rigid test, were eventually passed and sworn in: They were as follows:


Hardy, M: 

of "A" Squadron Royal North Devon Hussars (RNDH), Gloster Road, Barnstaple

Originally belonged to the 1st Royal Dragoons, and has been employed for some years at the Raleigh Cabinet Works, Barnstaple. Captain of Barnstaple Athletics Club.

? Blight 

of "A" Squadron, RNDH,  of Torrington

? Chapman

of "A" Squadron,  RNDH, of Torrington

Arnold Thorne 

of "B" Squadron, RNDH   Pupil farmer at  Rumsum, Newport, Barnstaple (20)

Farm pupil with Mr. G. Lovering of Tawstock, son of Mr. Arnold Thorne, the Barnstaple Borough Surveyor. Has proved himself a capital shot.

Trickey, F. R. 

Farmer of Tawstock Barnstaple (23)

Fisher, W.  

Farmer, of Tawstock, Barnstaple (22)

Badcock, C

of  "B" squadron; RNDH , farmer of Ashford, Barnstaple (24)

Hunt, W, 

of "B" squadron, farmer of Fremington (21)

Perryman, T, 

of "B" squadron, RNDH, Postman,of Braunton

Smallridge, W. H. 

of  "B" squadron, RNDH,  farmer of Tawstock (33)

Nott, J. R.

of  "C"squadron, RNDH, farmer of West Buckland (26)

Marshall, J, A. 

of "C" squadron, RNDH, farm pupil of Dulverton, (21)


Heywood, H, G. "C" farmer, Winsford, Dulverton, (24)

Bawden, E. "C", Dulverton (21)

Merson, J. "C" farmer, South Molton (28)

Warren, R. "C" farmer South Molton Road, South Molton

Slader, J. R.  "C" farmer, South Molton (24)

Mortimer, W. H.  "C" farmer, Warkelgih (25)

Played three quarter for Barnstaple Football Club; he is a smart young fellow. The Chairman of South Molton Rural District Council, J. Mortmer JP, is his uncle

Cole, W.  G. W. "C" farmer, Molland

Bird, H. J. "C" Wool merchant, South Molton (31)

Won the Gold Medal and the Brigade silver cup at the Agricultural Hall last year. He is the Unionist registration agent for the South Molton district.

Brooks, "C", Torrington

King, J.H. "C" blacksmith, Bideford (26)

Crocker, S. "D" Hatherleigh

Ballamy  J "D" farmer, Stratton, N. Cornwall (24)

Pickard, J. "D" farmer, Stratton, N. Cornwall (21)

It will thus be seen that the whole of the foregoing are member of the Royal North Devon Hussars. The following  unattached men were also enrolled:

Parkin, F, colt breaker (selected as a rough rider*) Barnstaple

At one time he played the side drums in the band of the Royal North Devon Hussars at Barnstaple and  his father has for many years been big bass drummer in the same band.

Aish, A. J. butcher selected as a rough rider*) Barnstaple

Hodge, South Molton

Simpson C. B. Farm bailiff, Dulverton (32)

Baker L. P. Clerk, Barnstaple (20)

Son of the late Superintendent Baker of South Molton.

Webber, Incledon H, of Minehead (20)

A son of Mrs Incledon Webber of St Brannocks, Braunton. One of his brothers has already joined the City Imperial Voluneteer regiment (the Lord Mayor's Own) for service in South Africa.

Smyth, of Minehead

Mugford, W. Blacksmith, North Molton (23)

Blatchford, B, saddler, Torrington

Ware, S, tailor, Torrington

Formerly a member of Torrington Volunteers; two of his brothers are among the besieged in Ladysmith who have sent some interesting letters to their mother in Torrington.

Morant, F. G. Torrington (30)

From London; Mr Morant has been a member of the Cape Mounted Police.

Songhurst, F. J. Ironmonger's assistant, Barnstaple

Formerly a member of the Barnstaple Volunteers, he is a son of Mr. G. Songhurst for many years Superintendent of Barnstplae Borough Police and still residing at Barnstaple. 

Liverton, L. Barnstaple

Formerly a member of the RNDH being a son of Mr Liverton of Braunton Road, Barnstaple.

Braund, S. Barnstaple

A Corporal in Barnstaple Volunteers, whilst he played in the reserves Football team for a season or two. By his departure, the Reserves will lose one of their best men.

Pine, N. Barnstaple

A son of Mrs Pine of Queen Street, Barnstaple. two of his brothers are at the front - Private C. Pine, 2nd Devons and T. Pine o f the Naval Brigade in Ladysmith. At one time he was a part-time bugler in the Barnstaple Volunteers.

Griffin, T. Barnstaple

Son of Mr G. Griffin of Boutport Street, Barnstaple has a brother in the 3rd Grenadier Guards who had the misfortune to  have a finger shot away in the Modder River fight. 

Gooding, Barnstaple

|Hill, of Chelfham near Barnstaple.


* Rough riders were men who could stay in the saddle over a long period of time and could cope with horses which had had very little experience of carrying riders, especially riders who were carrying and firing a rifle from the saddle.



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