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Fremington parish includes the villages of Bickington and Loveacott, is in the Barnstaple Union, county court district, archdeaconry and rural deanery, Braunton petty sessional division, Barnstaple polling district of North Devon and gives its name to a Hundred. It had 1324 inhabitants (637 males, 687 females) in 1871, comprised in 274 families, living in 273 houses, on 6810 acres of land.


Fremington village is pleasantly situated on an acclivity of the estuary of the Taw, 3 miles W of Barnstaple, and was anciently a borough sending members to Parliament in the reign of Edward I. In 1547 it was considered a part of Instow parish; in the reign of Edward the Confessor it belonged to Tawstock parish. In Domesday Book, Fremington is called Freemantone or Freeman's Town. Merchant vessels trading with Barnstaple usually anchor in the small creek of the Taw estuary called Fremington Pill, or Pen-hill; and coal vessels discharge cargoes there. The Bideford and Barnstaple railway extension, now belonging to the South Western Railway, was opened in 1855, and has a station in the Creek, and large quantities of coal are thus sent to many parts of the country. The parish was at an early period celebrated for its pottery manufacture, which still continued on a small scale.


About 1682 the manor was purchased by Richard Ackland Esq., whose grand-daughter brought it in marriage to William Barbor, Esq. It now belongs to W. A. Yeo Esq., whose father inherited it from the Barbor family. Bickington Lodge, standing in pleasant grounds of about 4 acres, is the seat and property of Lieut. J B Irving, who purchased it in 1877 and restored it at great expense.


Fremington House, also known as Fremington Manor

Fremington House, also known as Fremington Manor, in 2004

© Richard J. Brine


The Church (St. Peter) dates from the 14th century and was enlarged and repaired in 1813 and entirely restored in 1866 under the superintendence of Sir Gilbert Scott, RA at a cost of £1517.  The ugly pillars which divided the nave from the aisle were replaced by new columns and arches with carved capitals. The reredos is of alabaster and Caen stone, with a marble cross beautifully carved by Poole of Westminster, and was the gift of Mrs. Yeo. On the removing the floor, the upper portion of a very handsome pulpit was discovered, much mutilated; but it has been repaired and now forms part of the pulpit The oak lectern was presented by Miss L. G. Wray. The seats are o pen and are of pitch pine. The Registers are in good condition and date from 1602.  The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the trustees of Mrs. T. W. Pigot and incumbency of the Rev. John Taylor Pigot, MA, Rural Dean of Barnstaple. At the time of the restoration of the church, a handsome lych gate was erected at a cost of £38.


The Church-School at Bickington was erected of brick with stone dressing in 1870 at a cost of £600. Divine Service is h eld in the room on Sunday afternoons. The school at Fremington is attended by some 40 children. The Wesleyans have chapels in Fremington Village and in the hamlet of Hunnacott, and the Baptists at Loveacott.


Post Office is at Mr. Edward Withecombe's. Letters are despatched at 7.25 pm daily. Barnstaple is the nearest Money Order Office; the Telegraph Office is at the Station.


Fremington - The Lych Gate - 2004

The Lych Gate at St. Peter's Church, Fremington

© Richard J. Brine


Adams, Mr. John, Spark Villa, Bickington

Adams, William, farmer, Hunnacott

Andrews, John, farmer & corn miller, Beards

Anthony, Mr. Richard, Bickington

Babbage, John, farmer, Lyddacott

Bale, James, blacksmith, Bickington

Bartlett, John, head gardener

Bennett, William, grocer & coal dealer, Bickington

Bird, Mrs. Maria, Elmfield House, Bickington

Blackmore, Miss Eliza, Bickington

Braliey, James, farmer, Collacott

Braund, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, baker, draper

Braund, John, carpenter

Britton, Walter, farmer, Loveacott Green

Cann, John, farmer, Ledgaton

Cann, Robert, farmer

Carter, John, farmer, Nightacott

Chichester, Mr. Newton, Ellerslie

Codd, Francis, shopkeeper, Bickington

Collins. Mr. Richard James, The Terrace, Bickington

Copp, Henry, farmer, Woodland

Copp, Thomas, farmer, Woodland

Courtenay, George, cattle dealer & farmer, Bickington

Crocker, Mr. Anthony Loveband, Muddlebridge House

Crocker, Robert farmer, Pen Hill

Dennis, James, farmer, Bagley Hall, Bickington

Dennis, John, farmer, Kennacott

Dennis, John Edmund, farmer, Kennacott

Dennis, Mrs. Mary Ann, The Terrace, Bickington

Down, James, carpenter

Dullam, John, farmer, Lower Yelland

Dullam, John, farmer, West Yelland

Edwards, Samuel, grocer, baker, builder

Fishley, Edwin Beer, Fremington Pottery

Gayton, William, carpenter & wheelwright, Loveacott

Gear, John, Pywell

Gibbins, Samuel, tailor & shopkeeper

Gould, John, blacksmith, Bickington

Gregory, Samuel, tailor & shopkeeper

Harris, James, blacksmith, Bickington

Harris, John Vivian, master mariner, Bickington

Harris, Samuel, grocer, Bickington

Hobbs, William, cart owner, Bickington

Holland, William, farmer, Yelland

Huxtable, George, bootmaker

Huxtable, John, farmer, Bickington

Huxtable, Richard, bootmaker

Irving, Lieutenant John Beaufin, Bickington Lodge

Isaac Thomas, carpenter

Kellow, Mark, farmer, Bickington

Lee, Mrs. Ann, Bickington

Ley, Joseph, farmer

Lovell, Major Robert Hayes, Brookfield

McGuire, William shopkeeper

May, Thomas, land agent, surveyor & farmer, Pen Hill

Moule, Robert, butcher (shop at Barnstaple)

Pedler, Mrs. Hannah Sprague, National School mistress, Bickington

Pedler, William Henry, National School master, The Terrace, Bickington

Pigot, Rev. John Tayleur, MA, Vicar and Rural Dean, The Vicarage

Quick, William, tailor and draper, Bickington

Richards, Thomas, farmer, Woodland

Ridge, Robert, beer house & carpenter, Bickington

Ridge, Robert, carpenter & shopkeeper, Bickington

Ridge, William, carpenter, Bickington

Robins, Walter, farmer, Yelland

Shapland, Mr. John

Skinner, Robert, farmer, Knowle Hill

Sloley, Mrs. Betsey, beer house

Sloley, William, farmer, Cumbrew

Smallcom, Samuel, farmer, assistant overseer, Nightacott

Smyth, Mrs. Harriet, The Terrace, Bickington

Squire, Thomas, bootmaker, Loveacott

Symons, William, victualler, New Inn

Thorne, John, gardener, Bickington

Thorne, John, grocer, Bickington

Tucker, Richard, mason

Vellacott, John Ashford, farmer, Pen Hill

Vellacott, William, farrier, Bickington

West, Mrs. Elizabeth, schoolmistress

West, John, mason

White, George, farmer, Rookabear

White, John, blacksmith, Bickington

Withecombe, Edward, blacksmith & postmaster


Mrs. Elizabeth Parish to Barnstaple and Bideford daily.



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