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(Spelt as HOLDSWORTHY in the Directory)


The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce & Manufacture was issued in separate volumes over a period of 7 to 8 years between 1791 and 1798. As the different volumes were published, updates and alterations were made so that no listing can be specific to a single year but rather, to the final years of the 18th century.

No street locations were given for the traders. The original spelling has been retained.

HOLDSWORTHY is a large place, seated between two branches of the Tamar; it is 215 miles west-by-south from London, forty-seven north-east from Exeter, eight miles north from Stratton, fourteen north-east from Hatherleigh, fourteen south-west from Launceston and sixteen north from Torrington. It has a market on Saturday. The fairs are April the 2nd; the 9th, 10th and 11th of July which  is a very large fair; the 2nd of October and the first Wednesday in November.

The post comes in from Hatherleigh on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, about noon and returns at four in the afternoon of the same days.

Two waggons from Exeter to Stratton pass through here on Mondays, and return on Wednesdays. A navigable canal from the harbour of Bude to pass through this town to join some others intended to be cut in different parts of the county, was begun in the spring of 1794.


The following are the principal inhabitants:


Bailey, - Gent


Merrick, Rev. Mr


Combe, Arthur, Surgeon

Corry, Samuel, Surgeon


Cock, - Attorney

Kelly, Benjamin, Attorney


Bassott, John, linen draper

Bassott, John  hairdresser

Bennet, Joseph, butcher

Bennet, William, Carpenter

Blake, William, maltster

Bole, William, victualler

Bosances, Thomas, shoemaker

Bosances, John. linen draper

Brimble, William, Shoemaker

Cadd, William, baker

Collins, Joseph, White Hart Inn & Post Master

Cooper, Joseph, linen draper

Cooper, John, Carpenter

Corry, Abraham, linen draper

Corry, Henry, linen draper

Corry, John, linen draper

Crocker, Richard, tawer*

Dark, William, farmer

Doble, Westcott, victualler

Doble, Walter, victualler

Down, George, tinman

Dymond, Richard, tanner

Earl, Stephen, blacksmith

Earl, Richard, butcher

Earl, Mary, baker

Friend, Walter, schoolmaster

Fry, Samuel, linen draper

Gliddon, John, butcher

Guin, Henry, shopkeeper

Heard, Richard, victualler

Hocoot, - excise officer

Honny, John, carpenter

Horrell, Joseph, stonemason

Horrell, William, stonemason

Hoskin, John, victualler

Hoskin, Dolly, victualler

Hoskin, Arthur, shoemaker

Jewill, Werin, farmer

Kingdom Mrs, ironmonger

Legg, Ann, linen draper

Nattle, George, clock and watch maker

Pearce, Thomas, yarn maker

Richards, John, staymaker

Robins, John, shopkeeper

Robins, Elizabeth, school mistress

Roe, John, taylor

Sedcombe, Robert, blacksmith

Shepherd, John, fellmonger

Slymon, Daniel, joiner

Smith, William, taylor

Tink, John, tanner

Treble, John, taylor

Vuller, Honer, mantua maker

Wonnicott, William, glazier

Wonnicott, Peter, saddler

Yoe, John, shoemaker

About five miles east of Holdsworthy is Dunsland, the seat of George Beckford, Esq.


* A tawer is a dresser of white leather - much used for the making of gloves.


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