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Almost every document relating to schools in the 19th century mentions the problem of consistent pupil attendance. The teacher's salary was related to it - in fact, the teacher's job security depended on keeping the figures up. This record was probably made on the occasion of an Inspector's visit and would have formed a major part of his assessment of the school.

The problem was that children had a part to play in the economic life of the family. At harvest time it was all hands to the pump but there were many other tasks which could keep children away from the classroom at other times - child-minding, housework, working alongside a father, minding cattle or sheep, collecting eggs, apple-picking - the list is endless and tasks like these must have seemed far more important in the short-term to parents struggling to make ends meet.

The 1870s saw the introduction of compulsory education for younger children but secondary education was not compulsory until the 20th century. The presence of 12 year old Elizabeth Guscott would seem to suggest that she was a monitor, paid a tiny salary for helping with the very youngest children. Monitors often went on to become teachers themselves.

AGNEW Fred 4 Samuel Mary
BAKER Anne 7 James Charlotte
BAKER Ellen 5 James Charlotte
BEER Fred 5 John Grace
BEER Harriet J 6 - -
BLACKMORE Albert 4 William Elizabeth
BRIGHT Thomas 6 James Elizabeth
BURRIDGE Archie 5 - -
CALLICOTT James - - -
CALLICOTT Robert - - -
CANN John 8 William Sarah
CARPENTER Thomas 6 Thomas Elizabeth
CASLEY Ellen 7 Robert Sarah
CASLEY Jessie May 8 John Jane
COUNTER Albert 7 Thomas Elizabeth
CRUMP John 10 John Sarah
DART Alice 5 John Rebecca
DART Elizabeth Ann 4 John Rebecca
DAWE Maria 7 Charles Radmore Maria Radmore
DOWN Mary Ann 7 William Mary
FERRIS Amelia 7 - Ann
GIBBINGS Emma 4 Charles Rebecca
GIBBINGS Mary 7 Charles Rebecca
GOULD Ellen J 5 - -
GREEN Lucy 4 Samuel Charlotte
GREEN William 6 Samuel Charlotte
GUSCOTT Elizabeth 12 William Elizabeth
GUSCOTT Sarah Jane 3 William Elizabeth
HELLIER Annie Maria 5 John Elizabeth
HUTCHINGS Emily 5 Elias Harriet
LAMACRAFT Lucy 5 Joseph Mary Ann
LAMACRAFT Martha 10 Joseph Mary Ann
MURRAY Emily Ellen 8 - Mary
PIKE Louisa 5 Joseph Elizabeth
RICHARDS Arthur 5 John Charlotte
RICHARDS Mary 9 John Charlotte
RICHARDS William 4 John Charlotte
SCANES Edith Mary 3 John Louisa
SCANES Caroline ("Kate") 9 John Louisa
SCANES Laura 5 John Louisa
SCANES Louisa ("Lucy") 6 John Louisa
SMITH Hannah - - -
SMITH Jessie Jane 2 Richard Sarah Ann
SMITH Lucy 6 Richard Sarah Ann
SPENCER Edith - - -
SPENCER George 8 (George) John Fanny
SPENCER John 8 (George) John Fanny
TIDBALL Louisa 3 William Mary Ann
TINCOMBE John 5 William Caroline
TINCOMBE Lucy 5 William Caroline
TUCKER Edwin 2 William Mary
TUCKER Emily 4 William Mary
TUCKER Ellen 2 James Ellen
VOYSEY Lucy 8 George Harriet
WAY Alfred J 3 Thomas Mary
WAY Amy 6 Thomas Mary
WICKS Eva 7 Simon Sarah
WICKS Bertha 5 Simon Sarah
WESTCOTT John 6 Richard Eliza Ellen
WESTCOTT Robert 3 Richard Eliza Ellen
WHITE Edith M 5 Frederick Jemima
WRIGHT Isabella 6 John Mary Ann
WRIGHT Susan 6 John Mary Ann


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