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Extract from Piggott and Co.'s pocket atlas, topography and gazetteer of England. 1830:


"KENTON is one mile west of Powderham Castle, the splendid seat of  Lord Viscount Courtenay The park, grounds and plantations of Powderham occupy a space of nearly ten miles in circumference. Upon the summit of the highest ground is "Belvidere", a high tower of of triangular shape, with an hexagonal tower at each corner, erected by Lord Courtenay in 1773; this building commands a great variety of the most beautiful scenery, and is itself a conspicuous object from the British Channel and many parts of the county.

In Kenton is contained the parish church, an ancient and handsome building of red stone, with a tower 100 feet high; the interior is ornamented with various antique carved work and painting. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the dean and Chapter of Salisbury; the Reverend George Thomas Chamberlain is the present vicar.


Viscount Courtenay is the lord of the manor and holds by his agent,  with courts leet and baron annually.  A curious custom is attached to this manor, viz, that if the issue of any of the tenants hold their  tenements, one after another for three descents, they may claim the inheritance of the tenement. By the last Parliamentary returns, Kenton parish held a population of about 200 persons."


Kenton village - 2004
Kenton - the village - 2004

© Richard J. Brine


Addems, John, butcher, Kenton

Anning, Thomas, baker & grocer, Kenton

Burdon, J, surgeon, Southtown, Kenton

Callway, John, shoemaker, Southtown, Kenton

Cole, Thomas, draper & hatter, Kenton

Cole, Mrs. T.,milliner, Kenton

Collyns, William,  Registrar of Births and Deaths, Kenton

Collyns, W. W., Deputy Registrar, Kenton

Collyns, William and Son, surgeons, Kenton

Cruse, John, blacksmith, Southtown, Kenton

Danes, Rev.,A. L. Vicar, Kenton

Davis, D, smith and shopkeeper, Kenton

Dalf, Mrs, straw hat & bonnet maker, Kenton

Ford, Hugh, Devon Arms Inn, Kenton

Fryer, John, shoemaker, Kenton

Furse, John, plumber, smith and bellhanger, Kenton

Jeffery, John, shopkeeper, Kenton

Jordain, Mrs. T, straw hat & bonnet maker, Southtown, Kenton

Jordain, Thomas, sawyer, Southtown, Kenton

Martin, James, gardener, Southtown, Kenton

Morris, Samuel, postmaster, Kenton

Nicholas, William, butcher, Kenton

Pitt, Edward, sadler & ironmonger, Kenton

Rettellick, Thomas, tailor, Kenton

Salter, S. C., chemist & druggist, Kenton

Satterly, John, shopkeeper, Southtown, Kenton

Searle, John, butcher, Southtown, Kenton

Shapter, John, the Dolphin Inn, Kenton

Snell, S., tailor, Kenton

Sweetland, James, K., beer retailer, Kenton

Teage, Benjamin, grocer & schoolmaster, Kenton

Toogood, Mary, baker & shopkeeper, Kenton

Tremlett, Robert, shopkeeper, Kenton

Willcocks, John, Castle Inn, Southtown Kenton

Wood, Joseph, wheelwright & smith, Southtown, Kenton

Wood, M. S., milliner, Southtown, Kenton

Wood, Thomas, schoolmaster, Kenton

POST OFFICE - Kenton - Samuel Morris, Postmaster

Letters from London by way of Exeter arrive at ¼ past 1 pm; despatched at ½ past 12 noon.

Letters from Devonport & Plymouth, mornings arrive at ¼ past 12, despatched at ¼ past 1 pm.

The box closes 35 minutes before the arrival of each mail - deliveries take place 30 minutes after their departure.


To London and Devonport:

The Mails, Vivid, Subscription, Defiance and Telegraph* call daily at the

Devon Arms, Kenton.


To Exeter: Joseph Barton - daily, leaving 9 in the morning.

To Exeter and Dawlish - Lake, Ellis and Newberry, daily leaving 9 in the morning, returning 7 in the evening.

To Exeter - Veale's van daily, leaving at 10 in the morning, returning 6 in the evening.

To Teignmouth - Veale's van daily, leaving at 6 in the evening.


* Devon's stage coaches all had names; some offered a better class of comfort or speed and were preferred to their older competitors.


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