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Extract from Piggott and Co.'s pocket atlas, topography and gazetteer of England. 1840:


" STARCROSS is a very pretty village and sea-port, situated on the river EXE; about 8 miles S. S. E. from Exeter, 7 N. from Teignmouth, and 4 N. from Dawlish: it is in the parish of Kenton, and hundred of Exminster. The chief attraction belonging to this place, beside its pleasant situation, is Powderham Castle, the noble seat of the Earl of Devon; The principal trade of the place is in the import of coal and timber, for the landing of which articles there is a quay. There is an annual fair, for pleasure, held on the Wednesday in Whitsun-week."


St. Paul's Church, Starcross
St. Paul's Church, Starcross 

(referred to below as The Chapel of Ease)

© Richard J. Brine


Anning, Charles, baker & grocer, Fore Street

Anning, William, ship owner, Strand

Ash, H. P, ship owner, broker, Lloyd's Agent, Strand

Ash, William, ship owner, Strand

Barton, Joseph, Cabinetmaker, Strand

Barton, Joseph, Carrier, Strand

Chapple, Edmund, Ship Inn, Fore Street

Channing, R. shopkeeper, Fore Street

Cole, Elias, linen draper, Fore Street

Coleman, William, surgeon, Strand

Cotton, Thomas, baker, Strand

Cox, William, carpenter, Strand

Creasey, William, cooper, Fore Street

Davey, George, baker & grocer, Fore Street

England, William, tailor, Fore Street

Glendenning, Thomas, ship owner, Strand

Hillman, Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Strand

Howell, William, chemist & druggist, Strand

Langman, William, slate dealer, Starcross

Mitchell, Anne, shopkeeper, Strand

Pentecost, Richard, painter & glazier, Fore Street

Pentecost, Sidney, tailor, Fore Street

Powley, Rev. W., Minister of St. Paul's Chapel of Ease, Starcross

Saunders, E. boot & shoemaker, Strand

Shell, James, stonemason, Strand

Smale, Robert, tailor, Fore Street

Southwood, Charles, butcher, Fore Street

Southwood, James, Courtenay Arms Inn & posting house, Fore Street

Southwood, John, butcher, Fore Street

Stocks, Anne, shopkeeper, Fore Street

Tandy, H, Jolly Sailor Inn, Fore Street

Toby, John, builder & West of England Fire & Life Insurance Agent, Strand

Weekes, W, painter & Ironmonger, Fore Street

White, William, mason, Fore Street

Wood, William, Eagle Tavern, Strand.

POST OFFICE - The Strand, Starcross - William Howell, Postmaster

Letters from London by way of Exeter arrive at ½ past 1 pm; despatched at ½ past 12 noon.

Letters from Devonport & Plymouth, mornings arrive at ½ past 12, despatched at ½ past 1 pm.

The box closes 35 minutes before the arrival of each mail - deliveries take place 30 minutes after their departure.


To London and Devonport:

The Mails, Vivid, Subscription, Defiance and Telegraph* call daily at the Courtenay Arms, Starcross.


To Exeter: Joseph Barton - daily, leaving 9 in the morning.

To Exeter and Dawlish - Lake, Ellis and Newberry, daily leaving 9 in the morning, returning 7 in the evening.

To Exeter - Veale's van daily, leaving at 10 in the morning, returning 6 in the evening.

To Teignmouth - Veale's van daily, leaving at 6 in the evening.


* Devon's stage coaches all had names; some offered a better class of comfort or speed and were preferred to their older competitors.



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