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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials


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Adams, Harris, Kingsley Road

Adams, Henry, Albert Villa, Fore Street

Adams, John, Strathendrick

Adams, Mrs. Greyston, Fore Street

Adams, Mrs. Frank, Westbourne, Fore Street

Balkwill, Charles Henry, Ashleigh

Beer, William, BA, The Quay

Birks, Rev. Herbert Alfred MA (Vicar of St. Edmonds), The Vicarage

Bowen, Rev. Thomas (Congregational), Westville

Burgoyne, Alfred, Westville

Clarke, Henry, Vine Terrace

Cole, Richard, Winterholme, Westviille

Cox, Mrs. Nestor

Coyte, William Henry, 128 Fore Street

Crimp, William, Mill Street

Cubitt, Mrs. Tressillian House, Fore Street

Curtis, Miss, 43 Fore Street

Darke, William John, Trevenna Road, Westville

Davies, William, Bellfield, Fore Street

De Bulmer, Miss, Trevenna Road, Westville

Dibben, Edgar Harry, Wilts & Dorset Bank House, Fore Street

Earle, Francis George, Abbotsford

Edwards, Richard Burnell, Vine Terrace

Fairweather, James Verren, 3 Derby Road

Gill, John Robert, 103 Fore Street

Gower, Albert, Strathendrick

Hannaford Mrs., S. E, Strathendrick

Hannaford, Thomas, Katcoomba, Westville

Harris, Charles, JP, Roseland

Harston, Lionel de Courcy E., FRCS Edin., The Knowle

Haydon, Clifford Merrick, 4 Vine Terrace, Fore Street

Head, Charles, Northville

Hill, Rev. William (United Methodist) Uplands, Kingsley Road

Hines, Rev. Fred Leonard, (Wesleyan) The Manse, Kingsley Road

Hurrell, John Square, JP, The Manor House

Huxham, Howard Collings, Illawara

Isles, Rev. John Thomas (Baptist) Norman Villa

Langworthy, Mrs. Fore Street

Latham, Thomas William, Westcombe, Plymouth Road

Lidstone, John, Duke Street

Lidstone, Thomas, Beresford

Luscombe, Henry, Glenelg House, Duncombe Street

Madge, Major, Kingsley Road

Madge, Mrs. 121 Fore Street

Nicholls, Harry Samuel, Waverley Road, Westville

Nicholls, James Pedrick, The Knowle

Parkinson, Miss, The Elms, Duncombe Street

Penny, Charles, Maythorn, Westville

Perrott, George Bignell, Duncombe Villa

Perrott, James, 15 Duncombe Street

Perrott, William Henry, Highfield, Westville

Pettinger, James Wilson, Ewart House

Pitts, Mrs.,Derby Road

Prowse, Henry Grant, Fern Lodge

Prowse, Mrs., Fore Street

Prowse, William Heath, The Retreat

Randall, Carry S., Barnville

Sandford, Rev. John Hamilton, BA, Duncombe Curate,Ashburton House

Shinner, Thomas Ernest, 1 Trevenna Road, Westville

Snelling, William George, Western Knowle

Spencer, Frederick Wykeham, Bank House, Fore Street

Square, John Harris, Waverley Road, Westville

Stephens, Mrs., 41 Fore Street

Stoneman, Mrs., Torrington House, Duncombe Street

Trant, Herbert, Westville

Valentine, Stacey Earle, Clarendon House, Fore Street

Walke John, Kingsley Road

Watson, Rev. William MA, Head of Grammar School, Fore Street

Webb, Mrs., Duncombe Street

Webb, William Tudor, Barnfield, Fore Street

Weeks, John, Belvenie, Kingsley Road

Wills, Mrs., 8 Trevenna Road, Westville

Winsor, Thomas, 6 Trevenna Road, Westville


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