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Army Medal Cards listing an individual's medal entitlement together with his regimental details can now be purchased at




Hidden away in the unused pages of one of St. Edmund's oldest parish registers is a list of all the former pupils of Kingsbridge Council School who served in the First World War. Heading the list are the 43 names of those who died; following are the names of a further 335 former pupils of this school who served in that war.


The person who created the list remains anonymous - it could have been the Vicar or a Churchwarden and/or the headmaster of the school. As was the custom of the day, boys were addressed by their surnames so only their initials were given. An effort has been made to track down the correct forenames using a range of resources but in some cases, to date this has not been possible. The original list was not quite accurate in its alphabetical ordering so adjustments have been made to correct this.

Details of the men who died can be found on the Kingsbridge 1914 - 1918 War Memorial page.


"The following made the supreme sacrifice:"


Eli Ball

Walter H Ball   MM

Alfred Henry Beer

John William Bowman

Horace Frederick Camp

Harold Clark

Archie J. M. Cumming

Alfred Distin

William T. Easterbrook

John Langley Ferris

Percival Charles Ferris

Wilfred Herbert Gill

Bertram George Gillard

John Graham  MM

John W. J. M. Grant

John Herbert Hammett

Arthur Hannaford

Percy Hannaford

William Richard Heath

Norman Heal

Ronald George Heal

William Hurrell

Norman John William Jarvis

Thomas Jarvis

Herbert Luscombe

William Ewart Luscombe

Hubert Harold OwenMatthews

Percy Oldrieve

Stafford Northcote Pinhey

Charles N. Rich

C. Leonard Richards

Harold Roper

Henry Shepherd

J. Stone 

J. Strong*

John Harold Taylor

E. Thornton

Francis J. Treeby

Frederick Norman Tucker

George Lewis Tucker

John Veale

Arthur Edward Voysey

Francis William Voysey

*This name does not appear on the Kingsbridge War Memorial


"The following served:"


W. Adams
Charles S Hannaford
J. Pearce
William H. Adams
Claude J Hannaford
P. Pearce 
Lionel Ambrose
Ernest Hannaford
Walter V Pearce
Norman J. Adams
Ernest Hannaford
William Pearce
S. E. Arthur
Frank Hannaford
George Pedrick
Joseph Arthur
Frederick Hannaford
Leslie Pedrick
Arthur C. Ash
Herbert Hannaford
F. Pengelly
Percy John Auger
John Hannaford
J. Pengelly
W. Babb
J Hannaford
Charlie Pepperell
C. Baker
J E Hannaford
H. Perraton
F. Baker
Reginald  Hannaford
Edward Perrott
Alfred Ball
Reginald Hannaford
Stanford Morton Perrott 
Frederick J. Ball
Richard Hannaford
William Perrott 
Francis J. Ball
Richard Henry Hannaford
W. D. Pitcher
Harold Ball
Samuel James Hannaford
James Powlesland
H. Ball
W Hannaford
John Powlesland
Reginald Ball
Arthur Harley
Alfred John Prowse
Walter Ball
R Harley
George Prowse
William Ball
Thomas Harris 
Hartley Prowse
Howard Balley
S Harvey
William Prowse
Bert (Albert) Barnes
F Hayman
Horace Rees
Norman Barnes
H Hayman
Ernest Reeves
Arthur Beavil
E Hayne
Harold Reeves
Herbert Beavil
Lewis Heal    
James Rich
G. Bennett
Bert (Albert) Heath
Charles Richards
W. Bennett
John  Heath
William Richards
Thomas W. Berry
Alfred  Hill
J. Rogers
C. Blake
Charles Hill
R Rogers
F. Blake
Charles W Hill
Ernest Rudd
W. Blake
E. Hill
James Rudd
A. Blatchford
Morris E. Hill
Arthur Rundle
J. Blatchford
William N. Hill
A H Rundle
L. Bradford
Frederick Hiscox
B Rundle
G. Brining
Percival Frank Holmes
Charley Rundle
R Britton (Albert?)
N. Holmes
T. Rundle
J. Brockendon
R. Hooper
Wiliam Rundle
Alfred Brown
Harold  Horton
Arthur James Ryder
John Brown
Ned (Edward) Horton
Lionel Edward Ryder
Richard Burner
John Hosking (Stanley John)
Percy Gilbert Ryder
James Camp
Frank Hurrell
Harold Salter
Sydney C. Camp
John Hutchings (William John)
F. Salway
Warwick Camp
Thomas Inch
Albert Sampson
Warwick H. Camp
Frank Ingram
R Sampson
Arthur Carne
F. Jane
Philip Sandover
Percy Carne
H. Jane
James Scoble
John Chamberlain
Albert Jarvis
Francis Shepherd
E. Chapman
Charles Jarvis
George Shepherd
Alfred Chope
Harold Jarvis
L Shimbles
Frederick Chope
John Jarvis
E Shinner
John Chope
Walter Jarvis
H Shinner
Paul G. Clifford
William Jarvis
A. Skedgell
Harold Congdon
W. J. Jarvis
Willie Skedgell
Charlie Cope
Albert Jeffrey
H. Sloman
George Cope
W. Jerwood
J. Sloman
Robert Cope
Hartley Johns
Harold Smith
Alfred Cove
Lewis Johns
Leonard Soper
W. H. Coyte
William Johns
Richard Soper
William Cutler
Albert Kelland
William Soper
F. Dawe
John Kelland
Arthur Southwood
H. Dawe
William H. Kelland
Wilfred Southwood
C. Dimond
F Kemp
William Southwood
Edwin Dimond
H Kendall
Harry Squires
Ernest Dimond
H Kennard
Norman Squires
Frank  Dimond
F Kennett
R. Stear
Hector Distin
Arthur A. Kingdon
Harvey Steer
John Henry Distin
Arthur Kirton
Stafford Steer
Edward Donovan
E. Lane
Alwyn Steere
Charles Drew 
Ernest Lane
Sydney R. Stephens
Ernest Drew
Percy Lane
Charles Stone
Alfred Dure
William E. Lane
Ernest Stone
Ernest I. Easterbrook
Charlie Lee
John Stone
Edmund A. Easterbrook
George Lee
Bertie Stoneman
Arthur B. Elford
Bert (Herbert) Legassick
Walter Stoneman
Frederick Elliott
Albert Lidstone
Cyril Taylor
William Elliott
Frank Lidstone
Ernest Taylor
Douglas M. Ely
Henry Lidstone
Archibald Toms
John J. Ely
Percy Lidstone
George Toms
P. Evans
William  Lidstone
Simon Tregear
L. Ferris
Alfred Lopes
John Trout
Henry Foale
Henry Lopes
Adam Trute
Reginald C Foale
Alfred James Lugger
Arthur Tucker
William Foale
Harold Lugger
Arthur Tucker
Albert  Ford
Arthur Luscombe
Harold Tucker
A. Ford
Albert Luscombe
Harry Tucker
Ernest Ford
Francis Luscombe
Henry Tucker
F. Ford
Harry Luscombe
Harold Turner
George Ford
C. J. Mackay
A. Tyrell
Harold Ford
H. Marshall
B. Tyrell
Heydon Ford
John Marshall
W. Tyrell
John P Ford
Arthur E. Martin
Walter Veale
Leonard Ford
H. Martin (Francis H)
Harry Voysey
Percy Ford
Percival Matthews
William Voysey
Walter Ford
Wilfred Matthews
A Wakeham
William Ford
Charles Miller
Ray Wakeham
Harold Foxworthy
George Moysey
H. Webb
William Foxworthy
Francis H. Murphy
Arthur Weeks
Aaron Geatches
Alfred Newman
Cyril Weeks
Thomas A. Geatches
Ernest Newman
Percy Weeks
Cyril Gillard
Harry Noyce
Ernest Welham
Frank Gillard
Charles Oldridge
Willian Welham
Frederick Gillard
Ernest Oldridge
A. Wellington
George Gillard
John Oldridge
Henry Wellington
Hedley Gillard
S. Oldridge
M Williams
John Gillard
C. Overy
R. Williams
Willie Gillard
H Paige
S. Williams
William Gillard
Walter Parsons
Hector Willis
John Graham
S. Partridge
William Willis
Bert (Lambert) Greenslade
Arthur Pearce
M. Wingate
Frederick C Hammett
C. Pearce
Wilfred Wingate
H. Hammett
Frederick Pearce
George Wotton
H. Hammett
G. Pearce
A. Wright
J. Hammett
H. Pearce


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