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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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War Memorials



Compiled by the Rev. Herbert Johnson, Vicar of Lustleigh at the time. He said later that there were names missing on the Memorial tablet and that the committee over which he presided had decided to give admission to the list only to those whose home was in Lustleigh and whose deaths took place during the period of the war. 


One such was Joseph Wheller about whom he wrote: "He was not a resident of Lustleigh but a lad who, in 1917, came to live with Mr. J. H. Richards (then parish Clerk) to learn from him the trade of Boot Repairer. When old enough, he became a soldier and fell in action. It was felt that his connection with Lustleigh was too slight for his name to be included with those on the Memorial Tablet in the church."  


George William Allin Henry Evans Foster Alfred Ernest Olding
Arthur John Allin Frank French Frank Robert Osborne
John Charles Amery William Gerrish Frederick Painter
Charles Henry Andrews Edward Owen Glanville Scott Thorn Painter
Albert Edward Arnold Herbert Glanville William Robert Parr
Ernest Robert Arnold Arthur Nutcombe Gould Tom Payne
William Arnold John Rashleigh Gould Percy Philips
Humphrey John Baillie William Henry Harvey John Riddler
Frederick Wilmot Barron Arthur Louis Hatherleigh George Henry Searle
Robert George Beer George Frederick Hatherleigh Albert J Smith
Walter Bennett Edmund Hill Herbert E Smith
Frank Ridley Boilleau Clement Hill Walter Squires
William Bowden Samuel Lewin Hill Ernest Squires
Cecil Aubrey Bradford James Ernest Hine Samuel Henry Tucker
Reginald Brimblecombe Harry Hole Hugh H. Tudor
Percival Brimblecombe Ernest Hooper William Leslie Vallance
James Bunclark Arthur George Horrell Hector Vanderpoorten
George Bunclark Ernest Horrell Albert Vanstone
Percy Bunclark H. John Horrell Stephen Voaden
William Henry Bunclark John Horrell William Charles Waldron
William Bunclark William Henry Howard William James Wellman
William Thomas Chudley Basil Jones Richard Westcott
Arthur Henry Chudley Dorothy Ethel Jones Joseph Wheller
Albert Edward Chudley Frank Lake William Charles White
John George Chudley Cyril B. C. Lemaire Henry Wills
William Coles Samuel Maunder George Wills
George F. T. Coles Edwin Wilfred Wrayford May Alfred Wills
Thomas Henry Coles Henry Thomas Moore Leonard Wright
Frank Coles George Morecombe Henry Wyse
William Cooper Harry James Netley William Henry Yeoman
William John Easton William Newberry Arthur Charles Yeoman
Thomas Edwards Richard Francis Newdigate John Yeoman
Edward Montague Ellis Harold George Olding Reginald Yeoman


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