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Lynton and Lynmouth are two delightful villages, 17 miles from Ilfracombe, 18 from Barnstaple, and about 20 from Dunster. As it is gifted with romantic and delightful scenery, it is much frequented during the summer months by visitors. The views from the churchyard are extensive and beautiful; immediately below are the cottages of Lynmouth, scattered around the east and west Lyn. Towards the end of the cliff-walk, nothing can exceed the grandeur of the scene. Above are stupendous rocks, heaped over each other to the very summit of the hill, threatening to shower their gigantic force on the wandered below; while, in front, the majestic castle rock, and the bold and distant shore, with an extensive view of the Bristol Channel, bounded by the Welsh coast, produces an effect of great excitement. On entering the valley, nature has provided an interesting and extraordinary scene: in every direction "Are rocks on rocks,  piled, as by magic spell."


The inns, consisting of the Castle Hotel, Valley of the Rocks Hotel and Crown Inn, afford excellent accommodation. On the quay at Lynmouth is the establishment of Mr. Henry Trix, containing a Fancy Repository, Library, Hot & Cold Sea Water Baths and a Lodging House."


Lynton in 1851
Lynton from Hollerday Hill c. 1850

Courtesy of Devon County Council



Allen, John, boot & shoemaker, Lynton

Baker, Thomas, butcher; Registrar of births & deaths, Lynton

Bale, John, shoemaker & beer retailer, Lynton

Bale, William, grocer & draper; lodging house keeper, Lynton

Branch, Edward, lodging house, Lynton

Burnell, William, blacksmith, Lynton

Clark, John, surgeon, Lynton

Cox, Charles, Esq., Lynton

Crook, William, Crown Inn, Lynton

Cutland, William, lodging house, Lynton

Davis, John, Castle Hotel, Lynton

Draper, Benjamin, tailor & draper, Lynton

Fisher, Hannah, lodging house, Lynton

Floyd, George, blacksmith, Lynton

Fry, Charles, carrier, Lynton

Fry, Charles, lodging house, Lynton

Gill, Mary, dressmaker, Lynton

Halliday, Rev. Walter, Glenthorne

Jones, Rebecca, dressmaker, Lynton

Jones, William, boot & shoemaker, Lynton

Lashbrook, Daniel, victualler, Lynton

Litson, William, Valley of the Rocks Hotel, Lynton

Munday, Rev. Matthew, Lynton

National School, Miss Burn, Lynton

Norman, John, baker, Lynton

Norman, Richard, Richard, carrier, Lynton

Peake, Alice, lodging house, Lynton

Peake, Ann, baker, Lynton

Pile, George, tailor, Lynton

Pitt, William, cooper, Lynton

Rendle, William, tinman, Lynton

Sandford, Mrs. Lynton

Scott, Rev. John James, Coombe Park

Southwood, Johanna, dressmaker, Lynton

Tucker, Mary, dressmaker, Lynton

Ward, William, grocer & draper, Lynton

Welch, Mrs, and Misses, Lynton

Wilkins, Timothy, lodging house, Lynton


William Litson, postmaster

Letters arrive every morning at 9 during the summer and at 10 in the winter, and are despatched every afternoon at 1.0pm.


Castle House, Linton - John Davis

Crown, Linton - William Crook

Valley of the Rocks, Linton - William Litson


Hot and cold sea water baths, lending library etc

Henry Trix - Lynmouth

National School, Lynton - Mistress Miss Burn


To Barnstaple - Charles Fry and Norman Richards; Fridays, return same day. (They go twice a week during summer.)

*The modern spelling of Lynton is used here but in 1839 it was often spelt "Linton" although Lynmouth was the general spelling used for that place.


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