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Maker Parish which occupies a great part of the bold promontory and peninsula, which juts into the English Channel on the west side of Plymouth Sound and the south side of the harbour of Hamoaze, opposite Stonehouse and Devonport. is partly in Cornwall and contains 2725 inhabitants and 2260 acres of land, of which 1156 souls and about 1320 acres are in the Vaultershome tything, which is in Devonshire, and includes the beautiful; seat of Mount Edgcombe, the parish church and village of Kingsand and part of Millbrook. The whole parish is in the Archdeaconry of Cornwall and Deanery of the East, and the Union of St Germans. Makerton was one of the manors of the ancient family of the Valletorts from whom Vaultershome had its name.
Map showing church and parish of Maker

From Robert Creighton's Map of Cornwall 1840

The small shaded area is the ancient parish of Maker

Mount Edgcumbe had formerly a village called West Stonehouse and was the property of the ancient family of Stonehouse, whose heiress brought it to the Durnfords. Sir Piers Edgcumbe, who died in 1539, married the heiress of the Durnford family and the estate has since remained in his family. His son, Sir Richard, built a castellated mansion on the hill to which he gave the name of Mount Edgcumbe.  Richard Edgcumbe Esq. the immediate descendant of Sir Richard, having filled several important public offices in the reign of George I and II, was created Baron Edgcumbe in 1742. His grandson, George, the third baron, was created Viscount Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort in 1781 and in 1789, was raised to the dignity of Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. He died in 1795 and was succeeded by his son, the late Earl who died in 1839, when he was succeeded by his son,, the present Right Honourable Ernest Augustus Edgcumbe, Earl of Mount Edgcumbe and Viscount Valletort, who was born in 1797 and married the daughter of the late Admiral Fielding. He is an aide-camp to the Queen and colonel of the Cornwall Militia.(this was written in 1850)
Mount Edgcumbe in 1845

Mount Edgcumbe in 1845*

Courtesy of Devon County Council

*Mount Edgcumbe Estate is now the property of  Cornwall County Council and Plymouth City Council[  The house was destroyed by incendiary bombs during the war but from 1958, underwent restoration  by the 6th and 7th Earls. The house and the grounds are now open to the public during the summer months. 


"Mount Edgcumbe  the delightful seat of the Earl of that name, occupies that towering promontory of verdant lawn, grove, parks, rocky cliffs and sylvan terraces which overlooks the spacious harbours of Hamoaze and Plymouth Sound, and the towns of Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport, and is approached from thence by the Cremill (or Cremyll as it is now spelt) ferry boat. The beautiful grounds are about three miles in circuit and occupies an elevated situation on the side of a  wooded hill, in a spacious lawn, bounded with rich old timber trees, growing down to the water's edge. The grounds surrounding the the house are laid out in the most pleasing and diversified manner. They rise on the east in precipitous acclivities from the rocky shore of the Sound, but those parts which stretch along the shores of Hamoaze and Millfield Lake on the north and north-west, slope to the water with a gentler inclination. Throughout the whole demesne, an agreeable  alternation of lawn, grove and garden scenery, gratifies and relieves the eye, yet the prevailing style is of a richly varied woodland character. On Mondays, free admission is given to the public with no more trouble than entering their names at the lodge gate. " ( a reference here to the situation in 1850 regarding opening hours)
Devonport from the top of Mount Edgcumbe

Looking across the Hamoaze to Devonport from the peak of Mount Edgcumbe.

©Richard J. Brine

The parish church of Maker is dedicated to St Macra and the living is a discharged vicarage, valued at £233 in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor and incumbency of the Rev. Edward Trelawney MA. The great tithes were appropriated to Plympton Priory but now belong to the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe together with most of the parish. The church occupies a commanding eminence between Mount Edgcumbe and Rame Head, and its tower serves as a landmark; in the later years was used as an Admiralty signal station. A house at Plympton, let for £12 a year has long been vested in trust for the repairs of Maker Church, Several tenements at Plymouth were left to Maker Church by Joan Bennett in 1650, are let for £20 a year, of which £14 is divided among the poor and £6 is paid to the vicar for monthly sermons. The poor parishioners have about £14 10s per annum, left by J. Trevill, J. Lanyon, J. Kerley and other donors. There are several schools and a Wesleyan chapel in the parish.
The tower of Marker Church

The tower of Maker Church

©Richard J. Brine


Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, Mount Edgcumbe House

Joseph Banks, ship builder, Cremill

John Blight, tanner, Millpool

Bowey, Mrs

Chapple, Richard, ferryman, Cremill

Mrs Elliott

Mr William Gillard

Mrs. Gifford

Gray, Mr Francis

Gregory, Mr, William

Ham & Son, watch & clock makers

Kerns, Mary, housekeeper, Mount Edgcumbe

Kingdon, Ann, baker

Laye, Peter, house steward, Mount Edgcumbe

Little, John, surgeon, Millpool

Napton, Richard

Newpean, Captain Edmund, Royal Marines

Prowse. William, surgeon

Row, Mr. Henry

Rowe, Miss

Sang, Andrew, hairdresser

Thomas, Rev. Joseph, N. Houghton, incumbent of Millbrook

Tidy, Mr

Toms, Daniel. Esq. Millpool

Trelawney, Rev. Edward MA, Vicar of Maker

Trevill, Mrs.

Vallack, Miss



Devonport Inn, George Odgers

Edgcumbe Inn, Elizabeth Graves, Cremill*

(*Now spelt Cremyll)l

King's Arms, John Nicholls

London Inn, John Nicholls

Prince George, Nicholas Wills


Avert, George

Lee, John


Hill, Stephen

Stanton, Richard


John Harris

Lee John

Thomas Matthews

Joseph Pearn

Wiklliam Prince

Thomas Skardon

William Stephens

John Veale

William Veale

Edward Willcocks


Joseph Coath

John Hocken

George Langler

John Oliver

William Webber



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