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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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*For centuries, this was the usual spelling of the town's name until the Great Western Railway brought their line to the area. Originally, there may have been a clerical error by one of their employees but from that time on, the spelling we use today began to appear in railway timetables and tourist guides and so PAINGTON became PAIGNTON.


On the coast of Tor Bay, 5½ miles E from Totnes, and about the same distance SW from Torquay, contained in 1831, 1960 inhabitants; the annual amount of assessed property in 1815 being £6602.


Tor Bay is, in general form, semi-circular, and is 12 miles in extent; the winding shores on both sides are screened with grand ramparts of rock, between which, about Paington, in the central part, the ground from the country forming a gentle vale, falls easily to the water's edge; wood grows all round the bay, even on its rocky sides, and in this neighbourhood with great luxuriance.


Paington is famous for a large but very sweet and early cabbage which takes its name from the village; it is also grown in great quantities at Cockington and the adjoining parishes for the markets of Plymouth and Exeter. A considerable trade in the exportation of cider is carried on here; it is considered to be of a superior quality and is sent to London, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow and Dublin.


Many improvements have recently taken place at Paington; a pier has been erected** which was commenced in 1833, and a new road formed through the town from Torquay to Brixham and Dartmouth.


Petty Sessions are held here the third Tuesday in each month. there is a market on Friday and a fair on Whit Tuesday. the church is dedicated to |St., John the Baptist, and the living is a vicarage, value £498 per annum. Here is an endowed school, also a Baptist Chapel. At Paington was formerly one of the palaces of the Bishops of Exeter and part of the mansion is yet standing. This parish is in Totnes Union.


**This mention of a pier is mysterious and may refer to work done in the harbour area. The Paignton Pier seen today dates from 1879.


|Paignton (or Paington) c.1860

Paignton (or Paington) c. 1860 by J. W. Tucker

Note the tiny train to the left of centre. The line to Paington from Torre was officially opened on 1 August 1859 and it may be that this engraving was made in connection with some aspect of that event.


Atkins, Alfred, surgeon

Beard, Thomas, cabinet maker

Beal, George, butcher

Biggs, Henry. hair cutter

Boys, James, ironmonger and brazier

Browse, Henry, Esq., Commissioner of Taxes

Browse, Henry James, surgeon

Carter, John, butcher

Ching, Richard, baker and confectioner

Churchward, Thomas, cider merchant and ship owner

Cockram, Edward, printer and stationer

Coose, William, baker

Corras, William, ironmonger and tinman

Crossman, Jane, dressmaker

Daniels, James, baker

Distin, Grace, grocer and draper

Drew, William, mason

Dyer, Thomas, mason

Evans Gregory, tailor

Evans, Richard, mason

Evans, William, tailor

Furse, James, beer retailer

Furse, John, painter and glazier, Union Inn

Gillham, Henry, coachmaker and wheelwright

Goodenough & Co., drapers, mercers and hosiers

Goodridge, John, surgeon

Goodridge, Susannah, Crown & Anchor (Posting House)

Hannaford, Gabriel, butcher and ship owner

Harris, Richard, whitesmith

Hoyles, William, shopkeeper and shoemaker

Hunt, Richard, cider merchant and farmer

Hutchings, John, London Inn

Jones & Andrews, grocers, glass and earthenware dealers

King, John, mason

Langdon, Richard, shoemaker

Langler, Charles, painter and glazier

Lash & Goodridge, straw bonnet makers

Lidstone, Thomas, saddler and grocer

Lome, Christopher, shoe warehouse

Lugg, Thomas, Globe Commercial Inn

Matland, John, shoemaker

Merson, William, chemist, druggist and tea dealer

Metherell, Allan Belfield, blacksmith

Metherell, John, wheelwright

Miotchell, G and F, dressmakers

Nick, Anthony, ropemaker

Norsworthy, John, basketmaker

Paington Church - Rev. Robert Gee, Vicar

Paington Church - Rev. Robert Rashdall, Curate

Parnel, Thomas, butcher

Parrett, John, carpenter

Parrett, Richard, butcher

Penny, John, draper and grocer

Perrett, Frederick, carpenter

Perrott, Richard, bookbinder

Pook, Henry, greengrocer

Pope, Matthew, blacksmith

Reynolds, Samuel, Torbay Inn

Rogers, Thomas, Boarding School

Rossiter, John, grocer, Registrar of births and deaths for Paington District

Rudely, Walter, mason

Sibley, William, beer retailer

Small, J, blacksmith

Sparkes, Thomas, shoemaker

Towell, William, builder

Tozer, George, boot & shoemaker

Tozer, John, carrier

Tozer, John R. King, builder

Veall, George, baker

Waycott, R, watch and clockmaker

Webber, James, shoemaker

Weeks, Thomas, mason

Williams, Mary, straw bonnet maker

Williams, Walter, tailor

Winsor, John, shoemaker

Winsor, Thomas, tailor

Winsor, William, bootmaker


Postmaster - William merson

Letters arrive from London, by way of Torquay, at 4 p.m.

and are despatched in the morning at 9.0.


Built by voluntary contribution in 1834 for the education of boys and girls,

on the Bell system

.Master - Mr. Cooksley

Mistress - Mrs. Cooksely


The Defiance, the Subscription and the Mail pass through daily.


John Tozer, from Torquay, to Paington, Totnes, Plymouth and Devonport, every Wednesday, returns every Friday.


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