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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials



Bradiford in the early 20th century

Bradiford in the early 20th century.

John Ridd's shop is on the left of the picture (see below)

Origin of this image not known


Abbott, Felix, dairyman, Pilton

Abbott, John James, Insurance Broker, Bradiford

Alford, Mrs. Ann, Pilton

Barrow, Miss Mary, grocer, Pilton

Blackmore. William, farm bailiff, Westaway, Pilton

Bailey, Thomas, farmer, Billand Farm, Pilton

Bailey Thomas & Son, manure manufacturers, Pilton

Brayley, John, farmer, Tutshill, Pilton

Brown, George Esq.,JP, Roborough House, Pilton

Bryan, Miss Ellen, Pilton

Bushen, Thomas, victualler, New Inn, Pilton

Carpenter, Mr. William, Littabourne, Pilton

Charley, Mrs Ann, Bradiford, Pilton

Chugg, Miss Mary, Pilton

Combes, Misses Rhoda & Phoebe, Pilton

Cooke, William, carpenter, Pilton

Copp, John, mason, Bradiford, Pilton

Crang, George Henry, victualler, Chichester Arms, Pilton

Crook, Mrs, Mary, grocer, Pilton

Cutcliffe, George, grocer & baker, Pilton

Davey, George & Son, commission agents, Lion House, Bradiford, Pilton

Davey, Mr., Pilton

Davolls, George, sadler, Pilton

Dawton, William, paper manufacturer, Rose Hill, Pilton

Day, William Dennis, foreman, Pilton

Delve, James, wheelwright, Pilton

Dennis, Thomas John Esq., JP, Bradiford House, Pilton

Desborough, Mr.,Littabourne, Pilton

Dymond, William, bootmaker, Bradiford, Pilton

Edwards, Mrs. Mary, lodgings, Pilton

Essery, Mr. Henry, Pilton

Falconer, Mr. James, Pilton

Fisher, John Thomas Esq., JP, Longstone, Pilton

Fisher, William, farmer, Pottingdon, Pilton

Furse, John, grocer & millwright, Pilton

Furse, William, basket maker & seedsman, Bradiford, Pilton

Gammon, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, dressmaker, Pilton

Gammon, Mr. Thomas, Pilton

German, Lambert, grocer & bootmaker, Pilton

Gilbert, William, paperhanger & glazier, Pilton

Goss, Mr. John, Pilton

Goss, William, corn miller, Hale Mill, Pilton

Gribble, Mrs. Mary Ann, Pilton

Gribble, Mrs. Sarah, day school, Pilton

Hall, Townshend, M.F.G.S, The Vicarage, Pilton

Hall, Rev. William Cradock, MA, Vicar of Pilton

Hames, John, Chemist, Pilton

Hancock, John, wood turner, Bradiford, Pilton

Hancock, John Nicholas, builder & contractor, Pilton

Hancock, Mrs. Sarah Courtenay, dressmaker, Pilton

Harding, Miss Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Bradiford, Pilton

Harding, Colonel William, JP, Upcott, Pilton

Harris, Henry, coal merchant, Pilton

Harris, John, farmer, Roborough, Pilton

Heddon, Mr. George, Bradiford Cottage, Pilton

Herapath, Mr. George, Bradiford, Pilton

Hernamon, Mr. James, Pilton Cottage, Pilton

Hibbert, Colonel Hugh Thomas JP, Broadgate House Pilton

Hiern, Mr. John, Pilton

Hill, John, tailor, Pilton

Hill, William, painter, Pilton

Hunt, Miss Annie Georgiana Harvey, Littabourne, Pilton

Huxtable, George, dairyman, Littabourne, Pilton

Huxtable, James, foreman marble mason, Littabourne, Pilton

Ireland, John, nurseryman & florist, Raleigh, Pilton

Ireland, William, nurseryman, Pilton

Irish, Thomas Braund & Son, Raleigh, Pilton

Isaac, James, butcher's manager, Pilton

Jordan, Patrick, woolstapler, Pilton

Kent, Mr. John, Westaway House, pilton

Kerswell, Thomas grocer, Pilton

Knill, Frederick, post office mail guard, Pilton

Knill, Mr. William, Pilton

Knill, William Thomas, Unicorn Inn & butcher, Pilton

Lawrence, Robert Arthur, Printer & Newspaper Publisher, Pilton

Leach, Mr. Charles, Bradiford, Pilton

Lee, William, dairyman, Pilton

Lewin, Mr. James & Miss Martha, Cedar Cottage, Bradiford, Pilton

Lord, Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, Pilton

Loveband, Rev. A. William MA, Pilton Abbey, Pilton

Luxmoore, Miss Emma, Pilton

Miller Brothers (Alfred, Henry), Pilton

Miller, John May, Esq.,JP, Raleigh House, Pilton

Moore, Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, Pilton

Moore, John, bootmaker, Pilton

Mountjoy & Hancock, brush handles & wood turning, Bradiford Mills

Munro, Mrs. Broadgate Villa, Pilton

Oatway, Thomas, baker, Pilton

Parminter, Mrs. Mary, Pilton

Pitman, James, toll collector, Mere Top Gate, Pilton

Ponsford, Mrs. Mary, Pilton

Porter, Mr. William, Pilton

Prideaux, John, bootmaker, Pilton

Pugsley, Mrs Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Pilton

Reeve, John, schoolmaster, Pilton

Ridd, John, shopkeeper, Bradiford, Pilton

Ridd, Thomas, farmer, Cross Park, Pilton

Robins, Francis, shopkeeper, Pilton

Seager, Mrs. Ann, Pilton

Shapland, Henry, Raleigh, Pilton

Shapland & Petter, cabinet makers, Raleigh, Pilton

Smyth, Miss Susan, schoolmistress, Pilton

Spurway, Miss Elizabeth, hosier, Pilton

Spurway, George, dairyman, Pilton

Spurway, Henry, Bradiford, Pilton

Surway, H & W, woolstaplers & fellmongers, Ladywell Yard, Pilton

Spurway, William, Bradiford, Pilton

Steward, Mr. George, Bradiford, Pilton

Stoyle, John, travelling draper, Littabourne, Pilton

Summerfield, James, grocer & victualler, Windsor Hotel, Pilton

Symons, Samuel, solicitor's managing clerk, Pilton

Tamlyn, Miss Elizabeth, Pilton

Tanner, William, saddler, Pilton

Thomas, Miss Ann, Pilton

Thomas, George, builder's manager, Pilton

Thorne, Richard, blacksmith, Bradiford, Pilton

Tozer, Benonid, farmer, Pit Farm, Pilton

Tucker, Stephen, wheelwright, Bradiford, Pilton

Turner, Frederick, bootmaker, Pilton

Turner, Mr. John Thorne, Littabourne, Pilton

Vicary, John, builder, Pilton

Vickery, Christopher, waterworks turncock, Reservoir House, Pilton

Watts, Misses Eliza & Ellen, dressmakers, Bradiford, Pilton

White, Miss Harriet, Pilton

Williams, Charles Henry Esq.JP, Pilton House, Pilton

Williams, Edwin, manager of Royal Liver Friendly Society, Pilton

Wood, James, toll collector, Pilton

Yates, Mr. John, Pilton


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