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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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An alphabetical listing in two parts published by the Teignmouth Post
on 15 Feb 1886

Part 1
Private, clerical, professional and scholastic

Allen, Rev. W and Miss - 8 River View
Ashton James, artist - Harcourt House
Atherstone, Mr. - Hill Cottage, Ringmore
Beer, C - The Green
Beer B - Fore Street
Benton S. W - Weston House
Besley Miss - Bridge Road
Billing Mrs S - Cambria, 5 Marine Parade
Boden Miss - Shrublands, Ringmore Road
Bond Mrs. E. J - The Green
Bouverie Miss - Ringmore House
Bray J - The Green
Brine Colonel - The Ness
Buckingham Major - Platway
Caswell Mrs. - Dunmore
Cates G - Manor House, Strand
Cates Mrs. - Stoke Cliff House
Champion Miss - Strand
Champion Mrs - 20 Fore Street
Collins W. L - The Nook
Cordes Capt. - Teign Cottage
Cotsworth The Misses - Ladies' School, Ringmore Road
Davenhill F. A - The Hermitage, Ringmore
Erles T - Middle Street
Ellis J - The Green
Fiddian W. H - Dacre House, Ringmore
Findleison Mr and Mrs - 10 Strand
Foot Mrs - Beach House
Ford H. A - 14 The Green
Gasking T - Strand
Gowan Mrs - Fore Street
Graeme Colonel - Fonthill
Gribble Mrs A - Strand
Harding W - The Green
Harris Miss - Fore Street
Harvey Miss - The Green
Harvey Mrs - 4 Clifford Terrace
Hele Mrs M - The Green
Hosking T - The Green
Hutchings Mrs A G - The Parade
Hutchings Mrs - River View Place
Iken W - River View Place
Jenkins Miss - 20 Fore Street
King Mrs - Bonanza
Lambert Major-Gen - Ringmore House, Ringmore
Lang Mrs - Dunmore
Lavis Richard - Strand
Lewis Mr - 2 Teign View House
Ley, the Misses - Hillside, Rinmore
Ley Mrs - 1 Clifford Terrace
Loxton J - 5 Bridge Road
Lucas Major-Gen - Dunmore
Lyon A W - Rosebank, Ringmore
Marsh Dunn, Capt. - Undercliff
Marshall W, Ord.- Ness Cottage
Martin Mrs - Poplar lawn
Meik Lieut. Col. F - Gowrie House
Newberry J H - Ringmore Road
Norris J - The Green
Page A, Board Schoolmaster - Bridge Road
Parker Mrs A W - Riverside
Parsons Mrs - Teign View House
Peck Miss - Cambria, Marine Parade
Pedley George J - Shaldon House
Peters Mrs - 2 Myrtle Cottage, Ringmore Road
Pinkham Cyprian - 1 Port View
Pinkham Mrs James - River View Place
Poland E - The Green
Potter Mrs - Poplar Lawn
Redway W - Bridge Road
Ritson H - 30 The Green
Rowell Mrs - Fore Street
Salter Mrs - River View Place
Sanders T - 10 Ringmore Road
Seymour Mrs - Belle View, Ringmore
Spencer Mrs - 10 The Green
Stephens H - Strand
Thompson Mrs - Teign View House
Towill W H - 2 Fore street
Vawdrey G, surgeon - Bridge Road
Vivian Mrs - 1 Myrtle Cottage, Bridge Road
Warneford Capt J C K - Glenside, Ringmore
Wethey Mr - The Green
Wheatley F - Enfield Cottage
White Mrs L A - Fore Street

Part 2
Mercantile Trades & etc.

Beer J, baker - 74 Ringmore Road
Bird Richard, farmer - Ringmore
Bowden James, farmer - Ringmore
Bowden Mrs, fruiterer and poulterer - Fore Street
Bryant C S, ironmonger - Fore Street
Bulley E, carpenter - Ringmore Road
Bulley Theodore, boatbuilder - Albion Street
Burch R, postmaster - Post Office, Fore Street
Cornelius J, chemist - Fore Street
Croot W G, the grocery stores, - Fore Street
Devonshire R, baker - Fore Street
Eliff W, carriage proprietor - 25 Fore Street
Full H, sailmaker - Fore Street
Gooding T, waiter - Teign View House
Green James, Commercial Inn - Fore Street
Greet H, Coastguard Officer - Albion Street
Harris Mrs Elizabeth, Crown Hotel - Strand
Hill T E, carriage proprietor - 29 Albion Street
Hook W, shipwright - Albion Inn, Albion Street
Hore W, farmer - Ringmore
Hosegood George, tailor - 2 Clifford Terrace
Jackman F, dairyman - Strand
Kenwood George, baker and confectioner - Fore Street
Linter F, carpenter and undertaker - 6 Fore Street
Madge R, builder - Ringmore Road
Madge T, builder - Riverside
Marley & Co, drapers - Fore Street
Matthews Stephen, pilot - Middle Street
Matthews W, pilot - Middle Street
Minitic G F, baker and confectioner - Strand
Moon M, dairyman - Fore Street
Owen J, bootmaker - Fore Street
Osborne G, butcher - Ringmore
Parish J, greengrocer - ?
Payne Alexander, tailor and draper - 17 The Green
Pengelly A, boatbuilder - 23 Strand
Pinkham Mrs John, grocer - Fore Street
Pridham Mrs, Royal Standard Inn - Fore Street
Pridham Miss, dressmaker - Fore Street
Rickhard H, boot supply - Fore Street
Sarah J, bootmaker - Fore Street
Sarah S, bill poster - North View
Scoble J, boatbuilder - Ringmore
Scoble R, boatbuilder - Riverside
Sercombe H, farmer - Ringmore
Sercombe G - 2 Fonthill Terrace
Short George, blacksmith - Ringmore Road
Spiller W - Fore Street
Skinner J M, London Hotel - The Green
Strang J T, baker - Fore Street
Taylor Bros, ironmongers - Fore Street
Temple J, coal merchant - Strand
Trewin PC, Devon Constabulary - Ringmore Road
Tucker W, Shipwright's Arms - Ringmore Road
Tuckett N, farmer - New Barn
Venn Mrs - Southwood Lodging House
Wallen W, painter - Fore Street
Weatherdon J, bootmaker - Dagmar Street
Webber H, draper - Fore Street
Wheeler T, grocer and general dealer - Fore Street
White J E, overseer - Fore Street
Whiteway J, ironmonger - Fore Street
Widdicombe W, master mariner - 32 Fore Street
Wills G, draper - Prospect House, Strand
Wills G, coal merchant - Marine Parade
Wills W, farmer - Stoke Farm
Winsborrow J, Tea Gardens - Labrador
Wood J, butcher - Fore Street

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