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This is an unusual Directory in that it names those inhabitants who live in rented accommodation and who are normally omitted. Those who own their own property are listed separately under the PRIVATE description - other people who live in the village are described as COTTAGERS and in many instances, their trade is also shown.


Jericho Street, Thorverton

Jericho Street (left) and Silver Street (right) - 2007

©Richard J. Brine




Thorverton is a village and a parish 8 miles from Tiverton, with a station on the Exe Valley railway. It is in the Tiverton Division of Devon, the Tiverton Union and County Court District. The Church is dedicated to St. Thomas à Becket. The Vicarage has a commutable value of £452  with residence and glebe in the gift of the Dean and chapter of Exeter. It has been held since 1875 by the Rev. S. Childs Clarke, MA. There is also a Nonconformist chapel. Acreage, 4,036; rateable value, £6,764; population 863.


Poor Law Guardians: Messrs T. Sharland and A. Ellis.

Overseers: Messrs W. F. Potter; J. W. White; Robert farmer; S. G. Thomas.

Churchwardens: Messrs A. Ellis and Henry T. Radmore



Baker, John S, sec. Conservative Club

Barter, Miss M, Pitt Farm

Beedell, J. F, farmer, Ratcliffe

Bevan, William, farmer, Perry Farm

Brown, Mr. William, The Berry

Carmouche, Mr. Henry, Pynes Villa

Churchill, R, sadler, The Berry

Clarke, Rev. S. Childs, The Vicarage

Coleman, Peter, farmer, Kitlake

Coles, W, ARA, Brick House

Commings, Mrs. Emma, Bullen St.

Commings, Thomas, Brook Cottage

Commings, Walter William

Coombes, Edwin James, miller

Coren, Henry, butcher, Bullen St.

Cosway, William, farmer, Rull Farm

Crocker, William, farmer, Chilton Gate

Cummings, William L, watch & clockmaker, postmaster, Post Office

Date, Miss Alice, Mount Pleasant

Davis, J, G. farmer, Bidwell Farm

Downing, G, Carrier to Exeter, Denniford St.

Dyment, William, bootmaker, Silver St.

Dyer, Richard, baker, Silver St.

Farmer, Robert, Dunsaller

Fice, Samuel. K. B., baker & confectioner, Denniford St.

Firmin, Charles Mark, Ferndale Villa

Ford, Thomas, grocer & draper, Bullen St.

Hearn, George William, Vine Cottage

Hillman, William H, painter & glazier, Jericho Street

Hill, Mr. E. C, Woodbine House

Hill, Sydney, MRCVS, veterinary surgeon, Berry House

Hosegood, Mrs. Ann, Bullen Street

James, William C, assistant overseer & collector of rates & taxes, The Berry

Jarman, R, basket maker, Raddon

Keen, Rev. George, Baptist Minister, Little Raddon

Laight, Brandon, Church Army, Vicarage Lodge

Lake, Charles, Bullen Street

Lake, Mrs. G, Acorn House

Leach, Thomas A, farmer, Cann's Farm

Lee, Francis, farmer, Raddon Court

Lewis, James K, surgeon, The Pynes

Martin, J. A, schoolmistress, School House

Martin, J, butcher, Jericho Street

Maunder, Charles, farmer, Chilton

May, Mrs. Emma, innkeeper, Exeter Inn

May, William, builder, Bullen Street

Mitchell, Mr. A. R. D, Glenthorne

Milford, James, mailcart driver & market gardener, Silver Street

Milford, Mrs. Elizabeth, The Berry

Milford, William H, painter & glazer, Seaton Villa

Mortimore, John, Jericho Street

Moss, Mrs. Emily, The Berry

Newberry, Esais, baker & corn merchant, Silver Street

Painter, Henry, dairyman, Dunsaller

Parker, Robert, grocer, Silver Street

Phillips, D, market gardener, Little Raddon

Phillips, J, machinist, Jericho Street

Pleace, Miss S, farmer, Heathfield Farm

Plucknett, Thomas, dairyman, Berry Dairy

Potter, Mr. William F., Pynes House

Potter, Mrs. Emma M, Brookside

Price, Mrs. M, Brick Cottage

Pride, J, coal & lime merchant, Dolphin Hotel

Prowse, Richard, blacksmith, Bullen Street

Prowse, Tarpin, blacksmith, Bullen Street

Radmore, H. T, farmer, Court Barton

Ridler, James, Station Master

Risdon, Mrs. Clara, Berry House

Sage, William G, tailor & woollen draper, Dinneford Street

Sharland, Thomas, farmer, Pool Farm

Short, George W, draper & grocer, The Berry

Short, J, sen., Bullen Street

Short, J, wheelwright & builder, Bullen Street

Squires, J, farmer, Heathfield

Taverner, George E., farmer, Upcot Farm

Teft, William, blacksmith, Bullen Street

Thomas, E. L, farmer, Yellowford

Thomas, G, grocer & draper, Bullen Street

Thomas, S. G, farmer, Pitt Farm

Tozer, Mark, dairyman, Crosses

Uglow, John, Mount Pleasant

Vanstone, James, The Bell Inn

Vinnicombe, J, baker & confectioner, The Berry

Walters, John, builder, Bullen Street

Way, George, farmer, Ashley Farm

Westcott, J, sheelwright & carriage builder, Bullen Street

White, John, Wheaton, Willow Parks

Whitenhow, Mrs. E, Milfords Lane

Whitton, Frank, dairyman, Stone.




Anstey, Henry, carpenter, Dinneford Street

Barnes, Mrs. M. A, charwoman, Dinneford Street

Bater, Mrs. Charlotte, Jericho Street

Bater, Mrs. Eliza, charwoman, Bullen Street

Bater, William, labourer, Raddon

Batten, Mrs. Mary A, Rowe's Park

Battern, William, chimney sweep, Rowe's Park

Bawdon, William, labourer, Treymill

Bidwell, Mrs. Fanny, Bullen Street

Bidwell, Thomas, labourer, Dinneford Street,

Blatchford, Thomas, labourer, Dandyland

Bradford, Richard, labourer, Dinneford Street

Branch, J, labourer, Dandyland

Bright, Henry, labourer, Raddon

Bright, G, labourer, Raddon Court Cottages

Buckingham, Richard, labourer, Prowses

Bulley, Edwin, labourer, Station Cottages

Burrough, Bleakley, police constable, Dinneford Street

Butt, Richard, labourer, Raddon

Butt, Henry, labourer, Jericho Street

Butt, Richard, labourer, Jericho Street

Chamberlain, Mrs. L, dressmaker, Berry

Channing, William, labourer, Berry Bridge

Connibear, Robert, dealer, Noman's Cottage

Coombe, James. miller, Silver Street

Cosway, James. labourer, Silver Street

Cosway, W, carpenter, Bullen Street

Cosway, Harriet, charwoman, Bullen Street

Cosway, E, Jericho Street

Cutland, J, labourer, Bidwell Cottages

Dart, Richard, mason, Dinneford St.

Dart, William, labourer, Jericho Street

Davey, William labourer, Silver Street

Easterbrook, Mrs. Fanny, Jericho Street

Edworthy, J, labourer, Jericho Street

Elliott, Mrs. M, dressmaker, Jericho Street

Gardener, James, labourer, Jericho Street

Gidley, Mrs, E, laundress, Silver Street

Govier, William labourer, Alma Cottage

Grant, Mrs. Sarah, Bullen Street

Greenslade, J, labourer, Raddon

Greenslade, James, labourer, Silver Street

Gribble, Thomas, carpenter, Jericho Street

Guscott, Robert, shepherd, Raddon Court Cottage

Hall, James, groom, Dinneford Street

Halford, Richard, labourer, Raddon

Halford, William, labourer, Raddon Court

Harris, John, Carpenter, Silver Street

Heale, Thomas, miller, Silver Street

Heard, Robert, labourer, Raddon

Heard, William, market gardener, Milford Lane

Hearn, Miss mary A, needlewoman, Bullen Street

Hodge, Thomas, Dinneford Street

Hooper, Mrs. A, Bullen Street

Jarman, John, labourer, Dinneford Street

Kenshole, Mrs. M. A, Raddon Court Cottages

Kenshole, Robert, labourer, Raddon

Langabeer, Henry, labourer, Jericho Street

Langabeer, Richard, labourer, Dinneford Street

Langabeer, Mrs. S, Dinneford Street

Langabeer, William, labourer, Berry Bridge

Langabeer, William, Bidwell Cottages

Lightfoot, George, labourer, Rowe's Park

Lightfoot, James, labourer, Rowe's Park

Lightfoot, Mrs. Maria, Bullen Street

Lockyer, Mrs. Mary Ann, Raddon

Long, Joseph, packer, Dinneford Street

Lugg, Charles, labourer, Berry Bridge

Marker, Henry, labourer, Ivy Cottages

Marshall, Mrs. C. laundress, Milford Lane

Marshall, William, carpenter, Jericho Street

Matthews, Rdward, labourer, Noman's Chapel

Matthews, Vincent, labourer, Berry Bridge

Matthews, William, labourer, Berry Bridge

May, William, mason, Bullen Street

Melhuish, Robert, labourer, Jericho Street

Milford, H, labourer, Raddon

Milford, Thomas, labourer, Raddon

Milford, William, wheelwright, Jericho Street

Mortimore, Mrs. Mary A, Jericho Street

Mutters, James, labourer, Raddon

Newcombe, Miss A, dressmaker, Bullen Street

Newcombe, G, shoemaker, Bullen Street

Newcombe, Mrs. M, Bullen Street

Nex, Henry, labourer, Raddon

Nex, John, Bullen Street

Nex, Thomas, labourer, Noman's Chapel

Nex, William, Dinneford Street

Ousley, Henry, labourer, Ivy Cottages

Packer, John, labourer, Jericho Street

Palmer, William, labourer, Rowe's Park

Parker, Matthew, mason, Rowe's Park

Parr, H, labourer, Ivy Cottage

Phillips, D, coachman, Jericho Street

Pike, Fred, packer, Jericho Street

Pitts, Emmanuel, labourer, Ivy Cottage

Pitts, Thomas, labourer, Berry Bridge

Pitts, Thomas, labourer, Stone Cottages

Rashley, John, miller, Station Cottages

Roach, Alfred, Berry Bridge

Roach, Mrs., Berry Bridge

Roach, William, Raddon

Salter, John, labourer, Silver Street

Salter, Mrs. M. A. , charwoman, Dinneford Street

Sandford, Elizabeth, nurse, Jericho Street

Saunders, James, shepherd, Parliament

Setter, Henry, labourer, Berry Bridge

Setter, Mrs. Sarah, Bullen Street

Sharland, Sam, Station Road

Sprague, James, railway porter, Bullen Street

Stoneman, James, labourer, Jericho Street

Stoneman, William, Jericho Street

Tapscott, D, shoemaker, Bullen Street

Thorne, E, labourer, Bullen Street

Tree, James, labourer, Jericho Street

Tree, John, labourer, Jericho Street

Tree, Mrs. Izez, Bullen Street

Tree, William, engine driver, Dinneford Street

Vigar, W. T. gardener, Vicarage Lodge

Wayborn, Thomas, Dinneford Street

Wayborn, Lewis, Dinneford Street

Wayborn, Mrs. May, Dinneford Street

Way, George, labourer, Dinneford Street

Way, Henry, labourer, Jericho Street

Way, James, labourer, Ford Cottages

Way, John. labourer, Jericho Street

Way, Mrs. Sarh, Dinneford Street

Way, William, Jericho Street

Wellington , S, labourer, Ford Cottages

West, Ben, sadler, The Berry

Westcott, Mrs. E, Dinneford Street

Western, Jane, charwoman, Raddon

Whyatt, Mrs. Ann, Jericho Street

Whyatt, William, packer, Station Cottages

Woolaway, John, miller, Station Cottages

Wyatt, Levi, groom, Willow Park Lodge

Yendle, G, market gardener, Court Hayes

Yendle, Mrs. Lucy, Jericho Street

Yendle, Mrs, M, staymaker, Bullen Street



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