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(The Exeter & South Devon Rifle Association came into existence after a meeting held in Exeter on January 13th 1852 when 70 gentlemen, including Henry Barron Rodway, enrolled as members.  Subsequently, a battalion was authorised to be raised within "the district bounded on the south by Dartmouth, Totnes and the right bank of the Dart; by Ashburton, Moretonhampstead, Crediton and Tiverton on the west and north; and the borders of Somerset and Dorset to the sea coast by the east; the companies forming the battalion to have several points of assembly for drill and exercises at times best suited to the local convenience of the members of the battalion, having Exeter for its headquarters.)


From "The History of Torquay" by J. T. White

Published 1878


"On the 5th of February 1853, at a public meeting, it was determined to raise a company of Volunteers in Torquay, and on the 28th of the following month, the adjutant attended and enrolled the first members who offered their services. Among those who took the oath of allegiance were H. B. Rodway, W. H. Kitson, W. Rodway, C. Rodway,  H. Narracott, W, Marler, J. T. Fisher, J. Ellis, H. Rowe and E. Bond. A Town Committee was formed to promote the organization and provide funds, and in a short time the number of recruits was considerably increased.

Mr. Rodway, who had taken the greatest interest in forming the company, was unanimously requested by the members to allow himself to be nominated as their superior officer; he gave his consent, and on December 23rd 1853, received his commission as captain, and later, major, on November 4th 1863."


Henry Barron Rodway was born in 1809 in Goucestershire, the son of John Rodway and Susannah Barron. 

Sketch of Susannah Rodway

Susannah Barron Rodway

"My dear mother. Xmas 1824"

Sketched by Lucy Young Rodway aged 14

©Arthur Rodway


John Rodway was an auctioneer who became a wealthy landowner and was able to leave his children well-provided for. After he left Gloucestershire with his family, he made Selly Oak House his family home. Later, his son Henry was to inherit enough from his father to give him some financial freedom and enable him to expand his own broad interests in life.


Selly Oak House 1846

Selly Oak House as it was in 1846.

© Fred Davies


Sketch of Henry Rodway 1827

In his early years, Henry set up as a wine merchant in Birmingham but later he was to become a dentist and by 1851, had established a prosperous practice in one of Torquay's wealthiest areas.

On 4 June 1835, he married Elizabeth Allen at St. Bartholomew's Church in Edgbaston - a marriage which was eventually to produce  14 children - 12 of whom survived to adulthood.

Henry Barron Rodway

Sketched by his sister Lucy in 1827

©Arthur Rodway



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