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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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Trusham War Memorial (refurbished)

Trusham War Memorial (refurbished)

© Richard J. Brine


26962 Pte Wilfred Ashplant of the 8th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Thomas and Minnie Ashplant. Born in Trusham in 1899 Died 2 October 1917 aged 18.
(Did not die in WW1 but at his son's home in Launceston in 1924)

T4/244325 Driver Charles Samuel Causley of the Royal Army Service Corps.  Son  of Charles and Maria  Causley. Born in Elgin, Ontario in 1886. Died of his WW1 wounds in Launceston  in 1924 aged 38.

38041 Private George Edwin Dolbear of the 1st battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of George and Emma Dolbear. Born in Christow in 1886. Died 9 May 1917 aged 31.
14306 Private Sidney James Dyer of the 9th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of James and Bessie Dyer of East Cottages, Trusham. Born in Trusham in 1896. Died 1 July 1916 aged 21.
59350 Gunner Alfred John Hutchings of the Royal Hors and Royal Field Artillery. Son of Walter and Emma Hutchings. Born in Trusham in 1896. Died 20 July 1916 aged 26.


* This was the father of the Cornish Poet of the same name. He did not die on the battlefield but lived on, until he was 38. His poet son enlisted in the Royal Navy and served as a coder in WW2 before becoming a schoolmaster at the end of the war. One of his late poems was Eden Rock,  in  which he reflected on childhood, family and mortality:


They are waiting for me, somewhere beyond Eden Rock:

My father, twenty five; in the same suit

Of genuine Irish Tweed, his terrier Jack

Still two years old and trembling at his feet.

My mother, twenty three, in a sprigged dress

Drawn at the waist, ribbon in  her straw hat,

Has spread the stiff white cloth over the grass

Her hair, the colour of wheat, takes on the light.

She pours tea from a Thermos, the milk straight

From an old HP Sauce bottle, a screw

Of paper for a cork, slowly sets out

The same three plates, the tin cups painted blue.

To read the final part of this beautiful poem go to


The poet, Charles Stanley Causley, was born in Launceston  24 August  1917. and died in Launceston aged 86 on 4 November 2003.  His father, invalided out of the war, died in 1924 from his injuries and is also  buried at Launceston.



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