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Ugborough School 2002

Ugborough School in 2002

Modernised but still recognisable as a Victorian School

©Richard J. Brine


From The Totnes Times

12 May 1900

On Friday last, the Board School scholars, who had attended punctually and regularly during the year, were awarded their prizes. Mr. Hodder, (Chairman) and Mr. Brooks, members of the School Board, were present.

Before distributing the prizes, the Chairman addressed the children. It gave him very great pleasure, he said, to distribute the prizes once again to his youthful and deserving friends. He was glad to see so large a number had by their regular and punctual attendance earned such a reward. he congratulated the head master and mistress (Mr. and Mrs. S. Phillips) on their splendid school reports. they were the best ever awarded to the schools. It must be very gratifying to both teachers and children, as well as to the members of the School Board, to have obtained such excellent results. He also congratulated the pupil teachers on their success at the last examination, each of them having earned the Government Grant. He then awarded the prizes to the following children:


Edward Anstis

Charles Hine Lucy Preston Winnie Stentiford
Percy Brooks Fernley Hine Bessie Prout Fernley Trust
Carrie Butcher John Hine Alice Prowse Albert Warne
Charles Coker Cephas Hurrell

Lucy Prowse

Freddie Warne
Olive Coker Archie Joint Sarah Rowe Elsie Woodley
John Coker William Joint Daisy Ryder

Hilda Woodley

M. Creber Edith Lang O. Sanders Philip Woodley
M. Creber John Martin Alfred Shute William Woodley
Bertie Fox Charles Moore Evelyn Shute  
Bessie Fox Dorothy Netherton May Shute  
Ernest Hele Ethel Pawley Florrie Speed  




Amy Anstis Harriet Hele Norman Newman Edwin Tope
Ida. Baskwill Sydney Hele Owen Newman Willie Trust
Sydney Bridgeman Hubert Hext Percy Newman Clara Watts
Edwin Brooks Ernest Hine Ethel Penwill Elsie Watts
Francis Brooks George Hine Annie Penny C. Woodley
Ellen Butcher Louisa Hine Leslie Phillips Ellen Woodley
A. Creber Ernest Hurrell J. Prowse Emma Woodley
L. Creber Frank Joint Maud Prowse James Woodley
F. Creber John Luscombe Ralph Prowse Joe Woodley
Margaret Dodderidge Maude Moore F. Reddecliffe Samuel Woodley
Mary Dodderidge William Moore Ivy Ryder Elizabeth Wyatt
Percy Fox Eileen Neve Albert Sanders Rhoda Wyatt
Beatrice  Harvey F. Neve Leonard Sanders
Hilda Hele George Newman Alfred Soper



Amy Anstis Maude Moore Annie Penny Clara Watts
Hetta Coker Eileen Neve Ada Sanders Elizabeth Wyatt


After the distribution, cheers were given for the Board, and also for the Chairman.



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