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The Tiverton Directory was unusual in naming those inhabitants who live in rented accommodation and who are normally omitted from other directories. People who owned their own property were listed separately under the PRIVATE description - the other people who lived in the village were described as COTTAGERS and in many instances, their trade is also shown.


Tiverton Junction c. 1905

Tiverton Junction c. 1905 from an old post card




Willand is a parish 6 miles from Tiverton, and 1 from Tiverton Junction Railway Station. In the Tiverton Division of Devon, Tiverton Union and County court Districts. The Church is dedicated to St. Mary. The Rectory, yearly value £125, in the gift of Mr. Frank Sellwood of Cullompton and three others, and held since 1875 by the Rev. W. C. Copleston, MA. The Wesleyans have a chapel. Acreage, 989; rateable value £4455; population, 352.

Letters through Cullompton.

Poor law Guardian: Mr. Samuel H. Southey.




Anning, William H, Great Burnrewe

Ash, Richard, farmer, Moor Farm

Bale, William, Wakefield House

Bradbeer, Charles, builder, Uffculme Road

Broom, William, farmer, Denhill

Browning, Thomas, East Burn

Chick, Henry, builder, Snell's House

Coles, Charles, farmer, Bagsters

Copleston, Rev. W. C. MA

Coombes, Esau, dairyman, Dairy House

Coxwell, S. J. Railway Hotel

Eveleigh, Arthur, farmer, village

Hookway, W, Halfway House

Holt, John O'Brien, commercial traveller, Wakopa House

Hunt, J, station master

James, W. H. mail messenger, Brick Houses

Jarrett, A. W. journalist, Parkfield Terrace

Jones, Colonel, Townlands House

Jordan, Benjamin, dairyman, Church Lane

Lewis, Jonathan, sen.,baker

Lewis, Jonathan jun.,baker

Manley, William, dairyman, Gerston

Manley, J, fishmonger, Brick House

Moss, Dr. Herbert Campbell, MB, Hurpitt House

Parkhouse, Mr. James, Verbeer House

Phillott, Robert, solicitor, Kimberley

Quant, Edgar, merchant, Ivy House

Rabjohns, C. W. farmer, Coombe Farm

Radford, William, farmer, Quick's Farm

Rowe, William, sen., farmer, Elm Place

Rowe, William, jun., butcher &c, Elm House

Salter, James, butter, dealer, Redgate

Sanders, G, farmer, Weir Mill Farm

Shere, Mrs. Sophia, Churley

Skinner, James, blacksmith, Culm Vale Cottage

Southey, Samuel H, Parkfield House

Southcott, William, farmer, Park Farm

Thorne, Mrs. A.,farmer, Coles Farm

Tracey, Dr. Henry E, physician and surgeon, Beaufoy House

Venn, John, postmaster grocer & draper

Walker, William J, schoolmaster.



Anstey, James, labourer

Anstey, William, GWR employee

Bass, J, sexton, Church Cottage

Bass, T, GWR employee

Beedell, Mrs. E, Parkfield Terrace

Bidgood, G, GWR pensioner

Bidgood, John, labourer, Church Lane

Blackmore, S., labourer, Bagster's Cottage

Blackmore, Charles, signalman, Parkfield Cottage

Brook, P, mill employee, Parkfield Terrace

Broom, Frank, labourer

Canniford, E., gardener, Verbeer Lodge

Chalker, D., Brick House

Chard, Thomas, labourer

Albert, Chick, carpenter

Clapp, William, labourer, Jaycroft

Coles, Isaac, carpenter

Cross, J, labourer, Station Cottage

Dare, J, GWR employee, Silver Street

Dunn, William, farm labourer, Silver Street

Dunston, Albert, gardener

Fenwick, S, signalman, Tiverton Junction

Frost, William, mason, Silver Street

Hawkins, Mrs. Mary, Silver Street

Holway, Jane, Church Cottage

Hurford, John, labourer

Hurtnell, Thomas, farm labourer, Silver Street

James, John, labourer, Church Lane

Legg, Charles, labourer

Loosemore, Mrs. H., Coombe Cottage

Moore, William, engine driver, Station Cottage

Osmond, John, labourer, Silver Street

Payne, John, GWR employee

Preston, William, ostler, Station Cottage

Rhodes, Alfred C., GWR porter, Station Cottage

Richards, George, mason, Uffculme Road

Rogers, William, GWR employee, Silver Street

Salter, Charles, GWR employee

Salter, James, labourer, Silver Street

Stevens, William, coachman

Stoneman, William, engine driver, Parkfield Terrace

Trott, William, engine driver, Parkfield Terrace

Warren, James, GWR employee

Wilkerson, Thomas, gardener


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